Dinner Party Themes

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Dinner Party Themes That Will Wow Your Guests

Dinner parties can be a lot of fun for everyone involved. While a dinner party is a great reason to get your close ones together, the host can find the whole process a little overwhelming. From deciding what their guests will eat and drink right down to any decoration ideas.

The past few years have meant that we haven’t had many options in terms of entertaining, but as restrictions ease and the opportunity to see our friends and family becomes more widely available, a dinner party could be just the way to start socializing with your nearest and dearest once more.

A theme can be a great way to add some drama and fun to the affair. However, not all of us are inspired by what sort of theme would work. With that in mind, here are some suggestions of themes that will be bound to impress your guests.    

A Typical English Garden

When I think of an English garden theme, I think about scones, clotted cream, and jam. Lots of jam. But you can easily extend this to a wonderful dinner party menu. Why not serve up strawberries and cream with a large glass of Pimms. Or do a traditional afternoon tea with delightful sandwiches and miniature cakes. All served with a glass of champagne or a cup of earl grey. Or if it is the winter months when you are hosting a dinner party then you can’t go wrong with a roast dinner. You could go crazy with floral decorations and incorporate the theme in so many ways. 

English Garden Party

Let’s go all European

Why not extend it to a European theme. This is where you will be spoilt for choice in regards to food options. You could typically serve a Spanish Paella, or go all Italian with wonderful pizzas. You could serve up only the best French wine and offer up a dessert tray encompassing all of what Europe has to offer.

Europe has many delicacies that you can take advantage of, so whether you focus on one country, or do a mixture, there will be something for everyone. If you are looking for something a little easier, then this themed dinner party is for you.

Italian Pizza Themed Dinner Party

The Excitement of the Caribbean

A Caribbean theme is a great one for anyone that loves a colorful array of food and drink. From creating a wonderful rum punch to serving sticky jerk chicken with rice and peas, your guests will be elated. Tantalizing their taste buds is one thing, but think of the decorations you could use to create a wonderful atmosphere. The possibilities are endless.

You could even extend the theme to a dress code, stating that people should only wear what they would on vacation. It can make the whole dinner party much less formal and a lot of fun. 

Murder Mystery Theme

What about something exciting? A great option to consider would be something that gets all of the guests involved. The food is an important factor, and of course, having the drinks flowing is a must. But what about entertainment? This is when considering a murder mystery party could be an option.

There are some great benefits to this, not only will you have the food to enjoy but it can be a great way to change the subject of conversation and do something a little different. You could even theme the menu based on the time period the murder mystery is set in.

Murder Mystery Party


Music themed 

This one might be a little trickier, but can be very effective. A music-themed dinner party gives you a lot of possibilities. You could theme the menu based on different artists or genres of music. For example, a country music-inspired menu or serving up only the foods that your favorite artist loves. 

Vinyl Record PlayerVinyl Record PlayerVinyl Record PlayerMusic Note DecorationsMusic Note DecorationsMusic Note Decorations


Let’s go back in time

Finally instead of choosing a place or something specific to set your theme to, why not choose an era? Go back in time to the 70’s or 80s and serve up food popular during those times.

You could have a lot of fun serving up a retro prawn cocktail as a starter. You might want to ask your guests to dress up for the theme too, think 80s-inspired Madonna or Flares and mini skirts. You could get some amazing pictures from your night.

The 1970s were a time of change, with new styles and trends emerging in fashion, music, and art. So what better way to celebrate than by throwing a 70s-themed dinner party?

Start by decorating your party space with bright colours and geometric patterns. Think shag carpeting, disco balls, and avocado green walls. As for the menu, think classic 70s dishes like pizza, burgers, and hot dogs. And be sure to serve up some delicious cocktails like piña coladas and margaritas! Fondue was all the rage in the 70s! Chocolate fondue would be the perfect dessert to finish off your retro dinner party.

If you want to go even further with your 70s theme, you could ask your guests to come dressed in their best disco gear. You could also play some classic 70s tunes to get everyone in the party mood!

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Also don’t forget the other awesome eras like the 50’s and 60’s, these themed parties have become an increasingly popular way to celebrate special occasions. These events are a culmination of nostalgic memories, lively music and colorful decor – perfect for any event or holiday.

Let’s hope this has inspired you with some ideas for your next dinner party. 

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