Halloween Games For Teens

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Halloween is coming up soon and if you’re looking for fun activities for your teen’s next party, then these games are perfect. These games are also great because they allow your child to express themselves while having fun at the same time.

And they’ll have tons of laughs while playing them too! So get ready for some scary good times with all of these awesome Halloween games for teens:

Here are some of the best Halloween party games and activities for teens:

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Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunts are not just for younger children. Teens and tweens can have lots of fun too. Just make the clues and hiding places a little harder and have some ‘treasure’ waiting for the first person or team to complete the treasure hunt. You can think up your own clues or make it easy on yourself and get a premade treasure hunt like these which are a little tricky but loads of fun.

Halloween Treasure Hunts

Decorate Cookies. 

Not just your average cookies but using these great cookie cutters this activity is sure to be a hit with your older kids. Scary cookies will be a huge hit to make at a Halloween party, teens will enjoy these.

Halloween Skull Cookies


SWEET SPIRITS Day of the Dead Cookie Cutter/StampersSWEET SPIRITS Day of the Dead Cookie Cutter/StampersSWEET SPIRITS Day of the Dead Cookie Cutter/StampersSkull Templates Reverse, Cookie Stamps with CutterSkull Templates Reverse, Cookie Stamps with CutterSkull Templates Reverse, Cookie Stamps with CutterCookie Cutters Day of the Dead Skull Cookie CutterCookie Cutters Day of the Dead Skull Cookie CutterCookie Cutters Day of the Dead Skull Cookie Cutter


Hanging Donuts

This game is so much fun for all ages. Hang a row of donuts and without using their hands, everyone must race to finish eating their donut first. Have your camera ready for some fun photos.

Halloween Donut Game

Guess the Candy

Fill a jar with Halloween candy and as your guests arrive, have them guess how many candies are in the jar. You can make some cards yourself or get premade printable cards from etsy or Amazon. Your guests fill them in with their name and the amount they guess. Once everyone has made a guess, count the candies, the closest guess gets to take home the candy.

Bundle of Halloween CandyBundle of Halloween CandyBundle of Halloween Candy


Catch the Candy

Split your guests into teams and give each team a plastic trick or treat pumpkin and bag of candy corn.  One person from each team holds the pumpkin while the rest of the team stand a short distance away. One at a time they must throw the candy and try to get it into the pumpkin. The person holding the pumpkin can move to try to catch the candy.  (Set a timer whatever time you think but maybe 1 minute might be enough) race the clock to get as many candies in the pumpkin. The team with the most candy in their pumpkin at the end wins.

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Dead Mans Body

This game is such a hit with older kids and really gets them guessing.  I would not recommend playing this game with young children. To start you need to have everyone sit in a circle and dim the lights. Tell them a spooky story about a man that died and whose body was chopped into little pieces. Then using different props as body parts, you will pass containers around and your guests have to try to guess what is inside the container. You want the room a little bit dark so they can not peek into the containers that are passed around. Give everyone a pen and paper and they have to write down what they thought was in each container. Also have a few wipes or paper towels handy as some of these items may be messy. You can either make up a spooky story or download one here.

You can use things like, peeled grapes for eyeballs, Tinned tomato for brains, cooked spaghetti for intestines. Get your teen to really think what foods relate to what body organs parts to make it really real. Real Fun Halloween party Game for teens

Halloween Body Parts Story - Printable Game

Trick or Treat Fear Factor

Another great game guaranteed to bring lots of laughs.  You will need a dice and some food that is either a trick or a treat.  Each person takes a turn to roll the dice. If they roll a 1 or 6 they are safe and get a nice, safe ‘treat’ food.  If you roll a 2, 3, 4 or 5 you will have to eat a ‘trick’ food.

Some ideas for the ‘trick’ food are;

Dog Food-Spam

Chicken Heart – Oysters

Vomit – Baby Food

Rotten Flesh – Blue Cheese

Spam ClassicSpam ClassicSpam ClassicSmoked OystersSmoked OystersSmoked OystersKids Baby FoodKids Baby FoodKids Baby FoodStilton Blue CheeseStilton Blue CheeseStilton Blue Cheese


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Find the Gum

Put a piece of bubble gum on a plate and cover with whipped cream. Make one for each person. Without using their hands, they must race to be the first to find their bubble gum, chew it and blow a bubble.

Wrap the mummy

Split into teams. Using toilet paper or white bandages each team must wrap one member of their team, leaving only their eyes showing.. That person must then run to the other side of the room. The first one there is the winner. (You can make up different rules, like run around the block or run next door and back totally up to you.)

Halloween Wrap the mummy party game

Printable Games

Challenge your teen to some fun games such as Halloween Feud or Trivia, grab a bundle of printable Halloween games here

I imagine your teens will really enjoy playing some of these games as they are a little spooky but loads of fun, let the teens imagines run wild with these games. I am sure you can think of a few more.

Teen Halloween Games

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