30th Birthday Games

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So, your 30th is around the corner, or maybe you’re planning a bash for someone special hitting that big 3-0. Either way, you’re in the right spot for making that celebration unforgettable.

A woman holding a '3' and '0' balloon

Turning 30 is a big deal, it’s like finally hitting the sweet spot between youthful energy and wise maturity. It’s all about celebrating the fabulous you or the fabulous person in your life, and what better way to do it than with some super fun games that’ll have everyone laughing and making memories?

Fun Games for your 30th Birthday Party

1. Trip Down Memory Lane

Let’s kick things off with a heartwarming stroll down memory lane. Before the party, ask guests to bring or send you a photo of a memorable moment with the birthday star. Pin these photos on a board or display them digitally.

During the game, guests take turns guessing the story behind each photo. Not only will this spark fun conversations, but it’s also a beautiful way to reminisce about the good times.

2. The “Roaring 20s” Quiz

Since the guest of honor is saying goodbye to their 20s, why not test how much everyone remembers about the past decade? Prepare a mix of personal and pop culture questions related to the last ten years.

Questions can range from “What was the birthday person’s most bizarre hairstyle?” to “Name a song that was a hit during their college years.” It’s a fantastic way to laugh about the past and see who’s been paying attention!

3. 30 Things Bucket List

A piece of paper tacked to a cork board with 'Bucket List' written on it

This one’s a creative gem. Have guests write down something they think the birthday person should do in their 30s on sticky notes. It could be as adventurous as skydiving or as simple as learning to make the perfect lasagna. Collect all the suggestions in a jar.

The birthday star then reads them out loud, and everyone can discuss or share stories related to each suggestion. It’s a great way to dream up some future adventures!

4. Costume Contest: Decades Edition

Here’s a fun twist, ask your guests to dress up as a popular trend from any decade of the birthday person’s life. Whether it’s neon from the ’90s or Y2K fashion, let everyone channel their inner time traveler.

Have a mini fashion show during the party and let the birthday star be the judge. The winner gets a decade-themed prize, like a mixtape of hit songs from their chosen era or a vintage toy.

5. Guess the Baby

Before the party, ask guests to send you their baby pictures. Display these pictures, and let everyone guess who’s who. It’s a hilariously sweet way to see how much everyone has changed (or not) and to start conversations among guests who might not know each other well.

6. Karaoke Throwback

2 men and 2 women singing karaoke

What’s a party without some singing and dancing? Set up a karaoke machine and create a playlist with hits from the last 30 years. Watching your friends belt out tunes from their teenage years or attempting the latest hits is guaranteed to be a blast. Plus, it’s a great way to get everyone loosened up and in the party mood.

7. “That’s So 30!” Challenge

In this game, guests have to complete tasks that are stereotypically “adult” but with a fun twist. Think assembling a piece of furniture with goofy instructions, deciphering complicated coffee orders, or doing a “grocery run” obstacle course. It’s a nod to entering a new decade of life, with all its responsibilities, but keeping things light and funny.

8. “30 Seconds to Win It” Challenges

Channel the energy of those quick, quirky challenges from the “Minute to Win It” game show but with a 30-second twist for the 30th birthday theme. Set up a series of silly and challenging games that guests have to complete in 30 seconds. Think stacking cups, bouncing ping pong balls into cups, or unwrapping candies wearing oven mitts. It’s fast, frenetic, and a fabulous way to get everyone cheering and laughing.

9. “Before I’m 40” Bucket List Bingo

Create bingo cards filled with fun, achievable, or downright silly activities to complete before hitting the big 4-0. Think “Ride in a hot air balloon,” “Learn to salsa dance,” or “Go on a road trip with no destination in mind.”

As the birthday star or guests share stories, anyone who’s done any of the activities can mark off their bingo card. The first to get a line wins a prize! This game is not only fun but might inspire some actual bucket list adventures.

10. Mocktail/Cocktail Crafting Contest

4 glasses of mocktails of various flavors

Divide your guests into teams and challenge them to create the ultimate birthday-themed drink, whether it’s a cocktail or mocktail. Provide a variety of ingredients, from the basics to the more exotic, and let the creativity flow.

Have the birthday person taste-test each creation (blindly, for an added twist) and pick their favorite. This is a great way to discover a new favorite drink and enjoy some unique concoctions.

11. “Who Knows the Birthday Star Best?” Quiz

Prepare a quiz with questions about the birthday person’s favorites, life experiences, and funny quirks. Questions can range from “What’s my go-to karaoke song?” to “What was my most embarrassing moment?”

Have guests fill out their answers, and then reveal the truth. This game is a fantastic icebreaker and a way to learn more about the guest of honor in a fun, interactive setting.

12. “Dance Like No One’s Watching” Freeze Dance

Women dancing at a party

Who doesn’t love a good dance party? Crank up the tunes and have everyone dance like there’s no tomorrow. Periodically, stop the music without warning, anyone caught moving is out! Keep going until only the most statue-like dancer remains. This game is a blast and a great way to work off some of that cake.

13. Memory Jars

Okay, this one’s more sweet than funny, but it’s a beautiful way to end the night. Have guests write down their favorite memory with the birthday person or a wish for their next decade. Place the notes in a jar for the birthday star to read later. It’s a touching keepsake that captures the love and friendship of those who came to celebrate.

14. DIY Time Capsule

Ask everyone to bring something small that reminds them of the birthday person or a symbol of current pop culture. During the party, create a time capsule by placing these items in a box, along with letters to the future self and photos from the party. Decide on a future date to open it together, it’s a fun promise for another gathering and a great way to look back on this milestone birthday.

15. Printable Party Games

Printable games are a fantastic addition to any party because they’re not only super fun but also super easy to set up. For a 30th birthday bash, you can customize these printables to add a personal touch, making the games even more special. There are plenty of printable game ideas that will have everyone from your besties to your parents joining in on the fun!

Turning 30 doesn’t mean the fun stops, in fact, it’s just another reason to celebrate and create more amazing memories. With these games, your 30th birthday party will be the talk of the town. Let loose, laugh a lot, and here’s to kicking off another fantastic decade in style! Cheers to 30 and beyond!

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