Costumes Beginning with B

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Ready for a super fun trip into the costume world? We’re all about the letter B today, and trust me, it’s gonna be awesome!

What is a Letter B Party?

A Letter B party is a special celebration where everyone dresses up as something that starts with the letter B! This type of party is perfect for a Halloween party, birthday party or any celebration.

You can be a superhero like Batman, a robot like Bumblebee, or maybe even a butterfly or Barbie. So, imagine a party filled with lots of people wearing cool costumes that all have something to do with the letter B. It’s a way to have a great time and be creative with your outfit

Costumes starting with letter B


Kicking off our list is the iconic caped crusader himself, Batman. Transform into Gotham’s guardian with a sleek black cape, a bat-emblazoned costume, and the unmistakable mask.

Boy dressed as batman


Shift gears and roll out as Bumblebee from the Transformers franchise. This vibrant yellow and black ensemble is perfect for those who want to embody the spirit of this beloved Autobot. Add some robotic accessories and you’re ready to save the world in style.

Or dress up as a cute fuzzy bumble bee. Throw on some yellow tights and tee shirt and add cute antennae. Draw some black stripes on your shirt and you are good to go!

Buzz Lightyear

For a costume that’s out of this world, consider dressing up as Buzz Lightyear from Disney Pixar’s Toy Story. With a space-age jumpsuit, detachable wings, and a helmet, you’ll be ready to join Woody and the gang on an intergalactic adventure.


Flutter into the party as a beautiful butterfly! Colorful wings, antennae, and a flowy outfit can turn you into a symbol of grace and transformation.

Girl dressed as Butterfly


Embrace the mysterious charm of the night by transforming into a bat! With bat wings and maybe some pointy ears, you’ll be ready to soar into the Halloween festivities.


Hop into the fun with a bunny costume! Whether it’s a classic bunny rabbit or a more playful interpretation, bunny ears and a fluffy tail make for an adorable and comfy outfit.


Rev up the excitement with a biker costume! Leather jackets, boots, and sunglasses will give you that tough and cool biker look for any costume event.


Live the high life as a billionaire! Suit up in fancy clothes, add some bling, and carry a play money stack. You’ll be the talk of the party as the wealthiest person in the room.


Step into the world of glamour and fashion as Barbie! Choose your favorite Barbie style, whether it’s a classic pink princess or a more modern fashionista. Don’t forget the accessories!

Woman dressed as barbie


Embrace the adorable innocence of a baby costume! With a onesie, pacifier, and maybe a cute bonnet, you’ll be the epitome of sweetness at the party.

Basketball Player

Slam dunk your way into the festivities as a basketball player! Sport a jersey, shorts, and high-top sneakers, and don’t forget your basketball to complete the athletic look.


For a sporty and energetic look, dress up as a boxer. Throw on some athletic wear, tie a robe around your waist, and don’t forget the boxing gloves. You’ll be a knockout at the costume party!


Walk down the imaginary aisle as a beautiful bride! A flowing white dress, a veil, and perhaps a bouquet will make you the picture-perfect vision.

Bride holding flowers


Whip up some fun as a baker! Don an apron, chef’s hat, and carry a rolling pin or a tray of pretend cookies. You’ll be ready to serve up some costume creativity.


Keep the mood light and humorous by going as a banana! This simple yet amusing costume requires just a yellow outfit and a bit of creativity. Add a stem-shaped hat, and you’ll be the top banana at the party!

Brain Surgeon

Show off your intellect and precision as a brain surgeon! Dress in scrubs, wear a surgical mask, and carry a toy stethoscope or medical tools to become the brainy star of the event.

Brain Surgeon


Dance into the party with the grace of a ballerina! A tutu, ballet slippers, and a bun will transform you into a prima ballerina, twirling your way through the celebration.

Black Cat

Embrace your feline side with a classic black cat costume. Slip into all-black attire, craft some cat ears, and draw on a whiskered face with eyeliner. It’s a purr-fectly simple yet stylish choice for a ‘B’-themed costume.


Spread your wings and take flight as a beautiful bird! Whether you choose to be a majestic peacock, a colorful parrot, or a wise owl, feathered wings and a matching beak or mask will have you soaring through the party in style.

Girl dressed in bird costume

Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Step into the enchanting world of fairy tales as Belle from Beauty and the Beast! Adorn a golden ball gown, carry a book as a prop, and let your imagination transport you to the magical realms of castles and love stories.

And there you have it, our tour through awesome costume ideas that start with the letter B is all wrapped up! From superheroes to beautiful birds and even beloved characters like Belle, the letter B is like a special key to a world of cool and fun outfits.

So, the next time you’re looking for a costume adventure, just remember that B is your ticket to a world of endless dress-up fun!

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