Costumes Starting with Y

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The joy of costume parties! When the invite pops up, with the challenge: “Dress up in something beginning with the letter Y!” Your mind races through the alphabet, pausing at Y, wondering, “What on earth?”

But fear not, my fellow party-goers! I’ve got your back with some seriously fun, slightly quirky, and utterly memorable costume ideas that start with the letter Y.

Fun Costume Ideas Beginning with Letter Y

Yellow Submarine

Dive into the colorful, psychedelic world of The Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine.” Wrap yourself in hues of yellow, throw in some submarine-shaped accessories, and you’re ready to navigate the seas of Pepperland! It’s a perfect blend of music nostalgia and fun.

Yogi Bear

Hey there, Boo-Boo! Why not bring everyone’s favorite picnic-basket-stealing bear to life? A green hat, a tie, and a bear suit are all you need to embody the spirit of Jellystone Park. Don’t forget to perfect your Yogi Bear impersonation; it’s all about the charm!


For the Star Wars enthusiasts or anyone who loves the idea of being a wise, green, and adorably powerful Jedi Master for a day. A Yoda costume might require some effort, especially with the ears, but the result? Absolutely worth it. “Do or do not. There is no try.” Get ready to offer sage advice all night long.


Yoda CostumeYoda CostumeYoda CostumeStar Wars Complete YodaStar Wars Complete YodaStar Wars Complete Yoda


Yukon Cornelius

Ah, a classic character from “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.” With his unmistakable red beard and his quest for silver and gold, Yukon Cornelius is a fun, nostalgic pick. This costume is great for those who love a good throwback to childhood Christmas specials.

Yellow M&M

Simple, sweet, and a crowd-pleaser. Dressing up as a yellow M&M is not only easy but also instantly recognizable. A big yellow circle with an “M” in the middle, and you’re all set. It’s a fun way to bring some sweetness to the party.

Womens Yellow M&M CostumeWomens Yellow M&M CostumeWomens Yellow M&M CostumeM&M's Candy Character Face T-ShirtM&M’s Candy Character Face T-ShirtM&M's Candy Character Face T-Shirt



For those who love a bit of mystery and intrigue, why not go as a Yeti? This mythical snow creature costume can be a cool way to stand out. Plus, it’s a fantastic conversation starter. Just imagine the fun photos!

Yacht Captain

A man dressed as a yacht captain

Ahoy, matey! Channel your inner sea-lover by dressing up as a yacht captain. With a captain’s hat, a white blazer, and maybe even a toy yacht as a prop, you’ll be ready to sail the high seas of the costume party.

Yin and Yang

Grab a partner for this one! Dressing up as Yin and Yang is not only creative but also symbolizes balance and harmony. It’s a great duo costume idea that’s both meaningful and fun.


Be the life of the party as a human Yo-Yo! This costume can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. A round outfit with the Yo-Yo’s string attached can turn into a playful ensemble that’s bound to get some laughs.

Yosemite Sam

For the wild-hearted, why not embody the fiery spirit of Yosemite Sam from the Looney Tunes? With his trademark hat, mustache, and cowboy attire, you’re all set for a rootin’-tootin’ good time!

Yoshi (Super Mario Bros)

Jump into the Mushroom Kingdom as Yoshi, Mario’s trusty dinosaur sidekick! With a green dinosaur costume, a white stomach, and some red shoes, you’ll be ready to gobble up enemies and eggs in no time.

Men's Yoshi Deluxe Adult CostumeMen’s Yoshi Deluxe Adult CostumeMen's Yoshi Deluxe Adult CostumeMen's Mario Riding Yoshi Adult CostumeMen’s Mario Riding Yoshi Adult CostumeMen's Mario Riding Yoshi Adult CostumeYoshi Toddler Costume, SmallYoshi Toddler Costume, SmallYoshi Toddler Costume, Small



Get wild with a yak costume inspired by these majestic creatures of the Himalayas. Wrap yourself in brown fur, add some fluffy horns to your headpiece, and prepare to roam the party like a true mountain dweller.

Yarn Ball

Unleash your creativity with a whimsical yarn ball costume! Dress in all white, attach colorful strands of yarn all over your outfit, and be prepared to unravel a whole lot of fun wherever you go.

The Yellow Wiggle

Lights, camera, action! Transform your little one into the star of The Wiggles show by dressing them up as the Yellow Wiggle. A yellow shirt, black pants, and that signature Wiggle smile will have the little ones singing and dancing to the tunes of this beloved children’s band.

Yoga Master

A woman dressed in yoga attire and holding a yoga mat

Namaste, party-goers! Embrace the zen and channel your inner peace by dressing up as a Yoga Master. Don some comfortable yoga attire, carry a yoga mat under your arm, and don’t forget the tranquil, enlightened expression. You’ll be the go-to for anyone looking for a bit of calm amid the party chaos. Plus, it’s a great excuse to show off your impressive flexibility with some on-the-spot poses!


Calling all Marvel fans! Unleash your villainous side by stepping into the shoes of Yon-Rogg, the formidable Kree commander from Captain Marvel. With a little bit of crafting skill, you can create a costume that’s out of this world. Think space armor, a cool cape, and maybe even some LED lights to mimic Kree technology. It’s a fantastic way to channel your inner superhero (or anti-hero) and stand out in the crowd.

Yellowjacket (Marvel)

Why not dive deeper into the Marvel universe and emerge as Yellowjacket, the iconic antagonist with a suit that’s as cool as it is deadly? Crafting this costume might be a project, but imagine the buzz you’ll create! With some black and yellow fabric and perhaps a bit of creative engineering for the wings, you’ll be ready to shrink to party-size or grow to the life of the party.

These fun letter Y costume ideas that promise to make your next themed party unforgettable. Whether you choose to walk in as a piece of cinematic history, a cartoon character, or even a mythical creature, the key is to have a blast with it. Let your imagination run wild, embrace the fun, and who knows? You might just steal the show

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