Costumes that Start with P

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Get ready to plunge into a world of playful possibilities as we explore the letter P in costume creativity. From pirates to princesses, pigs to pumpkins, we’ve rounded up a bunch of fantastic costume ideas that start with the letter P.

Whether you’re planning a kid’s birthday bash or a grown-up gathering, these fun and fabulous outfits are sure to add a pop of excitement to your party. So, put on your thinking caps (or pirate hats) and let’s dive into the fun world of letter P costumes.


2 boys wearing pirate costumes

Step into the world of adventure and high seas with pirate costumes. Pirates have a universal appeal, making them a fantastic choice for both kids and adults. Don an eye patch, wrap yourself in a swashbuckling ensemble, and set sail for a night filled with treasure hunts and pirate shenanigans.

Princes and Princesses

Transform into royalty with enchanting prince and princess costumes. Whether you choose a regal ball gown or a dashing royal suit, these costumes add a touch of fairy tale magic to any gathering. Encourage guests to channel their inner elegance and grace as they dance the night away in a make-believe castle.

Pop Star

Bring out the diva or rock star within with pop star costumes. Glitter, glam, and microphone in hand, you can take center stage. Add some music and dancing to the mix, and you’ve got a party that’s sure to hit all the right notes.

Police Officer

kid dressed as a police officer

Transform into a guardian of the law with a police officer costume. Equip yourself with a badge, handcuffs, and a trusty walkie-talkie to ensure justice prevails at the party. With a crisp uniform and a sense of authority, you’ll be ready to maintain order and keep the festivities in check.


Embrace the spirit of adventure and nature with a Pocahontas costume. Channel the free-spirited Disney princess with earthy tones, fringe details, and perhaps a feathered headband. Whether you’re reenacting iconic scenes or sharing stories about the colors of the wind, this costume will bring a touch of enchantment to the celebration.

Peter Pan

Fly straight from Neverland to the party as Peter Pan, the mischievous and forever-young character. Don green tights, a tunic, and a feathered cap for an iconic look. Encourage your fellow partygoers to join your quest for eternal youth and playful adventures in the magical world of make-believe.


For those who prefer a bit of spine-chilling Halloween fun, Pennywise from Stephen King’s “It” is the perfect choice. Terrify and amuse as the creepy clown with a ruffled costume, a red balloon, and, of course, that haunting grin. Just be sure not to linger in the shadows for too long; you wouldn’t want to give anyone too much of a scare!


Add an element of mystery to the party with a prisoner costume. Classic black and white stripes, coupled with a ball and chain or handcuffs, will instantly transform you into a character straight out of a jailbreak movie. Just be prepared for fellow partygoers to playfully accuse you of stealing the spotlight!


Bring a touch of autumn to the festivities with a pumpkin costume. Whether you opt for a cute, smiling pumpkin or a spooky jack-o’-lantern, this costume is a festive and fun choice. Don’t forget to bring your pumpkin patch vibes to the dance floor and get ready to be the life of the pumpkin party!

Power Rangers

Unleash the power within as a mighty Power Ranger! Choose your favorite color – red, blue, pink, yellow, or black – and suit up in a morphin’ outfit complete with a helmet. Whether you’re leading the charge or joining forces with fellow Rangers, this costume promises an action-packed and colorful presence at the party.


Strut into the festivities with the elegance of a peacock. Deck yourself out in vibrant blues, greens, and purples to mimic the dazzling plumage of this regal bird. Add a feathered headpiece to complete the look, and get ready to showcase your peacock-inspired beauty with every graceful step.

Poison Ivy

Embrace the allure of the iconic DC villain Poison Ivy. With a green leafy ensemble and fiery red hair, you’ll embody the seductive and dangerous charm of this botanical baddie. Beware, though – your captivating presence might just enthrall everyone at the party.


Take a journey back in time with a pilgrim costume. Decked out in a bonnet, apron, and buckled shoes, you’ll be a living reminder of the early colonial days. Whether you’re reenacting the first Thanksgiving or simply enjoying modern festivities, this classic costume is sure to add a touch of historical charm.

Peppa Pig

Delight the little ones with a Peppa Pig costume. Whether you’re attending a kid’s birthday party or a family gathering, this adorable and beloved character is sure to bring smiles. Don the pink dress, add a snout, and embrace the charm of Peppa’s playful personality.


a man and a baby dressed as pilots

Soar to new heights as a fearless pilot. Whether you’re piloting a commercial jet or a small propeller plane, a pilot costume exudes confidence and adventure. Don your aviator shades, fasten your seatbelt, and get ready for takeoff as you navigate the social skies of the party.

Pugsley from the Addams Family

Bring a touch of macabre mischief to the celebration as Pugsley Addams. With a striped shirt, shorts, and perhaps a menacing grin, you’ll capture the essence of the lovably creepy Addams Family member. Team up with a Wednesday Addams for an extra dose of spooky fun!


Rule the party with regal elegance as an ancient Egyptian pharaoh. Adorn yourself in elaborate gold and turquoise attire, complete with a majestic headdress and a crook and flail. Channel the mystique of the Nile and transport everyone to the land of the pyramids with this iconic and majestic costume.

Prom Queen

Step into the spotlight with glamour and grace as the prom queen. Don a dazzling gown, add a tiara for that royal touch, and be prepared to dance the night away in style. This classic and sophisticated costume is perfect for those who want to feel like the belle of the ball.


a toddler wearing a panda costume

Embrace your cuddly side with a panda costume. Decked out in black and white fur, complete with adorable panda ears, this costume is a surefire way to bring smiles to the party. Just be prepared for a barrage of hugs – everyone will want a piece of your panda charm!


Unearth the past as a paleontologist. Equip yourself with a safari hat, khaki clothing, and perhaps a magnifying glass or a small dinosaur figurine. Whether you’re on the hunt for fossils or simply sharing fascinating dino facts, this costume brings a touch of educational adventure to the festivities.


woman wearing a penguin costume

Waddle into the party as an irresistibly cute penguin. With a black and white ensemble, flipper-like sleeves, and a penguin beak, you’ll be ready to steal the show. Perfect for both kids and adults, this costume is guaranteed to bring a lighthearted and playful atmosphere to the celebration.

Polar Bear

Brave the Arctic chill with a polar bear costume. Wrap yourself in fluffy white fur, add some adorable polar bear ears, and get ready to embody the majestic beauty of the icy wilderness. This costume is not only cozy but also an endearing choice that will warm hearts at any gathering.


Embrace the divine as the Pope. Drape yourself in papal robes, add a miter, and wield a pastoral staff for an iconic and solemn look. Whether you’re seeking blessings or simply enjoying the regal air of this costume, the Pope outfit is sure to add an element of grandeur to the party.


Bring a dose of irresistible cuteness to the celebration as a puppy. With floppy ears, a tail, and a playful demeanor, this costume is perfect for kids and adults alike. Whether you’re aiming for adorable or humorous, the puppy costume is a surefire way to melt hearts.


Deliver smiles and good vibes as a friendly postman. Dress in a postal uniform, carry a satchel, and perhaps include a few pretend letters for added authenticity. This costume is a great way to spread positive energy and engage in lighthearted interactions at the party.

So as you can see, a letter P costume party can be so much fun. Use your imagination and transform into a royal pharaoh or a fluffy puppy,

Whether you want to feel like a prince or princess or just want to be a silly penguin, the letter P has got you covered. So, put on your favorite costume, join the party, and let the good times roll.

With these playful outfits, you’re not just dressing up – you’re turning the party into a wild, laughter-filled adventure where everyone can have a blast!

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