Candy Games for Parties

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Are you ready to throw the sweetest party ever? Imagine a day where everything is about candy filled with games, laughter, and lots of yummy treats. That’s right! We’re talking about a candy-themed party that’s perfect for anyone who loves sweets and fun.

From chasing candies in a treasure hunt to building sculptures out of marshmallows, we’ve got a bunch of super cool games that will make your party a hit. Whether you’re planning a birthday, a get-together, or just a fun day with friends and family, these games are sure to bring smiles and laughter.

Candy Party Games

The Great Candy Quest

Imagine a treasure hunt but with a delicious twist, it’s all about candy! Hide various candies around your party area and create a map or a list of riddles that lead your guests to them. Each candy or location could have a fun fact about candy or a little challenge they need to complete to “win” that candy. It’s not just about the hunt; it’s about the journey and the sweet, sweet rewards.


SOUR PATCH KIDS Grape Soft & Chewy CandySOUR PATCH KIDS Grape Soft & Chewy CandySOUR PATCH KIDS Grape Soft & Chewy CandyBlack Forest Gummy Bears CandyBlack Forest Gummy Bears CandyBlack Forest Gummy Bears CandyJelly Belly Thirty Assorted Flavor Jelly BeansJelly Belly Thirty Assorted Flavor Jelly BeansJelly Belly Thirty Assorted Flavor Jelly Beans


Candyland Comes to Life

Bring the classic board game to life by creating a giant version of Candyland in your backyard or living room. Use colorful sheets, cardboard, or painted squares to make the path, and have stations that represent different parts of the game, like Gumdrop Mountains or Peppermint Forest. Guests can become the game pieces, moving through the board on a quest to reach King Kandy’s castle, facing fun challenges and collecting candies along the way.

Chocolate Bar Bingo

Bingo, but make it chocolate! Create bingo cards with pictures or names of various chocolate bars instead of numbers. As you call out the chocolates, players can mark their cards with candy corn or M&Ms. The first to get five in a row wins a sweet prize – perhaps a basket filled with all the chocolate bars featured in the game.

HERSHEY'S Milk Chocolate Snack Size, Candy BarsHERSHEY’S Milk Chocolate Snack Size, Candy BarsHERSHEY'S Milk Chocolate Snack Size, Candy BarsSNICKERS, TWIX, MILKY WAY & 3 MUSKETEERS Individually WrappedSNICKERS, TWIX, MILKY WAY & 3 MUSKETEERS Individually WrappedSNICKERS, TWIX, MILKY WAY & 3 MUSKETEERS Individually WrappedREESE'S Milk Chocolate Snack Size Peanut Butter CupsREESE’S Milk Chocolate Snack Size Peanut Butter CupsREESE'S Milk Chocolate Snack Size Peanut Butter Cups


Candy Sculpture Contest

Candy Sculpture

Unleash the inner artist in your guests with a candy sculpture contest. Provide a variety of candies (think marshmallows, licorice strings, gumdrops) and some toothpicks or skewers. Set a timer and challenge your partygoers to create the most impressive sculpture they can think of. Once time’s up, have everyone vote on their favorite creation. The winner gets the honor of being the Candy Sculptor Supreme and, of course, a tasty trophy.

Sweet Memory Challenge

This game tests your guests’ memory skills and their sweet tooth. Lay out a tray with a variety of candies, letting everyone have a good look for a minute. Cover the tray, and then have players write down as many candies as they can remember. The one with the best memory wins a prize.

Candy Toss

Set up jars or bowls at varying distances and have guests try to toss candies into them. Each jar can be worth different points based on difficulty, and everyone gets a set number of tries. It’s like a carnival game in your own backyard! The person with the highest score at the end of the game wins a candy-themed prize.

Guess the Candy

Jar of candies

Fill a jar with a mix of different candies and have guests guess the number of candies in the jar. The closest guess wins the jar! You can also blindfold guests and have them guess the type of candy they’re given by taste or smell. It’s a simple game, but it’s always a hit and stirs up lots of laughs and excitement.

Candy Relay Race

Divide your guests into teams for a relay race with a sweet twist. Set up stations where teams have to complete candy-related tasks, like unwrapping a Hershey’s Kiss with oven mitts on, stacking sugar cubes, or transferring M&Ms from one bowl to another using only a straw. It’s a race against time and a test of candy skills. Perfect for a minute to win it game challenge.

Pinata Time!

Kids playing with a pinata

No candy party is complete without a pinata. Whether you buy one or make your own, filling a pinata with a variety of candies and letting guests take turns trying to break it open is always a highlight. When the candy finally showers down, it’s a free-for-all as everyone scrambles to collect their sweet treasures.

Candy Bar Swap

This is a fun way to end your candy party. Have each guest bring a unique candy bar to the party. At the end, do a “candy bar swap” where everyone gets to choose a different candy bar to take home. It’s a sweet way to say thank you for coming and ensures everyone leaves with a little something different.

Candy Puzzle Race

Who doesn’t love a good puzzle? Especially when it’s made out of candy! Print out large pictures of popular candies and cut them into puzzle pieces. Divide your guests into teams and give each team a candy puzzle to solve. The first team to put their candy picture back together wins. It’s a great way to combine teamwork, strategy, and a love for sweets.

Sweet Spin the Bottle

Give the classic game of spin the bottle a candy makeover. Place different types of candy around the bottle, and whatever candy the bottle points to, the spinner must eat. To add more fun, include some exotic or funny-flavored candies. It’s a great icebreaker and guarantees lots of laughs.

Jelly Bean Guessing Game

Place different flavors of jelly beans into separate jars, making sure to mix some unusual or tricky flavors in with the classics. Have guests guess the flavor of each jelly bean they try. You can make it competitive by awarding points for each correct guess or simply enjoy the surprise and laughter that comes with tasting unexpected flavors.

Jar of jelly beans all different flavors and colors

Candy Crafting

Set up a crafting station where guests can make their own candy jewelry or art. Provide elastic strings for bracelets and necklaces, using gummy candies, jelly beans, and cereal with holes. Or guests can also create candy art by gluing candies onto paper or cardboard or even set up a Gingerbread decorating station.

Lollipop Garden

Plant a “garden” of lollipops by sticking them into a foam block covered in green paper or cloth to look like grass. Have each guest pick a lollipop from the garden. Some lollipops can have marks on the sticks indicating that the person has won a special prize. It’s a simple but fun game that adds a magical touch to your party.

Sweet Taste Test

Blindfolded woman tasting ice cream on a spoon

Blindfold guests and have them taste different kinds of candy, trying to guess what they are. This game is not only fun but also a delicious way to test your taste buds. You could include a mix of chocolate, fruity, and sour candies to make it more challenging and interesting.

Candy Message Relay

Divide guests into teams and give each team a pile of candy with wrappers that have words or letters on them. Then give each team a phrase they must complete. Teams race to arrange their candies to spell out a message or complete a phrase first. It’s a fun way to encourage teamwork.

These candy party games are perfect for making any celebration a hit, filled with fun memories and delicious treats. Remember, the best part about these games isn’t just the candy (even though that’s pretty awesome), but the laughter and fun shared with friends and family.

So, the next time you’re looking to throw an unforgettable bash, pick out some of these sugary games and watch as your party turns into the sweetest event of the year!

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