Hot Chocolate Bar for Parties

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A Hot Chocolate Bar can be set up at any party throughout the year but is especially good at Christmas Time. It works well with all ages as who can resist a cup of creamy hot chocolate especially on a frosty day.

Hot chocolate chalk board with a tray with hot chocolate ingredients and marshmallow snowman

These Hot Chocolate bars are so much fun to put together and can be as simple or extravagant as you want them to be. 

Collage of Hot chocolate stations with ingredients, Marshmallows, chalk board sign


A good Hot chocolate station has plenty of toppings.  Make sure to include signs with these toppings so everyone can customize their hot chocolate with all their favorites. Some popular toppings are mini marshmallows, chocolate sprinkles, candy canes, chocolate and caramel sauce and whipped cream.

Candy Cane Peppermint FlavoredCandy Cane Peppermint FlavoredCandy Cane Peppermint FlavoredReddi Whip Original Whipped ToppingReddi Whip Original Whipped ToppingReddi Whip Original Whipped ToppingGhirardelli Chocolate & Caramel SyrupGhirardelli Chocolate & Caramel SyrupGhirardelli Chocolate & Caramel Syrup


While the Hot Chocolate is the star of the event, be sure to serve some other treat and snack options. Cupcakes, donuts or a fruit and cheese platter are perfect to serve alongside your hot chocolate bar.

And of course you will need a great Hot Chocolate recipe. Here are some of our favorites:

Rich and Creamy Hot Chocolate

Rich and creaming Hot chocolate in glass mug with cream and chocolate sauce

==> Find the recipe for this Rich and Creamy Hot Chocolate here

Oreo White Hot Chocolate

White Hot chocolate with oreos around it

==>Find the recipe for this Oreo Cream Hot Chocolate here

Peppermint White Hot Chocolate

Glass mug with Peppermint hot chocolate - pink color with cream on top and candy cane on table

==>Find the recipe for this Peppermint White Hot Chocolate here

Slow Cooker Mint Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate in glass with marshmallows and chocolate sauce, slow cooker in background and chocolate piece on the table

==> Find the recipe for this Slow Cooker Mint Hot Chocolate here

Homemade Hot Chocolate

2 white mugs with homemade hot chocolate, with loads of white mini marshmallows on top

==> Find the recipe for these Homemade Hot Chocolate here

Kids Christmas Party Drinks are always a hit with the kiddies and setting up a Hot Chocolate Bar is a wonderful idea as kids love feeling important especially the young ones when they can make these drinks themselves. (with a little help from Mom).

There are so many ideas to add as extras with hot chocolates like snowmen on a skewer, chocolate spoons, snowflake biscuits and Christmas Cupcakes

Making snowmen on skewers and other Christmas sweets

Bamboo SkewersBamboo SkewersBamboo SkewersWhite Large MarshmallowsWhite Large MarshmallowsWhite Large MarshmallowsPopsicle SticksPopsicle SticksPopsicle Sticks


Hot Cocoa Cookies

Yum look at these fabulous Hot Cocoa Cookies with marshmallow in the middle, so when you bite into them you get that lovely surprise. You can change the sprinkles to any colors you want that match your theme. Red and Green sprinkles would be perfect for this time of year.

White plate of hot cocoa cookies, with colored sprinkles on top of brown icing
4 Chocolate Christmas Cupcakes on a blue plate
Chocolate Cupcakes with light blue icing and snowflake sprinkles
Chocolate Cupcakes with whit icing and a little candy cane in icing

Hot Cocoa Cupcakes

These cupcakes look so delicious and would also be perfect for a Candy Cane Themed Party too

4 cupcakes with red and green  wrappers, icing with mini marshmallows and a candy cane in them.

==> Find the recipe for these Santa’s Favorite Hot Cocoa Cupcakes here

Hot Chocolate Cupcakes

These little cupcakes will surprise you, as when you bite into them you will be greeted with a marshmallow filling. Yummy

Hot chocolate cupcake on a wire rack with marshmallow on top with red and white straw sticking out.

==> Find the recipe for these delicious Hot Chocolate Cupcakes here

Hot Chocolate Cupcakes with Marshmallow Buttercream

The marshmallow buttercream is surely going to melt in your mouth, a little candy cane used as a handle to make them look like little tea cups. Just adorable.

a Chocolate cupcake in a red silicone liner with marshmallow icing, choc chips and candy cane like a handle

==> Find the recipes for these Hot Chocolate Cupcakes here

Enjoy the festive season with family and friends, if you set up a Hot Chocolate Station send us some photos we would love to see them and showcase them on Delilah’s Party Ideas

Hot chocolate station for a party pin

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