Hi. I’m Delilah. I have been blessed with a gorgeous family whom I am so proud of. I have a son, daughter, husband and a BIG dopey dog called Harvey.

I have always been quite crafty and loved making decorations, clothes, crafts and anything I could think of.

I was that person who was going out on Saturday night and still sewing her outfit at 5pm because I had already made 2 others but changed my mind at the last minute.

Yes I love to live on the edge and I love my crazy busy life. I must say I get a little thrill from being under the pump.

Although if I have a party to organize I am planning it months and months in advance, but hey that is how I roll.

My sisters and father are very talented artist and we just love to decorate parties, houses and draw for pleasure and relaxation.

I hope you will have a good look around and please feel free to contact me if you have any ideas I can help you with.

xx Delilah

You are most welcome to reach out to me at hello@delilahspartyideas.com