Costumes Beginning With L

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If you’re looking for a unique, creative costume for your next party, why not start with the letter L? You’d be surprised at the wide range of ideas that can be created simply by starting with an alphabet letter. From lovable leprechauns to lusciously-dressed ladies, there are plenty of options to choose from and make your own. Let’s explore some fun costume ideas beginning with the letter L!

Costume Ideas Beginning With “L”

Are you in search of a unique costume idea that starts with the letter L? Look no further! We’ve got you covered with some fantastic costume ideas that will make you stand out at your next costume party.


St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner, so why not dress up as a leprechaun? With green pants or shorts and a bright green top and bowtie, you’ll look like a true Irishman. Don’t forget the red beard and hat and add some gold coins to complete the look.

Three friends dressed up as leprechauns


Who doesn’t love a cute, spotted ladybug? This costume is easy to create, all you need is a red dress or white shirt and black leggings. To complete the look, attach some big black dots using felt or fabric paint. And don’t forget the antennae, add two pipe cleaners on either side of your head and use glittery construction paper to create wings and you’re ready to go.


Be king (or queen) of the jungle by dressing up as a lion! Wear something yellow or orange like sweatpants and a sweatshirt or t-shirt. Cut out ears from construction paper and glue them onto a headband. Finally, add some whiskers using face paint or eyeliner. For extra pizzazz, you could also add some fur trim around the neckline of your outfit, and you’re ready to roar.


Get ready to chop some wood and wear your favorite plaid shirt, jeans, and suspenders for a lumberjack costume. Add a toy axe or a fake beard to complete the look.


If you’re a fan of Super Mario Bros, then Luigi is the perfect costume idea. Wear a green shirt and blue overalls with a matching hat. Don’t forget to add a fake mustache and gloves.

Little Red Riding Hood

Be the storybook character with a Little Red Riding Hood costume. Wear a red cape, a white blouse, and a black skirt. Top it off with a basket full of goodies.

Lara Croft

Channel your inner adventurer with a Lara Croft costume. Wear a tight tank top, black pants, and combat boots. Add some holsters and guns to complete the look.


Become the god of mischief with a Loki costume. Wear a green and gold outfit, topped with a horned helmet. Don’t forget to add some black boots and a scepter to complete the look.


Bring some Hawaiian vibes with a Lilo costume. Wear a red and white striped dress with a matching headband. Add some Hawaiian leis and sandals to complete the look.


Be the elven archer with a Legolas costume. Wear a green tunic and brown pants, topped with a long blonde wig. Add a bow and quiver to complete the look.


Show off your love for seafood with a cute lobster costume. Wear a red dress or shirt and attach some felt claws and antennae. Add some red leggings or tights to complete the look.

Lucille Ball

Pay homage to the queen of comedy with a Lucille Ball costume. Wear a 50s-style dress, add a curly red wig, and carry a vintage purse. Don’t forget to add some red lipstick and white gloves.

Little Bo Peep

Dress up as the classic nursery rhyme character with a Little Bo Peep costume. Wear a frilly pink and white dress, add a bonnet and a crook. Don’t forget to carry a stuffed sheep.

Lucha Libre Wrestler

Dress up as a Mexican wrestler with a Lucha Libre wrestler costume. Wear a brightly colored mask, add a cape, and a matching jumpsuit. Don’t forget to add some wrestling boots and gloves.

Lucha Libre Wrestler Costume

Lava Lamp

Bring back some retro vibes with a lava lamp costume. Wear a purple bodysuit and add some yellow and orange felt cutouts to resemble the lamp’s floating bubbles. Add a silver hat to complete the look.

Lion Tamer

Become the master of the big cats with a lion tamer costume. Wear a red tailcoat, black pants, and a top hat. Add a whip and a chair to complete the look. This costume is perfect as a couples option as one can be the lion and one can be the lion tamer!

Leonardo Ninja Turtle

Be the most popular of all the Ninja Turtles with a Leonardo costume. Wear a blue mask, add green face paint and a bright blue jumpsuit. Don’t forget to add some pair of nunchucks to complete the look.

Lady Liberty

Be free as the iconic Statue of Liberty with this costume. Wear an off-white gown and a green robe. Add a headpiece made of cardstock and add some stars around it. Don’t forget to carry the torch!


Be the most beloved building block with a Lego costume. Wear square clothes and add some bright colors to resemble a real-life Lego block. You can also use cardboard or foam to make your own minifigure headpiece!

Lois Lane

Be the intrepid reporter with a Lois Lane costume. Wear a white blouse, red skirt, and matching scarf. Don’t forget to add oversized glasses and carry a notebook for added authenticity. This costume is perfect for couples as one can dress up as Superman!

Luke Skywalker

Be the hero of the galaxy with a Luke Skywalker costume. Wear an all-white outfit and add a belt. Don’t forget to include a green lightsaber and some brown boots to complete the look. This is perfect for couples as one can dress up as Princess Leia!

Little Miss Characters

Let your imagination run wild with a Little Miss costume. Dress up as your favorite character like Little Miss Sunshine, Brave, or Chatterbox. Add some bright colors and accessories to resemble the character you’ve chosen. There’s something for everyone!


Put on your best suit and represent justice with a lawyer costume. Wear a navy blue or gray suit, add a white shirt, and tie. Don’t forget to carry some law books for added authenticity.


Show your love for books with a librarian costume. Wear a cardigan, add some glasses and a bun wig. Carry a stack of books to complete the look. Perfect for bookworm couples looking to dress up together!

Librarian Costume


Hit the beach with a lifeguard costume. Wear a red and yellow swimsuit, add some sunglasses, and attach a whistle. Don’t forget to include your very own floatie!

Whether you’re looking for something funny, cute or downright ferocious, there are plenty of costumes that begin with the letter “L” to choose from when planning your next party! Just remember to have fun and get creative – after all, that’s what costumes are all about! With these ideas in mind, we hope you’ll find inspiration to come up with an unforgettable costume that will turn heads at any event. Happy creating!

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