Kids Beach Theme Party Ideas

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Does your child want a Beach Themed Party ? Well what a fantastic idea. There are so many amazing things to make, cook, DIY for themed parties.

These kids beach theme party ideas will certainly get your creative juices going and I am sure you will come up with some fantastic ideas yourself.

Kids Beach Theme party Ideas

Having a beach theme kids party really is a wonderful idea in summer especially if you do have a pool as if the kids are all old enough and you have enough adult supervision then what a wonderful way to set the scene.

Ok so to start with you will need decorations to get the Beach theme happening.

I love these Beach Themed Birthday Party Decorations you are welcome to have a look at which will be great way to start your themed party.

Beach Theme Party Decorating Ideas

Love the bright summery colors for Beach Themed Parties, the decorations are really cool and kids will love them.

A beach party is so easy to decorate for just grab some beach balls which have thee bright blue, red and yellow and use as decorations and add some pool toys and that sure is a great start.

I know when I have been thinking about beach theme decorating ideas for party’s that I usually think of bright and fun and sand and surf, so Blue, Yellows, Green, Red, Orange those sort of colors are easy to recreate with decorations as well as foods.

Beach Theme Party Centerpiece Ideas

When having a party you always want to have one main area that is where the food is and where the presents go.

I think having a centerpiece is a great idea it could be the cake, it could be cupcakes with cake toppers you have made- hint hint grab some here Beach Themed Birthday Party Decorations

You could add a frame and put in pictures of the beach or your family at the beach or you could have gone out before the party and staged a few photo shoots with Beach balls, surf boards, bucket and spade, beach towel just let your imagination take over, anything you can think of that you take to the beach, I can imagine some gorgeous photos of the kids playing in the sea would be a wonderful centerpiece.

Blue Jelly in a big punch bowl with candy fish in it would also be a fabulous centerpiece and the kids could use a little net to get them out and eat them. YUMMY..

Some cool places to get more ideas:

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Beach Themed Kids Party

And you know it is very easy to do this yourself, just a little imagination and you can create the exact same look. This look is more pastel but looks awesome and your child will love it.

Beach cookies in bucket.

DIY Sand Pail Beach Party Cups

You can make this really easily and quickly with free printables and to get the theme really happening. They are such a cute idea using cups to look like a spade and bucket.

DIY Sand Pail Beach Party Cups

==>Find the full tutorial to make these Beach Pail Party Cups

Tropical Turtle Beach Jello Cups

I am loving these cute little Jello Cups and I can guarantee that the kids will love them as well. The bright blue Jello as the sea and the crushed crackers to make them look like sand. I like the idea of using the little gummy turtles.

Tropical Turtle Beach Jello Cups

==>Find the full tutorial to make these Turtle Beach Jello Cups

==>Beach game ideas here a quite a few different ones which the kids will love

==>Beach party printable ideas; love the though of printing out party printables, these will make your Beach Party amazing

Make You Own Colored Sand

A perfect idea as a time filler at any party and especially a Beach Themed Party to make your own colored sand.

Make you own colored sand

==>Find the full tutorial to make the colored sand

Beach Themed Party Foods

Having beach party themed food is such a great idea to set the theme going and there are so many great ideas that you probably have not even thought about and they look so cool. Checkout all the images below for some great ideas.

These cupcakes are so cute Teddy at The Beach Crackers are easy as you can see. Kids love helping to make treats and will love these and I am sure they will help you make them as well.

Teddy at the beach crackers

==>Find out how to make these Teddy on the beach crackers

These Flip Flop Sandwiches are really cool, kids will be intrigued by these and will love them again, so easy to make look cute and are certainly part of your Beach themed kids party.

Bread, tomatoes, cucumber, ham, cheese and toothpicks is all you need to make these.

Beach Theme Party Food Ideas

I think I have found my all time favorite themed party and it is this gorgeous Finding Dory theme with home made snack mix/trial mix with fish bowl drinks. such a wonderful idea to have all the ingredients on a table and the kids can then make their own trail mix. You don’t even need a party to make this.

Finding Dory Party Trail Mix

==>Find some great photos and the set up for these adorable Finding Dory Party Ideas

==> Fab ideas for a Beach Birthday Party

==> Fun in the Sun Bach Party Ideas

Beach Party Food Recipes

You can find so many great recipes for parties online and I have a list of websites that will help you have the most amazing party food.

Here is a list of other Beach themes and food ideas to give you some more inspiration for your childs party:

I am loving the idea of having beached themed food and my go to is cupcakes, kids love them and they are easy to make. If you are running low on time you can use the cupcakes as the birthday cake as well. I have been searching and I have some really cute ones that are easy to replicate yourself.

Ocean Swirl Cupcakes

Really easy to make and kids can help you make these and will love to decorate them I am sure.

Ocean Swirl Beach Party Cupcakes

==>Find the full tutorial to make the Ocean Cupcakes

Watermelon Popsicles

I know parties are usually full a loads of sugar but sometimes it is nice to have somethings for the kids that are a little healthier but still look and taste delicious.

I am loving the look of these Watermelon popsicles and once I read the ingredients I was like YUMMY my kids would love these and so would I. Plus there are only 3 ingredients so how simple is that?

Watermelon and kiwi popsicles

==>Find the simple and quick Watermelon and Kiwi Popsicle recipe here

Beach Party Cupcakes

Ok these are some of my favorite ones, they are super easy the kids could help you make these

Beach Party Cupcakes

==>Find these cute Beach Party Cupcakes here

==>Beach themed foods

Easy Cute Fish Cupcakes

These Little Fishy Cupcakes are just so cute. Your party guests will love them and they go perfectly with your beach themed party

Cute Fish Cupcakes

==> Find the recipe for these Cute Fish Cupcakes here

Very Easy Beach Cupcakes

Sometimes when organizing a party you seem to have all these great ideas and expectations of yourself and then next minute; the party day has arrived and you are running around like a crazy person, trying to get the decorations up, the house tidy, the food made, the kids dressed, the cake finished and OMG you are worried you will not have enough food (although you most probably do).

Always handy to have an easy recipe ready for that time of the day when you start to panic. These Beach cupcakes will be that recipe, so very simple but look pretty cool and match in with your beach theme.

Simple and Easy Beach Cupcakes

==>Find the recipes for these Easy Beach Cupcakes here

Tropical Mermaid Punch

Getting a little thirsty after all these yummy cupcakes, and sweets? Well we have it covered with this delicious punch, it is a wonderful blue color to go with our Beach theme and I am sure it would be perfect for our Under the sea party too.

Tropical Mermaid Punch

==>Find the simple recipe for this tropical punch

Beach Themed Birthday Party Printables

==>Beach Themed Birthday Party printables.

Sandcastle Centerpiece

What a fantastic idea having this sandcastle as a centerpiece at your themed party I love how easy it is to make even though it looks really really difficult.

Sandcastle centerpiece

==>Find the full tutorial for this amazing sandcastle centerpiece

Sand Slime – Borax free

Kids love do do activities and kids love slime so why not make some borax free sand slime and the kids can all make their own and even take it home after the party

Sand Slime

==>Find the full tutorial for the Sand slime here

another fun party activity would be to make beach party plates and this could keep them busy for quite sometime

Beach Paper Plate

==>Find the tutorial and a list of all the supplies you will need to make this paper plate beach craft

Kids beach party ideas can range from just having some sand around to having lots of beach balls or surfboards. The beachy colors of yellow, red, blue and white to match the beach ball colors or going the sandy browns and pale blues.

DIY Beach Party Decorations are so easy to make yourself and they really do add that extra appeal when you have these sort of decorations. Just getting a few different things like below : Wall fish net, colorful leis, inflatable palm trees and then setting it all up yourself will make it look awesome

Toy Inflatable Surf Board Luau Decoration ThemeToy Inflatable Surf Board Luau Decoration ThemeToy Inflatable Surf Board Luau Decoration ThemeInflatable Beach BallInflatable Beach BallInflatable Beach BallSurfboard Beach Party BackdropSurfboard Beach Party BackdropSurfboard Beach Party Backdrop


Costumes are a whole other aspect of a party and it can really add to the theme if everyone dresses up for the occasion. There really are so many adorable costumes you could wear for a beach themed party

So I hope this has helped you with some ideas and inspiration for your child’s Beach Themed party? It will be brilliant I just know it.

Kids Beach Theme party Ideas

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