Hen Party Games

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Planning a hen party and looking for some awesome games to liven up the evening? You’ve come to the right place! A hen party is all about having fun and making memories with your besties before the big day.

Whether you’re aiming for a wild night out or a cozy night in, these games are sure to bring lots of laughs and maybe even a few blushes. So grab your party hats, and let’s get this party started!

A group of women in a hen party, table littered with drinks and balloons, bride-to-be blindfolded

Why Play Games at your Hen Party?

Playing games at your hen party is a super fun way to help everyone mingle, especially if not all the guests know each other. Games bring tons of laughs and help everyone loosen up and enjoy themselves. They’re also a great way to make the party feel special and all about the bride, showing off her style or funny stories with her friends. Plus, games make sure there are plenty of fun memories and stories to giggle about later. So, sprinkle in some games at your hen party to keep things lively and fun for everyone!

Fun Games for Hen Party

Dress Design Divas

A dress made of aluminum foil

Grab some toilet paper, aluminum foil, and maybe even some wrapping paper, anything you can find that’s crafty! Split into teams and pick your “bride.” Set a timer and get creative designing a wedding dress. The actual bride gets to judge which team made the best (or most hilarious) gown. Get ready for some epic Instagram moments!

Prosecco Pong

This is a classy twist on the classic Beer Pong. Set up your table with cups of sparkling prosecco instead of beer. If you want to spice it up, add some fun rules like “the loser has to share her most embarrassing date story!” This game guarantees some bubbly fun and giggly confessions.

Printable Hen Party Games

Printable hen party games are a great way to add some quick and easy games to your party. They are great for some last minute games as you can receive these instantly and quickly print and hand out to guests.

Guess Who? – Bachelorette Edition

Collect some funny, cute, or slightly embarrassing facts about each guest before the party. During the game, read each fact, and let everyone guess who it’s about. It’s a great way for everyone to learn more about each other and share some laughs over those “Did that really happen?” stories.

Lipstick Art

Pass around a blindfold and some bright-colored lipsticks. Each girl gets a turn to draw something on a poster board while blindfolded. The catch? They have to hold the lipstick in their mouth! It’s a hilarious sight to see what everyone comes up with, and you can keep the artwork as a funny keepsake!

Cocktail Masterclass

2 women making cocktail drinks

Why not turn the hen party into a cocktail-making session? Set up a DIY cocktail station with all the essentials—spirits, mixers, fruits, and fancy glasses. Each guest can try their hand at mixing their signature drink. Vote on the best concoction, and maybe it will be featured at the wedding!

Confession Time

This is a sweet and sentimental game. Each guest writes down a wish or a piece of advice for the bride, and places it in a jar. Take turns reading them out loud. It’s a touching way to end the night, filled with love, laughter, and maybe a few tears.

Scavenger Hunt

If you’re hitting the town, why not do a scavenger hunt? Prepare a list of fun and challenging tasks for the bride and her hens, like getting a photo with a stranger or serenading someone at the bar. It’s a fantastic way to keep everyone engaged and moving around all night!

Memory Lane

Each guest brings a photo or writes down a memory they have with the bride. Collect these in a beautiful album or a box. During the party, pass the album or box around and let guests share stories behind the memories they brought. It’s not only fun but also a touching way to revisit special moments.

Truth or Dare Cards

Print out cards with truth questions and funny dares. During the party, let everyone draw a card and choose to answer the truth or perform the dare. This game can lead to some hilarious moments and unexpected revelations!

Photo Challenge List

Print out a list of photo challenges for the guests to complete during the party. Examples could include “take a photo with a stranger” or “snap a picture with the best accessory you can find.” This game is great for creating memories and gives everyone a good laugh looking at the photos after!

Who Knows the Bride Best?

Create a questionnaire with questions about the bride, ranging from her favorite food to her dream vacation spot. Print out copies for everyone, and see who really knows her the best. It’s a sweet game that personalizes the night around the bride.

The Groom Quiz

Before the party, ask the groom a series of questions about himself and his relationship with the bride. Print out the questions for all the guests and let them guess his answers. It’s fun to see who knows the couple best, and you might learn some surprising new facts!

The Handbag Game

Everyone takes out their handbags and you call out a list of items one at a time (think along the lines of “something blue” or “a receipt”). The first person to find the item in their handbag wins a point. It’s quick, easy, and can be really surprising to see what people carry around!

Karaoke Showdown

3 women singing in a karaoke

What’s a party without some singing? Set up a karaoke machine or use a karaoke app. Pick songs that are favorites of the bride or have a ‘love’ theme. You can even have a friendly competition with prizes for the best, funniest, or most dramatic performance.

DIY Tiara Making

Set up a craft station with all the materials needed to create sparkly, over-the-top tiaras, like beads, feathers, glitter, and glue. Everyone can design their own tiara to wear for the night. It’s not only fun but also a great photo op!

Girls having fun at yacht for a hen party

Remember, the best hen party games are the ones that make you laugh until your stomach hurts and create those memorable moments you’ll talk about for years to come. So, pick your favorites from this list, let loose, and most importantly, have a ton of fun! Cheers to a fabulous hen party!

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