Saran Wrap Game and Prizes

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If you are on the hunt for a game that’ll be a hit at your next gathering, birthday bash, or any festive occasion, then buckle up, because I’ve got the perfect game that wraps up excitement, challenge, and hilarious moments all in one.

What is the Saran Wrap Party Game?

Think of it as a game night superstar! You’ve got a giant ball made entirely of Saran Wrap (or any cling film), and hidden within its layers are all sorts of fun prizes. The goal? Unwrap your way to the goodies before the person next to you rolls doubles with a pair of dice, forcing you to pass the ball along. It’s simple, fast-paced, and a total blast!

What You’ll Need:

Rolls of saran wrap in different colors
  • Saran Wrap: The star of the show. You’ll need plenty of it to create your prize-filled ball.
  • Prizes: This is where you can get creative. Think small toys, candies, gift cards, quirky gadgets, or even funny personalized items. The variety adds to the fun, so mix it up!
  • Dice: A standard pair of dice.
  • A Sense of Humor: Because you’re going to be laughing,a lot!
  • Optional: You can add Saran Wrap Challenge Cards to each layer or include things such as oven mitts which players will have to wear when unwrapping their layer.

Get the Saran Wrap Challenge Cards Here

Setting It Up:

  1. Start with the Grand Prize: Pick something everyone will want to win and place it at the center of your Saran Wrap ball.
  2. Wrap & Hide Prizes: As you wrap the cling film around the central prize, periodically place other smaller prizes within the layers. The idea is to create a layered treasure trove, so the more layers and surprises, the better.
  3. Keep It Tight: Make sure the wrap is tight enough to hold everything together but not too tight that it becomes impossible to unwrap. You want a challenge, not a mission impossible.
  4. The Bigger, The Better: Don’t be shy with the Saran Wrap. A bigger ball means more fun and more chances for everyone to snag a prize

When to Play the Saran Wrap Ball Game

The Saran Wrap Game is great at any event, but there are some prime times when it truly steals the spotlight. Here are some perfect occasions:

Christmas and Holiday Parties

Imagine the fun and laughter around the Christmas tree as family and friends unwrap layers of festive fun. This could become your new Christmas family tradition and could even take the place of the traditional White elephant gift exchange.

The Saran Wrap ball can be decked with holiday-themed goodies such as mini ornaments, candy canes, or even cheeky little notes promising chores or favors. It’s a fantastic way to spice up the holiday cheer and get everyone from toddlers to grandparents rolling dice and diving for prizes.

Birthday Parties

What better way to celebrate someone special than with a game that literally wraps your party in layers of surprise and excitement? Tailor the prizes inside the Saran Wrap ball to the birthday star’s likes or make it a potluck of fun for everyone attending. It’s like a piñata without the blindfold and swinging bat, safer and just as fun!

Office Parties

Break the ice and cut through the awkwardness at office parties with the Saran Wrap game. It’s a great team-building activity that encourages interaction and brings out everyone’s competitive spirit in a fun, lighthearted way. Plus, sneaking in some office-supply-themed prizes can add a hilarious touch.

New Year’s Eve Bash

Ring in the New Year with a bang, or rather, a roll! As the clock ticks down, get the party buzzing with the excitement of unwrapping surprises. It’s a fantastic way to keep the energy up and ensure that everyone is engaged and having a blast as they wait for the ball to drop.

Family Reunions

Family gatherings can sometimes need a little kickstart to get everyone mingling and reminiscing. The Saran Wrap game is a fantastic icebreaker, bringing together family members of all ages in a frenzy of fun and nostalgia. Plus, it’s a great way to pass down family heirlooms or shared memories in a unique and engaging way.

Any Party, Really!

The beauty of the Saran Wrap game is its versatility. Halloween parties, summer BBQs, graduation celebrations, or just because, there’s never a bad time to bring out a giant ball of surprises. It’s the perfect recipe for laughter, bonding, and unforgettable memories, no matter the occasion.

How to Play the Saran Wrap Game

Ready to dive into the world of clingy fun with the Saran Wrap Game? Let’s wrap our heads around the rules and sprinkle in some tips to ensure your game is the talk of the party!

How to Play: The Rules

  1. Prep Your Prize Ball: Before the party, create your Saran Wrap ball by wrapping various prizes in layers of Saran Wrap. Start with the most coveted prize in the center and work your way out, adding prizes as you go.
  2. Gather Your Players: Sit everyone in a circle. The game works best with a group, ensuring everyone gets a turn.
  3. Roll the Dice: Decide who starts (maybe the birthday person, the guest of honor, or simply the youngest participant). The player to their right will have a pair of dice.
  4. Unwrap to Win: The starting player tries to unwrap the ball to get to the prizes while the person on their right rolls the dice, aiming to roll doubles.
  5. Pass It On: As soon as doubles are rolled, the ball and the dice move to the next players. The person with the ball starts unwrapping, and the new person with the dice starts rolling.
  6. Claim Your Prizes: Whatever prizes fall out during your turn are yours to keep.
  7. Game Over: The game continues until the entire ball is unwrapped and all prizes are claimed.

Tips for Maximum Fun

  • Mix It Up: Use a different amount of layers of saran wrap to add variety and challenge.
  • Theme Your Prizes: Match the prizes to the occasion. For Christmas, think mini decorations or holiday chocolates. For birthdays, small toys or notes with funny tasks.
  • Set a Time Limit for Rolls: To keep the game moving, consider setting a time limit for each person’s turn to roll the dice (like 5-10 seconds). If they don’t roll doubles in time, the ball moves on.
  • Use Gloves for Extra Challenge: Want to make it even more hilarious? Have players wear oven mitts or gloves while unwrapping the ball. It’s a guaranteed laugh!
  • Keep It Fair: Include prizes that appeal to all age groups if you have a mixed crowd. This ensures everyone gets something they’re excited about.
  • Capture the Moments: Don’t forget to take photos or videos. The expressions and strategies used during the game are priceless.

Why The Saran Wrap Ball Game is a Blast

  • It’s Inclusive: From kids to grandparents, everyone can dive into the fun. There’s something incredibly joyous about a game that brings everyone together, no screens or gadgets required.
  • The Suspense is Real: As the ball gets smaller, the anticipation of what’s next keeps everyone on their toes. It’s like a mini Christmas morning with every turn.
  • It’s a Riot: Watching people wrestle with Saran Wrap is a recipe for laughter. Add in the competitive edge, and you’ve got comedy gold.
  • Versatility: Tailor the game to any theme or occasion. Halloween? Wrap in creepy crawlies and ghoulish treats. Christmas? Tinsel and tiny ornaments can make appearances. The possibilities are endless!

Christmas Saran Wrap Game Prizes

Making your Saran Wrap ball for Christmas is like stuffing the ultimate stocking, but with a twisty, turny, unwrap-as-you-go adventure! Here are some fun prize ideas that are perfect for everyone.

For the Sweet Tooth

Unwrapped chocolate Santa
  • Mini Chocolate Santas: Because who doesn’t love a chocolatey treat?
  • Candy Canes: They’re not just tasty; they’re also perfect for hanging on the tree if they make it that far.
  • Holiday-themed Pez Dispensers: A sweet treat and a collector’s item in one.

Warm & Cozy

  • Festive Socks: The crazier, the better. Think reindeer with pompom noses or elves with jingly bells.
  • Mini Hand Warmers: Perfect for keeping pockets warm during winter walks.
  • Hot Cocoa Mix Packets: Bonus points for adding a mini bottle of peppermint schnapps or a cinnamon stick for the adults.

Fun & Games

  • Christmas Trivia Cards: A great way to keep the party going with some festive learning.
  • Holiday-Themed Rubik’s Cube: Because why not challenge the brain with some seasonal cheer?
  • Mini Puzzles: Look for ones with a winter wonderland or Santa’s workshop.

Practical Yet Festive

  • Chapsticks with Holiday Flavors: Think peppermint, gingerbread, or even cranberry.
  • Christmas Ornament: It could be a cute DIY craft or a beautiful glass bauble.
  • Festive Nail Polish: Glittery reds, greens, and golds to keep the holiday spirit at their fingertips.

Just for Laughs

Reindeer antlers headband
  • Reindeer Antlers Headband: Instant holiday cheer, perfect for the party selfies.
  • Joke Gifts: Like a lump of coal (chocolate, of course) for the naughty, or a tiny elf hat for the pet.

For a Little Luxury

  • Mini Scented Candles: With scents like pine, gingerbread, or mulled wine.
  • Travel-Sized Lotions or Soaps: Look for holiday scents to keep the festive mood going.
  • Gift Cards: Small amounts to coffee shops or online stores. They fit perfectly in the layers and are a hit with everyone.

Don’t Forget the Wrapping!

Add little notes of holiday cheer or challenges (sing a carol, do a silly dance) between some layers for extra fun and interaction. It’s not just about the prizes but the fun and anticipation of what’s wrapped inside. So, get creative!

Saran Wrap Game Prize Ideas for Adults

When it comes to crafting the ultimate Saran Wrap ball game for adults, the goal is to blend a mix of fun, practicality, and a dash of cheekiness into the prizes. Whether it’s for a cozy get-together, a birthday bash, or just an excuse to have friends over, here are some prize ideas that will keep the grown-ups entertained:

For the Foodies

  • Gourmet Chocolate Truffles: A sweet treat that’s a notch above your average candy.
  • Mini Bottles of Hot Sauce: Perfect for those who like to add a bit of spice to their life.
  • Single-Serve Coffee Pods or Specialty Teas: For a caffeine fix that feels a bit more special.

Sip & Savor

  • Mini Bottles of Wine or Craft Beer: A great way to celebrate and unwind.
  • Travel-Sized Cocktail Kits: Just add spirits for a fun and fancy drink.
  • Whiskey Stones: A classy addition to any home bar.

Pamper & Relax

Assorted bath bombs
  • Face Masks or Under-Eye Patches: For a spa-like treat at home.
  • Essential Oil Roll-Ons: To de-stress or invigorate, depending on the blend.
  • Bath Bombs or Shower Steamers: Because who doesn’t love a luxurious soak or steam?

For the Home

Mini succulents on pots
  • Cute Succulents or Air Plants: A little greenery goes a long way.
  • Magnetic Bookmarks: For the bookworms in the group.
  • Fancy Coasters: Because adults care about not leaving rings on the furniture.

Fun & Games

  • Lottery Tickets: Who knows? Your game night could turn into a jackpot celebration.
  • Travel-Sized Board Games or Card Games: For impromptu game nights.
  • Adult Coloring Books with Colored Pencils: A relaxing activity that’s not just for kids.

Just for Laughs

Red gift bag with 'You've Been Naughty' printed with lumps of coal
  • Novelty Socks: Think funny quotes or cheeky designs.
  • Inflatable Crown or Tiara: Because every group has a drama queen or king.
  • Gag Gifts: Like a “World’s Okayest Friend” trophy or a jar of “Emergency Chill Pills” (candy).

A Touch of Luxury

  • Sample-Sized Luxury Skincare Products: A bit of indulgence for the skin.
  • Pocket-Sized Notebooks with a Fancy Pen: For jotting down thoughts or to-do lists in style.
  • Gift Cards: Small amounts to their favorite coffee shop, bookstore, or online retailer.

The Saran Wrap Ball Game is more than just a party game, it’s a whirlwind of excitement, laughter, and surprises that brings people together in the most hilarious way possible.

Whether you’re tailoring it for a festive holiday gathering, spicing up an adult get-together, or just looking for a unique way to make your next party unforgettable, this game has got you covered.

With its simple setup, versatility, and endless possibilities for prizes, it is perfect for any occasion. So grab your Saran Wrap, gather your prizes, and get ready to roll (and unwrap) your way to an epic time.

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