Pastel Halloween Party Ideas

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If you are looking for something a bit different this Halloween you will fall in love with this sweet Pastel Halloween Party. This is becoming a popular trend and works well if you are searching for a ‘Not So Scary’ Halloween party.  A Pastel Halloween Party is just as it sounds. The more traditional Halloween colors of black, orange and purple are substituted for stunning pastel colors such as whimsical soft pinks, purple, turquoise, yellow, pale blues.

Pastel Halloween party Ideas


Pastel Halloween Pumpkins

Pumpkins are one of the first things that come to mind when thinking about Halloween. They are a quick and easy decoration for your Pastel Party. Who says Pumpkins have to be Orange? Painting your own pumpkins from the dollar store can be loads of fun and really match your pastel theme. Paint them in pretty shades of pink, blue, mint and purple they will look amazing.. You can then leave as is, or add some glitter or a face and words using a black marker.

Pastel Halloween Pumpkins

Mini Fake Foam PumpkinsMini Fake Foam PumpkinsMini Fake Foam PumpkinsArtificial Lifelike PumpkinArtificial Lifelike PumpkinArtificial Lifelike PumpkinPastel Acrylic Paint SetPastel Acrylic Paint SetPastel Acrylic Paint Set



Gorgeous pink and black balloons really set the scene and are just too cute to be scary. Add some soft pink plates, cutlery and paper straw all finished off with paper or plastic bats. Hang some LED ghost lights around the food table and attach some paper bats to the wall behind.

Pink and Black Halloween Party Ideas

Pink Headstone

Even when decorating your front porch or front yard you can add some pink or pastel color. Shabby Chic is really in and those colors match brilliantly with our theme. You can buy some Halloween Headstones and the paint them pink, mauve or mint colors

Pastel Pink Headstone

Halloween Costumes

Costumes is a big yes for Halloween and with so many different costumes out there I am positive we can find some that will fit with our pastel them. Wigs are the first thing that comes to mind for pastel colors, so many pretty ones available. Unicorn costumes are the number 1, ones that stand out to me so pretty and cute and most little girls will love to wear them. Mermaid costumes are also very pretty and will suit our theme.

Unicorn Costume PrincessUnicorn Costume PrincessUnicorn Costume PrincessLong Curly Cosplay WigLong Curly Cosplay WigLong Curly Cosplay WigPastel Rainbow UnicornPastel Rainbow UnicornPastel Rainbow UnicornMermaid Princess CostumeMermaid Princess CostumeMermaid Princess Costume


Party Food

Sugar Cookies are such an easy thing to bake and when you have the Wilton 101 cookie cutter set you will find there are Halloween shapes in there. Once you make them add any food color icing that suits your theme.

Pastel Halloween Cookies

==> Find the recipe for these Pastel Halloween Cookies here

Check out some scary skull cookies on this Teens Halloween post that you can match the colors to your them too.

So many great ideas to make sugar cookies that will fit in with your pastel colored theme.

Pastel Halloween Cookie Ideas

Halloween Candy Board

Charcuterie boards are very popular at any party these days and they can be made to match any theme, this Halloween candy board is perfect with these pastel colored candies.

Halloween Candy board

==> Find how to make this Halloween Candy Board Here

Halloween Monster Popcorn

This is a perfect party treat, you can change the color to any pastel color you like for your party, kids will be delighted with the look of this yummy but a little ‘spooky’ treat.

Halloween Monster Popcorn

==> Find the recipe for this Halloween Monster Popcorn here

Pink Cotton Candy Apples

Candy Apples are a big part of Halloween, so making these pink ones will be a must, the sweet cotton candy flavor in these won’t be overwhelming and goes really nicely with the tart green apples (Granny Smith)

Cotton Candy Apples

==> Find the recipes for the Pretty Pink Cotton Candy Apples here

Ghouls Night Out Party Ideas

Simple ideas to make a Ghouls night out party pack that will bring in the pastel pink and add a girlie touch to your Halloween party

Ghouls Party Pack

==> Find everything you need to know about making a Ghouls Night Out Party Here

DIY Skull Decor

Need a little inspiration for some decorations? This is a fantastic idea for your pastel theme as the fluro pink will look amazing. So easy to make but such a fun and great idea to frame it and illuminate it perfect to hand out the front for Halloween

Pastel Fluro Skull

==> Find the tutorial for this Pink Halloween DIY Skull Decor here

Halloween Games

This pastel colored Halloween Bingo printable game is fun to play with your party guests or even just with your family at Halloween. Included are 5 Halloween Bingo cards, Instruction sheet and calling card sheet.

Halloween Pastel theme Bingo Game Cards

==> Find these Printable Pastel Halloween Bingo cards here

Halloween I Spy game is another fabulous printable you can get for your pastel themed Halloween Party. These also tie in with the theme and your party guests will have so much fun trying to find the items, there are 3 different levels of game so one for every age group.

Halloween printable I Spy game

==> Find these Halloween I Spy Printable Games Here

This pin the ghost on the haunted house game is a Spooktacular game to play at a Halloween Party and the house is a lovely pastel pink so matches perfectly with our theme.

Pin the Ghost on the Haunted house game

==> Find the tutorial for this game here

Hope you go a lot of inspiration from this post as you don’t have to do the traditional orange and black colors, you can have a really nice less spooky Halloween party with this Pastel theme. We would love to see some photos of your Pastel Halloween Party

Pastel Halloween Party Ideas, a not so Spooky Pastel Halloween Party that's perfect to celebrate this fun holiday with the kids. Make it kid-friendly by using pale pastel colors for decorations, food, sweets and drinks

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