Costumes Beginning With M

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It’s always fun to dress up for a party or special event, but trying to come up with creative and unique costume ideas can be a challenge. Here are some creative dress up party costumes that start with the letter M that will make you stand out from the crowd!


People Costumes Starting With M

These people and occupations are a fun fancy dress idea for a letter M party.


Become the life of the party by dressing up as a magician! Put on a black suit, top hat, and bow tie and you’ll be ready for any show-stopping magic tricks you want to perform. Don’t forget your magical wand!

Magician Role Play Costume SetMagician Role Play Costume SetMagician Role Play Costume SetMagician Costume for KidsMagician Costume for KidsMagician Costume for KidsMagician Pretend Play Dress Up SetMagician Pretend Play Dress Up SetMagician Pretend Play Dress Up Set



Dress up as a maid for an instantly recognizable costume that’s perfect for parties. Pick out a cute frilly dress and add a hat, white gloves and shoes to complete the look.


Put on a white shirt and blue jeans for this easy costume. Carry around a milk crate full of bottles to add to the effect!

Men's 50's Milkman CostumeMen’s 50’s Milkman CostumeMen's 50's Milkman CostumeMilkman Hat with Black Bow TieMilkman Hat with Black Bow TieMilkman Hat with Black Bow Tie


Movie Star

Choose your favorite celebrity or movie character and dress up as them! Add some sparkly jewelry and red lipstick for an authentic look.

Dressing Up as a Movie Star

Mad Scientist

This classic costume is the perfect choice for any science enthusiast. Put on a lab coat, goggles and wild hair to get the mad scientist look just right.


Go for a traditional Spanish look by dressing up as a matador. This costume requires a red cape, black trousers and hat, and golden trim.

Men in Black

Channel your inner Agent J by donning a black suit and shades. You’ll be ready to fight aliens in no time!


A Moll is a female gangster – think of flapper dresses, gloves and headbands.


A monk costume can be a simple and fun way to dress up for any occasion. Wear a robe and sandals, and add a rope belt for extra authenticity.


For this swashbuckling look, you’ll need some black pants, a white shirt, boots and an iconic hat! Don’t forget a toy sword for added effect.

Mary Poppins

Dress up like everyone’s favorite nanny with this classic costume. Wear a black dress and hat, along with a white apron and gloves to complete the look.

Women's Mary Poppins CostumeWomen’s Mary Poppins CostumeWomen's Mary Poppins CostumeGirl's Mary Poppins CostumeGirl’s Mary Poppins CostumeGirl's Mary Poppins Costume



This classic costume is easy to put together and makes for an unforgettable look. Wear black and white stripes, a beret hat, white gloves and don’t forget the white face paint!

Mime Costume


Dress up as the titular character from Shakespeare’s Macbeth with this costume. Put on a tunic and cape, along with a sword for added effect.

MC Hammer

This fun costume is perfect for anyone who loves the American rapper MC Hammer’s iconic style. Put on some baggy pants, a bright shirt, and don’t forget those signature gold chains!


For a more serious look, try dressing up as someone from the mafia. Wear an all-black suit with white shirt and add a cigar for extra effect.


This costume looks great for any formal event or historical occasion. Put on a long robe with a wig, and add a gavel for an authentic look.


This classic sailor costume is perfect for any nautical-themed party. Put on a sailor’s hat, navy and white striped shirt, and don’t forget the anchor tattoos!

Mountain Man

This costume is great for anyone looking to channel their inner outdoorsman. Wear plaid flannel shirts with jeans, add a beard, and you’ll be ready to go.

Character Costume That Start With M

If you’re looking to dress up as a well-known character, these ideas are perfect for you.


This classic video game character is always a hit at parties. Wear overalls, a long-sleeved red shirt and cap to get the look just right.


Get ready to dive into your next dress up party as an enchanting mermaid! This look is easy to put together with a blue maxi skirt, white crop top, and colorful fabric belt. Add some glittery makeup and jewelry to complete your look.

Micky Mouse

You can’t go wrong with a classic Disney character. Put on a pair of red shorts and yellow shoes, team it with white gloves, a black bow tie, and some big round ears.

Minny Mouse

Dress up as Minny Mouse with a pink polka dot dress, yellow shoes, and white gloves. Add a red bow to your hair for an extra cute touch!

M & Ms

This colorful costume is perfect for any candy lover! Put on a red and white striped shirt, blue jeans, and yellow shoes. Add some green, brown, and yellow fabric around your waist to look just like an M&M!

Mad Hatter

Channel your inner Alice in Wonderland and become the Mad Hatter. Put on a colorful suit, bowtie, and top hat for an instantly recognizable look. Don’t forget to add some crazy makeup too!

Alice in Wonderland Mad hatter Costume


Dress up like Kevin, Stuart or Dave with this fun costume! Put on a yellow jumpsuit and some black goggles for an authentic look. Don’t forget to add the iconic minion hairstyle, too!

Bob Inflatable Minion CostumeBob Inflatable Minion CostumeBob Inflatable Minion CostumeMens Despicable 3 Movie MinionMens Despicable 3 Movie MinionMens Despicable 3 Movie Minion


Marge Simpson

Transform into the matriarch of Springfield with this classic costume. Put on a blue dress, pink pearls and an iconic beehive hairdo for a look that’s instantly identifiable.

Mr or Mrs Potato Head

Become everyone’s favorite potato couple for your next dress up party. Put on a potato costume and carry around some fun plastic eyes, ears, nose, and mouths to create your own unique look!

Muppet Show Character

Bring the fun of The Muppet Show to your next party by dressing up as one of the beloved characters! Put on a big colorful costume, add some funky accessories and an even funkier hairstyle to complete your look.

Halloween Costumes Beginning With M

If you’re looking for a spooky costume beginning with the letter M, try one of these ideas.


You can go all out and try to scare everyone with your mummy costume. Wear white or grey clothing and wrap yourself up with strips of fabric. You can even put some fake gauze around your face for an extra spooky look!

But who said mummies have to be scary? Transform into a glamorous Egyptian mummy by wearing metallic wrap around your arms and legs. You can also add some faux jewels or feathers for an extra touch of glamour.


Cover yourself in green, purple or black fabric and add extra details with face paints to create your own unique monster. You can also use old clothes and cut them up to make a patchwork monster look. Don’t forget the scary teeth and claws!

Morticia Addams

Dress up as the matriarch of the Addams Family in a black dress and black wig. Add some makeup for an extra authentic look.

Morticia Addams costume


Channel your inner evil queen with this look. Wear a long black dress and a dramatic headpiece, then add some dark eyeshadow and contouring to complete the look.


Transform into the classic Gorgon with this costume. Put on a white dress and add some green or gold details to give it an extra ethereal touch. Don’t forget the serpent headpiece!

Medusa CostumeMedusa CostumeMedusa CostumeMedusa, Queen of the GorgonsMedusa, Queen of the GorgonsMedusa, Queen of the Gorgons


Animal Costumes starting with M

These animal costumes are great for animal lovers of all ages!


Who doesn’t love a classic monkey costume? Get your friends involved and go as a troop of fun-loving monkeys! For an easy costume, wear brown clothing with a tail attached to the back. Don’t forget your furry ears and banana accessories for extra points!

Monkey Onesie CostumeMonkey Onesie CostumeMonkey Onesie CostumeFullbody Monkey Cosplay CostumeFullbody Monkey Cosplay CostumeFullbody Monkey Cosplay CostumeBaby Monkey CostumeBaby Monkey CostumeBaby Monkey Costume



Dress up as everyone’s favorite rodent by wearing a grey jumpsuit and adding some mouse ears and a tail.


If you’re looking for a unique costume, the mole is perfect. Put on a brown jumpsuit and make your own furry ears and tail out of brown fabric. Don’t forget to add some whiskers too!

Celebrity Costumes Starting with M

Dressing up as a celebrity is one of the most popular costume ideas!

Marilyn Monroe

Channel your inner Hollywood star with a Marilyn Monroe costume. Wear a white dress, long blonde wig and bright red lipstick to recreate her iconic look. You can also add some costume jewelry and sunglasses for an extra glamorous touch!

Marilyn Monroe Costume DressMarilyn Monroe Costume DressMarilyn Monroe Costume DressPlatinum Blonde Marilyn Monroe WigPlatinum Blonde Marilyn Monroe WigPlatinum Blonde Marilyn Monroe Wig



Become the queen of pop with a Madonna costume from the 80s or 90s. Put on a black leotard and lace gloves, and add some statement jewelry for an extra dramatic effect. Don’t forget to style your hair in her iconic curled bob hairstyle!


This costume is perfect for EDM lovers. Wear a white hoodie and some black shorts, then add some white sunglasses and a marshmello headpiece to finish the look. Don’t forget to carry around your trusty DJ controller!

Marshmello costume

Michael Jordan

Basketball fans will love this Michael Jordan costume. Wear a red jersey, basketball shorts and white high top sneakers to get the look. You can also add a headband and wristbands for an extra touch of authenticity!

Miley Cyrus

Channel your inner rock star with a Miley Cyrus costume. Put on denim shorts, a cropped top, and get creative with body paint. Add some temporary tattoos, colorful accessories and a long blonde wig to complete the look.

Muhammad Ali

Fans of the legendary boxer can honor him with this costume. Wear boxing shorts, a black tank top and red gloves to get the look.

These dress up party costumes are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to great costume ideas beginning with the letter M. Whether you’re looking for something classic or something unique, there’s sure to be an option that will help you make a statement at your next event or gathering. So get creative and start planning your M-themed costume today!

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