Budget Friendly Kids Party Tips

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Throwing a fun birthday party does not need to be expensive. It just requires a little pre-planning and creativity. Follow these budget friendly party ideas to create memorable events without breaking the bank.

While, of course, every situation is unique, these suggestions should give you a head start on creating a successful celebration. Plus, by following these guidelines, you’ll save money and enjoy your next bash even more!


A great idea is to have your party outside of meal times. Some popular party times are 10am – 11.30 or after lunch with a finish time around 4pm.  This way you can provide party snacks but do not need to cater for a meal. To be honest, kids will be so busy having so much fun with their friends that they will be quite happy with a few snacks.

Budgets Friendly outdoor kids party

Guest List

Keep your guest list small and manageable. Do not feel you need to invite your child’s entire class. Or if your child’s birthday is close to one of their friend’s birthdays perhaps you could combine the parties and split the costs.



There is a trend at the moment towards online invitations. These are quick and easy to create at home yourself and will save some money.  Alternatively a cost effective option is a downloadable invitation such as these ones.


Here is where you can get creative to save some money. For the majority of your decorations choose plain colored options such as plain cups, plates, cutlery or reuse what you already have.  These plain options are generally half the price of the themed party supplies and can be dressed up with things like ribbons and stickers.

The Dollar Stores are a great place to look for have a great range of reasonably priced party supplies. If you have anything left over from the party it is easier to reuse when they are plain colors.  Choose one or two larger themed items to purchase to tie in your party theme. We are also huge fans of balloon garlands as they add a wow factor to your decorations and are quite easy and cost effective to make. 

Budget Friendly Kids party Decorations

Rainbow parties can be done on a budget as you can mix and match left over party plates, balloons, cups and streamers from other parties and put them all together and all the colors make a rainbow.

Food and Cake

Keep your party snacks simple and bite sized, as kids love to have foods they can eat on the run as parties are so much fun and so much happening they don’t want to miss anything.

Fruit Kebab

Also remember if you have any children coming to the party with Allergies then this post on how to host a fun allergy free party will help you out.

Party Games

When it comes to party games stick with the classics. These have been played at thousands of birthday parties over the years and have really stood the test of time. 

  • Pin the tail on the donkey is a top favorite. This can be tailored to your party theme by making it things like Pin the Eye Patch on the Pirate, Pin the wand on the fairy, pin the crown on the princess, Pin the tail on the dragon.
  • Pass the parcel. There are many modern takes on this game. One of our favorites is this printable version. It has funny rhymes to keep the kids entertained and just one present at the end of the game for the winner.
  • Musical Chairs. Again this game can be made to suit your party theme. It could be Musical Deserted Islands for a Pirate themed party using cushions instead of chairs. Let your imagination go wild.
  • Musical statues is another fun game. You could ask your guests to act out the party theme. For a Superhero themed party they could act out their favorite Superhero or for a Unicorn Themed party they could run around pretending to be unicorns and freeze when the music stops.
  • Printable Treasure Hunts are a really budget friendly way of getting games for your kids party they are very reasonably priced and the kids will really enjoy them and with so many different themed ones available you will find one to fit your Childs themed party.
Budget Friendly Kids Party Games

Crafts and Favors

You can use a party craft to double up as a party favor.  The kids will have fun creating their masterpiece and get to take it home. Go to your local craft or dollar store and pick up some craft items. Maybe your guests could make friendship bracelets, beaded necklaces, decorate a photo frame or tote bag, decorate a pirate hat.

Tips for throwing a Budget-Friendly Kids Birthday Party

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