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Fun and Spooky Halloween Party Food

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Halloween time means ‘Spooktacular’ time and it is time to party. If you are having any sort of Halloween party for kids, teens or adults food is your top priority. We have rounded up some Fun and Spooky Halloween Party Food Ideas to keep the party guests happy. These are an assortment of our favorite Halloween Party foods


Halloween Marshmallow Pops

My kids love these, they just love the bright colors and the idea they are on a stick. Easy to make with melted chocolate, add funny faces and add some googly eyes.

Halloween Marshmallow Pops

==> Find these Halloween Marshmallow Pops here

Check out these Halloween Cake Pops that you can also make for your Halloween Party.

Bat Marshmallow Pops

With squishy marshmallows, googly eyes and oreo cookie wings these spooky but awesome treats will make the party guests come back for more. With only 4 ingredients these cannot get easier to make.

Bat Marshmallow Pops

==> Find the recipe to these awesome Bat Marshmallow Pops here

Halloween Eyeball Cookies

These Halloween Monster Eye Ball Cookies are an easy Halloween treat to make with only 3 ingredients and a few minutes. They are fun for the kiddoes to make unsupervised.

Halloween Eyeball Cookies

==> Find the recipe to these cute but spooky Eyeball Cookies here

Strawberry Ghosts

Having some fruit at your Halloween party is a great idea and even though these are coated in chocolate they are little bit healthy and so simple to make.

Strawberry Halloween Ghosts

==> Find the recipe for these Strawberry Ghosts here

Halloween Bark

We all love simple and easy especially this time of year when everything seems so busy and crazy. This Halloween bark is perfect for using up some left over candy. All you need is sprinkle, melted chocolate and candy, what a fun Halloween treat

Halloween Bark

==> Find the recipe for this Halloween Bark

Screaming Ghost Pretzels

Bright colored screaming ghost pretzels will surely grab the kids attention when they see them at the party table as they are bright and fun and all things yum.

screaming ghosts

==> Find the recipe for these bright colored Screaming Ghost Pretzels here

Zombie Treats

Yummy bite sized fun creepy zombie treats, kids will really love these as they look so creepy and spooky but fun as well. Very easy to make with only a few ingredients kids will be wanting to make these all the time.

Zombie Halloween Treats

==> Find the recipe for these Zombie Halloween Treats here

When having a Halloween party you will also need some spooky and fun Halloween Drinks these will really add to the whole Halloween theme and kids and teens will totally go crazy with these.

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Candy Corn Rice Krispies Treat

These rice krispie treats are perfect for a Halloween party and you can also use anytime during Fall or Thanksgiving as I am sure they will be such a hit that you will want to make them over and over again.

Candy Corn Rice Krispie Treats

==> Find the recipe to these Candy Corn Rice Krispie Treats here

Marshmallow Halloween Cauldrons

These are a quick no bake Halloween sweet the kids can help you make and by adding some plastic spiders add that extra spooky theme.

Marshmallow Halloween Cauldrons

==> Find the recipe for these Yummy Marshmallow Halloween Cauldrons

Spiderweb Cookies

Your guests will think you spent all day on these spiderweb cookies, but we’ll keep it our little secret that it was so simple and easy that your kids could make them.

Halloween Spider Cookies

==> Find the recipe for these Halloween Spiderweb Cookies here

Halloween Ghost Doughnuts

These ghost doughnuts use a cake mix which makes me happy as they are quick and easy and cake mixes never fail. I am loving the ease of these treats and although I wouldn’t have them for breakfast my kids would love too.

Ghost Doughnuts

==> Find the recipe for these Halloween Ghost Doughnuts here

Halloween Platter

This Halloween party food ideas platter is a selection of all this fun and spooky and I just love the look of everything on it, Bat tortilla, Jalapeño popper Mummies, Spider Pizzas, Apple and peanut monsters, pumpkin deviled eggs. What an epik Halloween platter.

Halloween Food Platter

==> Find how to make this Halloween Food Platter here

Mummy Hot Dogs

These kid-friendly Mummy Hot dogs are very easy to make and getting kids to eat them will be no problem. Check out the spider web dipping sauce, pretty cool isn’t it?

Mummy Hot Dogs

==> Find the easy recipe for these Mummy Hot Dogs here

Fun and Spooky Halloween party Foods

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