New Years Eve Activities for Teenagers

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Fun Party Ideas for Tweens and Teens

Most teens and tweens are very excited to celebrate New Year’s Eve. But they are too old to hang out with the little kids and too young to go out and celebrate on their own so we have come up with some fun New Year’s Eve party ideas just perfect for this age group.

Set the scene for the party with gold, silver and black decorations.  If you still have your Christmas tree up, take off the red and green decorations and re-decorate the tree with silver and gold.  Keep this theme going with black, silver and gold balloons dotted around the room.

Set up a Photo Booth in one corner of the room

There are very few teenagers who don’t love taking photos so a photo booth will be a hit.  You will need a background which can be something simple like a metallic tinsel curtain.. Add some fun props and the teens will be lining up to take photos with their friends to share on social media.

New Year's Eve Photo Booth for Tweens

Dress Up

You could make the theme of your party ‘Dress Up’ as who doesn’t love to get dressed up? The teens will love to feel grown up and gives them a good excuse to get out that sparkly dress or fancy suit.  Have a range of fancy finger foods on offer and serve them fizzy drinks in plastic champagne flutes.

New Years eve party 3 kids teen dressed up


A great playlist will really get everyone in the party mood. As your teen or tween to prepare a few playlists before the party starts. Add in their favorite top hits and throw in a few of your older but classic songs which will get everyone singing along.


Karaoke is so much fun whatever your age. At some stage during the night, I am sure everyone will grab the mic and sing to their favorite tune, much to the amusement of the teens!

7 Teens singing to Karaoke

Drinks Station

Set up a drinks station for your teen. Have fancy plastic glasses such as wine glasses or champagne flutes.  Provide a selection of soda syrup and seltzer or sprite and allow them to mix their own drinks.  Have some sliced lemon, mint and cherries in small bowls so they can add these to their drinks and some fancy straws.

Gold Glitter Plastic Glass Like Champagne FluteGold Glitter Plastic Glass Like Champagne FluteGold Glitter Plastic Glass Like Champagne FlutePlastic Champagne FlutesPlastic Champagne FlutesPlastic Champagne FlutesGold Rim Plastic Champagne GlassesGold Rim Plastic Champagne GlassesGold Rim Plastic Champagne Glasses



Have a range of games available to play. These printable games are perfect to keep the teens entertained all night

Balloon Drop

Finish the night off with an exciting balloon drop.  You can purchase a balloon drop kit or set one up yourself by filling some netting with inflated balloons. Take the netting to the ceiling and release the balloons on the strike of midnight.

New Year's Eve Kids, Tweens and Teens Pin

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