Costumes Starting with I

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Are you on the lookout for a fun fancy dress idea that starts with the letter ‘I’? We have put together some imaginative and easy-to-assemble costume ideas that will have you standing out at any event. Get ready to be inspired and let your creativity shine!

What is a Letter Party?

A letter party, or alphabet party, is a celebration where a letter of the alphabet is chosen and everyone must come dressed as something that starts with that letter.

Costumes Beginning with I

Ice Cream Cone

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Transform yourself into a walking, talking ice cream cone by using a tan-colored outfit as the cone and adorning yourself with colorful pom-poms or fabric as scoops of ice cream. Complete the look with a sprinkle-covered hat, and you’re ready to sweeten up the party!


Become the genius inventor you’ve always aspired to be! Grab some oversized glasses, a lab coat, and a wild wig. Accessorize with gadgets and gizmos made from household items. Don’t forget to carry a clipboard with random scribbles – after all, every great inventor needs a plan!

Island Explorer

woman dressed as an explorer

Embark on a tropical adventure by dressing up as an island explorer. Don your explorer hat, cargo shorts, and a khaki vest. Carry a map, a compass, and a stuffed parrot to accompany you on your journey. Bonus points if you can mimic the call of the wild!

Incredible Hulk

Unleash your inner superhero with an Incredible Hulk costume. All you need is a pair of ripped purple pants (easy DIY with an old pair of jeans), some green face paint or a mask, and your best Hulk growl. Get ready to save the day – and the party!

Intergalactic Explorer

Embark on a space-themed adventure as an intergalactic explorer. Deck yourself out in silver or metallic clothing, add some futuristic accessories, and don’t forget your space helmet. You’re now ready to discover new galaxies and make friends with aliens!

Ice Queen or Ice King

woman dressed as an ice queen

Embrace your regal side by becoming an Ice Queen or Ice King. Deck yourself out in icy blues and silvers, add a tiara or crown, and don’t forget a glittery cape. Whether you’re ruling over a frozen kingdom or a dance floor, you’re sure to be the coolest monarch around.

Inspector Gadget

Take a trip down memory lane with the iconic Inspector Gadget costume. Embrace the world of gadgets and espionage with a trench coat, hat, and an arsenal of DIY gadgets made from household items. Don’t forget to perfect the “Go, go, Gadget arms!” pose for maximum authenticity.

Irish Leprechaun

Bring a touch of luck to the festivities by dressing up as an Irish leprechaun. Deck yourself out in green from head to toe, including a hat with a shamrock. Add a beard, a pot of gold, and some jolly Irish charm, and you’ll be ready to spread joy and laughter.

Ice Skater

women dressed as ice skaters

Embrace the grace and elegance of an ice skater. Don a sparkling ice-skating outfit, complete with a tutu or sleek pants, and tie on some ice skates. Gliding through the party with imaginary figure-eight moves, you’ll be the star of the winter wonderland.


Turn heads with a larger-than-life insect costume! Pick your favorite insect, whether it’s a butterfly, ladybug, or bee, and get creative with colorful fabrics and materials. Use wire or cardboard to create wings, and make antennae with headbands and fuzzy pom-poms. Embrace your inner bug and flutter or buzz your way through the party with this charming and whimsical costume.

Indiana Jones

Child dressed as indiana jones

Embark on a daring quest as the legendary archaeologist Indiana Jones. Channel your inner Harrison Ford by donning a rugged leather jacket, a fedora hat, and a whip. Add khaki pants, a satchel, and a sense of adventure, and you’ll be ready to explore ancient ruins or, in this case, the party scene with unmatched style and charisma.

Iron Man

Transform into the iconic Marvel superhero with an Iron Man costume. While creating a fully functional suit might be a bit challenging, you can capture the essence with a red and gold ensemble. Use cardboard or foam to fashion the mask and chest plate. Don’t forget to add glowing LED lights for that extra touch of Tony Stark’s genius. Suit up, and get ready to save the day (or just dance the night away)!

Incredible Family

Team up with your family or friends and become the extraordinary superhero family, the Incredibles. Dress in matching red jumpsuits with black accents and the iconic “I” logo. Don’t forget to include black gloves, boots, and a mask for the full superhero effect. Now, your squad is ready to bring some incredible fun to any gathering, fighting boredom and doldrums with style.

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Embrace the charm of a classic nursery rhyme by becoming the Itsy Bitsy Spider! This adorable and whimsical costume is perfect for those who want to add a touch of childhood nostalgia to the party.

Letter I costume ideas wording on blue background

Whether you’re transforming into an Ice Cream Cone, donning the hat of Indiana Jones, or becoming an Incredible superhero, the joy of dressing up is real! So invite your friends to join the fun, and host a letter I costume party.

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