March Theme Party

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March is here, and that means it’s time to shake off the Winter blues and welcome the Spring with some fantastic parties! Whether you’re celebrating birthdays, holidays, or just the joy of being together, we’ve got some simple and exciting party themes to make your March gatherings memorable.

Spring Fling Garden Party

Embrace the blooming season by hosting a Spring Fling Garden Party. Decorate your space with vibrant flowers, use pastel colors for table settings, and encourage guests to wear floral attire. You can even set up a DIY flower arranging station for some extra fun!

Luck of the Irish St. Patrick’s Day Bash

Get into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit with a Luck of the Irish party. Deck out your venue in green decorations, serve classic Irish dishes like shepherd’s pie, and encourage everyone to wear their favorite green attire. Don’t forget the shamrock-shaped cookies and green punch!

woman and man wearing green party accessories

March Movie Madness

Create a cozy movie night at home with a March Movie Madness party. Choose a mix of classic and new releases, set up a popcorn bar with various toppings, and provide comfy blankets and pillows for your guests. You can even have a vote to decide which movies to watch!

Basketball Fun

If you’re a sports fan, March brings the excitement of college basketball tournaments. Organize a viewing party, complete with team decorations, basketball-themed snacks, and friendly bracket competitions. It’s a slam dunk for sports enthusiasts!

basketball-themed party table setup

More March Party Themes

March is a month filled with so many opportunities to celebrate. Here are some simple and fun exciting party ideas that incorporate some National Days this month.

Employee Appreciation Party

On the first Friday of March, National Employee Appreciation Day rolls around, providing the perfect excuse to throw a workplace party. Transform your office space into a festive zone with balloons, streamers, and a ‘Thank You’ banner.

Organize team-building activities, share a catered lunch, and recognize outstanding contributions with personalized notes or certificates. Make sure to capture the fun moments with a photo booth to create lasting memories.

Blue Day Extravaganza

March is also home to National Dress in Blue Day, where everyone is encouraged to wear blue. Turn this into an opportunity for a unique and vibrant party theme! Invite friends and family to join you in dressing head to toe in blue attire. Decorate your space with shades of blue, serve blue-hued treats, and even host a ‘Best Blue Outfit’ contest. Don’t forget to take group photos to commemorate the sea of blue!

Letter Writing Party

In the age of texts and emails, taking the time to write a heartfelt letter is a special way to show appreciation. March has a special Write a Letter of Appreciation Day, making it an ideal occasion to express gratitude.

Host a cozy gathering where guests can write letters of appreciation, not just to colleagues but also to loved ones. Consider dedicating a corner to stationery, pens, and decorative items. To add a personal touch, encourage guests to pen letters to their grandparents, expressing love and gratitude for the wisdom they’ve shared over the years.

Celebrate Your Son

Cap off the month with a National Sons Day party, celebrating the cherished sons in your life. Decorate with pictures and memorabilia showcasing the adventures and milestones of the sons of your friends and family.

Plan activities that highlight the uniqueness of each son, such as a ‘Son Showcase’ or a slideshow featuring heartwarming moments. Don’t forget to serve their favorite snacks and treats!

Crafty Creations Party

Celebrate National Children’s Craft Day with a Crafty Creations Carnival. Set up crafting stations with various materials, organize craft contests, and let the little ones unleash their artistic talents. You can even have a crafting parade to showcase their masterpieces.

2 girls doing crafts

Mad Scientist Party

Dive into the wonders of Science Education Day with a Mad Scientist Soirée. Decorate your space like a laboratory, conduct safe and exciting science experiments, and encourage guests to come dressed as their favorite mad scientist or inventor.

Comedy Night

Embrace the spirit of National Let’s Laugh Day with a Comedy Fiesta. Arrange a comedy night with stand-up performances, funny games, and a laughter yoga session. Decorate the venue with vibrant colors to enhance the cheerful atmosphere.

Hat Parade

National Wear a Hat Day calls for a Hat Parade. Invite guests to wear their most creative and stylish hats, organize a hat parade, and set up a DIY hat decorating station. Consider awarding prizes for the most unique, funniest, and stylish hats.

Outer Space Adventure

Combine science and fun with an Outer Space Adventure for Science Education Day. Decorate the venue like a cosmic wonderland, host space-themed educational games, and encourage guests to dress as astronauts or extraterrestrial beings.

Outer space theme party venue setup

Robot Craft Party

Introduce a blend of science and creativity with a Robot Craft Workshop for Science Education Day. Provide materials for kids to create their own robot crafts, organize a mini robot parade, and include interactive science demonstrations.

Under the Sea Party

Dive into the fun of International Mermaid Day with an Under the Sea Extravaganza. Create an oceanic wonderland with blue and teal decorations, mermaid tails, and seashell accents. Encourage guests to come dressed as mermaids or sea creatures.

Under the Sea party table setup

Rainbow Party

Celebrate the vibrant National Color Day with a Rainbow party. Each area of your venue can represent a different color of the rainbow. Encourage guests to dress in their favorite color and enjoy colorful decorations, treats, and activities.

Neon Party

Bring a burst of color to your celebration for National Color Day with a Neon Night party. Decorate with vibrant neon colors, provide glow in the dark accessories, and play upbeat music for a lively atmosphere. Guests can also wear neon clothing to add to the fun.

neon-colored party glasses

Golden Years Party

Reflect on the wisdom and experiences of age with a party for seniors to celebrate As Young As You Feel Day. Decorate with gold accents, incorporate vintage elements, and encourage guests to share stories and memories. Create a nostalgic playlist for dancing and lots of fun senior party games.

So, there you have it, March is like a big party month with themes that are as colorful as a rainbow! From splashing around for International Mermaid Day, or dressing up in your favorite color for National Color Day, March is all about having a blast.

Grab your friends, put on your favorite hats, and let’s make March the coolest party ever! Cheers to a month full of laughter, creativity, and lots of good times!

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