Candy Cane Themed Party

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Are you looking for a cute Christmas Party theme? What could be sweeter than a Candy Cane Party?  This is a fun party that is easy to organize and perfect for tweens, teens and kids of all ages.


When decorating keep it simple with a red and white color scheme. You could place candy canes in a vase on the table and hang lots of red and white balloons. Or purchase a couple of these giant candy cane balloons to hang over the table. Use a white table cloth with red cups and plates and scatter candy canes around. Or set up a couple of small Christmas trees and hang candy canes from their branches. Be sure to include a candy cane wreath on your front door.

Small Christmas Tree with Candy Canes hanging from the branches

Candy Cane Wire Wreath FrameCandy Cane Wire Wreath FrameCandy Cane Wire Wreath FrameCandy Canes DecorationsCandy Canes DecorationsCandy Canes DecorationsRed White Balloon Garland KitRed White Balloon Garland KitRed White Balloon Garland Kit


If you Child’s Birthday is In December we do recommend having a Birthday Party not related to Christmas, but if your child really wants one Christmas related, then this Candy Cane theme would be a Fabulous idea

Candy Cane Party Games

Here are a few of our favorite Candy Cane games. These will keep your party guests entertained and having fun. Love the idea of having the games themed to the Candy Cane Party Theme

Pass the Gift

Wrap up a gift and have everyone sit in a circle. Print out the ‘pass the parcel‘ game and follow the instructions. Whoever ends up with the gift at the end of the game can unwrap it and take the gift home.

Candy Cane Face

All guests start balancing a candy cane on their forehead. Then they must move the candy cane down into their mouth without using their hands. If the candy cane falls off their face they must start again. It sounds easy but the awkward shape of the candy cane makes this more difficult

Candy Cane Fishing

Holding a candy cane in your mouth, try to pick up as many candy canes as you can, and no hands allowed. Race each other to see who can get the most in the fastest time

Young child with Santa hat on with Candy Cane in his mouth

Candy Cane Wrap

Divide your guests into teams and each team chooses one person to be the ‘candy cane’.  The idea is to wrap the ‘candy cane person’ up with red and white crepe paper. The first team to complete their striped candy cane wins

Find the Candy Cane

This game is fun but can get messy. Break a candy cane into 3 pieces. Put the pieces onto a plate and cover with whipped cream. You must find all three pieces of candy without using your hands. First person to find them wins

Candy Cane Treasure Hunt

Hide candy canes around the house and send the kids off to find them. Or get the kids to solve the clues to find candy canes hidden around the house with this fun printable Candy Cane Treasure Hunt 

Candy Cane Treasure Hunt printable game
4 Kids sitting around a table eating Candy Canes

Candy Cane Party Food

Peppermint Sugar Cookies. 

These look impressive and are easy to make. I like to use the Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie Mix.  Make and bake the cookies following the box instructions. Remove from the oven and allow to cool for about a minute. Then press a Hersheys Peppermint Kisses into the middle of the cookie..

Collage of peppermint Sugar Cookies, red and white display on plates and table

Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie MixBetty Crocker Sugar Cookie MixBetty Crocker Sugar Cookie MixHershey's Peppermint KissesHershey’s Peppermint KissesHershey's Peppermint Kisses


Candy Cane Cupcake

Use your favorite cupcake recipe and top with either whole or crushed candy canes

Candy cane Cupcakes collage 4 different cupcake ideas

These cupcake are festive and very easy to make but look amazing with the striped red and white icing

3 Vanilla Cupcakes with red and white striped icing, red cupcake liners and wooden background with red Christmas decorations

==> Find the recipe for these striped peppermint white chocolate cupcakes here

These super moist candy cane cupcakes made with a chocolate cake recipe and delicious candy cane buttercream are sure to be eaten in no time at all

one chocolate cupcake with candy cane buttercream icing

==> Find the recipe for these Candy Cane Cupcakes here

Candy Cane Bark

Candy Cane or peppermint Bark is a really easy treat to make and you can just snap it in to pieces and then the guests can grab a little piece.

Collage of 4 different Candy Cane Barks to make

Candy Cane Cake Pop

We love cake pops for Parties as they are great for the kids to help with and as they are bite sized the kids love to eat them too, every party we host they go first. These candy cane ones are made the same as other cake pops you just need to use white icing and then roll them in crushed up candy canes. If you can get these cute red and white popsicle sticks then that is awesome to add to the theme

Candy Cane Cake pops on red and white popsicle sticks. They have white icing and crushed up candy canes

Peppermint Donut

Donuts are always a huge hit with kids and parties, so why not try adding crushed candy canes to the top.

Donut on white plate with candy cane crushed up on top and a milk bottle with Milk and red and white straw

Peppermint Fudge

Use your favorite chocolate fudge recipe and crush candy canes on the top, how easy is that and they taste delicious

Collage of two images of Chocolate fudge with crushed candy canes on them

Party Drinks

Serve your drinks with red and white straws and have candy canes available for your guests to pop into their drink to stir

Hot chocolate with candy cane, Glass Jar with 4 Candy Canes in it and a milk bottle with red and white straw
4 Candy Cane Cupcakes on a cake stand with text overlay saying Candy Cane Party Ideas

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