Dinosaur Party Ideas

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How to Throw the Ultimate Dinosaur Themed Party

If your little one is obsessed with all things dinosaur, then why not throw them a party that’s guaranteed to be a roaring good time? From invitations to games and activities, we’ve got everything you need to make your child’s next birthday party one they’ll never forget. 

Dinosaur Party Ideas and Balloon Garland


Dinosaur Themed Party Ideas for Your Little Paleontologist

From the moment your guests arrive, they should feel like they’ve been transported back in time to when dinosaurs roamed the earth. To set the stage, hang large jungle plants and palm leaves around the door and windows. You can find these at most party stores or even your local grocery store. For an extra touch, add some dinosaurs peeking out from behind the foliage. 


A great way to set the tone for your party is with some fun decorations. You can go all out with a Jurassic Park theme or keep it simple with some streamers and balloons in your child’s favorite colors.

Dinosaur Birthday Party DecorationsDinosaur Birthday Party DecorationsDinosaur Birthday Party DecorationsDinosaur Birthday Party DecorationsDinosaur Birthday Party DecorationsDinosaur Birthday Party DecorationsDinosaur Birthday Party SuppliesDinosaur Birthday Party SuppliesDinosaur Birthday Party Supplies


For a traditional look, opt for a color scheme of green, blue, and brown to really bring the outdoors inside. Balloons are always a hit at parties, so be sure to incorporate these into your décor. Choose foil balloons in various dinosaur shapes as well as solid colored green, blue, and brown balloons. Hang green and brown streamers from the ceiling that your party guests can walk through. Put a “Dinosaur Crossing” sign for the front door or entrance to the party area

Dinosaur Foil BalloonsDinosaur Foil BalloonsDinosaur Foil BalloonsBlue Dinosaur BalloonBlue Dinosaur BalloonBlue Dinosaur BalloonDinosaur BalloonsDinosaur BalloonsDinosaur Balloons


A tablecloth is a must for any birthday party, but it takes on new meaning when it’s part of a dinosaur-themed celebration. Covering the table with a green or brown tablecloth is a great way to start, but you can really make it unique by adding some handmade elements. For example, you could cut out paper dinosaurs or footprints and tape them randomly around the perimeter of the tablecloth.

If you want to take it one step further, consider making a DIY centerpiece using toy dinosaurs. This is an especially good option if you’re working with a small budget because your likely already have many of the materials on hand. Simply arrange some toy dinosaurs on a tray or cake stand and surround them with greenery or rocks. And there you have it, a one-of-a-kind decoration that’s sure to please any dino-loving kiddo! Grab dinosaur plates and napkins to really finish off the theme.

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No party is complete without some delicious snacks! For a dino-themed menu. When it comes time to serve food, get creative with your presentation.

One fun idea is to serve mini hot dogs in “dinosaur bones.” All you need for this simple yet effective idea are pre-made frozen mini hot dogs, toothpicks, and white bunting. Simply pop each hot dog onto a toothpick and then wrap the bunting around the toothpick so that it resembles a miniature dinosaur bone.

Dinosaur Party Food Ideas

For Dinosaur party drinks, you could have punch or soda in a clear dispenser with gummy dinosaurs floating inside. Or, if you’re feeling really creative, you could make green Jello and add some toy dinosaurs inside!

For dessert, you can’t go wrong with cupcakes. Top off plain store-bought cupcakes with green frosting and sprinkle them with chocolate chips or crushed up Oreos to resemble dirt. Then top each one with a small toy dinosaur or footprint candy. If you want something hassle-free, opt for store-bought cookies decorated with green icing.

Another easy option is to make dinosaur shaped cookies or make the shapes out of melted chocolate chips/candy melts and then let them harden on parchment paper.

If your Birthday child is really into Dinosaurs then why not make a birthday breakfast treat: Pancake and banana shaped like a dinosaur, this is sure to start their day off amazing.

Dinosaur Shaped Party Food

Games and Activities

Last but not least, every good Dinosaur party has games and activities to keep guests entertained. Depending on the age of the birthday child and their guests, there are plenty of great games and activities that will keep everyone entertained. For example:

  • Pinatas are always popular, so consider filling yours with dino-themed candy and toys.

Dinosaur PinataDinosaur PinataDinosaur PinataDinosaur Pinata with Pull StringsDinosaur Pinata with Pull StringsDinosaur Pinata with Pull StringsDinosaur PinataDinosaur PinataDinosaur Pinata


  • If you want something more active, try playing “Dino Eggs” – similar to an Easter egg hunt but with plastic eggs filled with candy instead of real eggs .
  • Pin the tail on the brontosaurus game

Pin The Tail On The Dinosaur GamePin The Tail On The Dinosaur GamePin The Tail On The Dinosaur GamePin The Tail on The Dinosaur GamePin The Tail on The Dinosaur GamePin The Tail on The Dinosaur GamePin The Tail on The Dinosaur GamePin The Tail on The Dinosaur GamePin The Tail on The Dinosaur Game


  • A “fossil” scavenger hunt (hide plastic dinosaurs around the party area for the kids to find)
  • For a more low-key activity, set up a craft table where the kids can make their own dino-themed paintings or slime.
  • For a fun activity, you could also set up a “fossil” dig station. Hide small plastic dinosaurs in a sandbox or kiddy pool filled with sand, stones, and shells. Give each child a small shovel and let them have fun.
  • A coloring station set up with dinosaur-themed coloring sheets and crayons
  • A craft station where kids can make their own dinosaur puppets or masks
  • A dinosaur-themed scavenger hunt

Dinosaur Party Printables: If you want to save some time and money, there are plenty of great printables available to help make your Dinosaur party a success.

What is your dinosaur name

No matter what activities you choose, just make sure they’re geared toward your child’s age group so that everyone can participate and have fun

Dinosaur Party Bag Ideas

Some fun ideas for goodie bags at a dinosaur party include:

  • A small dinosaur toy
  • A coloring book and crayons
  • Dinosaur stickers or temporary tattoos
  • Dinosaur pencils
  • Dinosaur keychain
  • Dinosaur eye mask
  • A small bag of chips or popcorn
  • A juice box or water bottle
  • A chocolate bar or other small candy

Dinosaur Party FavorsDinosaur Party FavorsDinosaur Party FavorsKids Dinosaur Party FavorKids Dinosaur Party FavorKids Dinosaur Party FavorDinosaur Party FavorsDinosaur Party FavorsDinosaur Party Favors


For a more unique party favor, you could also send the kids home with their very own mini dinosaur garden. Include a small pot, some soil, and a few plastic dinosaur toys. The kids can then take care of their new pet and watch it grow!

Dinosaur Birthday Cake Ideas

For a birthday cake that’s sure to be a hit with the kids, try one of these fun ideas:

  • A chocolate or vanilla cake decorated with green frosting and plastic dinosaurs
  • A tiered cake with dinosaur cupcakes on each tier
  • A “dirt” cake made with chocolate pudding, Oreo cookies, and gingerbread dinosaurs.
  • A giant cupcake decorated to look like a dinosaur egg
Dinosaur Cake ideas

With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to throwing an unforgettable dinosaur themed birthday party that your little one will be talking about for years to come! With these ideas, games, activities, and more, your little one is sure to have a blast at their dinosaur-themed birthday party. Just remember to have fun with it and get creative after all, that’s what birthdays are all about !

Girl Dinosaur Party Ideas

If your little girl is wild about dinosaurs, then her next birthday party should be all about these prehistoric creatures! Here are some tips on how to make her birthday party absolutely ROAR-tastic!

Girl Dinosaur Party Ideas, young girl with a dinosaur birthday cake


For décor, think BIG, after all, we’re talking about dinosaurs here! Balloons in shades of green and purple can transform your living room into a paleo jungle. You can also drape green streamers from the ceiling to create vines and add some fun dinosaur cut-outs. Don’t forget to set the stage for a roaring good time with a “Happy Birthday” banner featuring everyone’s favorite T. rex!

Girl Dinosaur DecorationsGirl Dinosaur DecorationsGirl Dinosaur DecorationsDinosaur Party DecorationsDinosaur Party DecorationsDinosaur Party DecorationsGirl Dinosaur Party IdeasGirl Dinosaur Party IdeasGirl Dinosaur Party Ideas


Food and Drinks

What’s a birthday party without food and drinks? To stay within your dinosaur theme, you can have green-hued smoothies or juices, as well as “dinosaur eggs” (hard-boiled eggs with green food coloring). For the adults attending the party, you can mix up some “Jurassic Punch”, just add some green Gatorade or Sprite to a pitcher of lemonade.

As for cake, you can go the classic route with a chocolate or vanilla cake and green frosting, or get really creative with a dinosaur-shaped cake! Just use your child’s favorite dinosaur toy as a mold. Or add cute royal icing dinosaurs to the outside of the cake.

Dinosaur Party Cakes for girls

Activities and Games

  • To keep the kiddos entertained, you can organize some fun dino-themed games and activities. A “dino dig” is always a hit, just hide small plastic dinosaurs in a sandbox or in a large bowl of rice dyed with green food coloring.
  • For another active game, try “Dinosaur Tag”, similar to regular tag, but there can only be one person who is “it” at a time (kind of like musical chairs).
  • And of course, no birthday party would be complete without piñata, which you can easily make yourself in the shape of a dinosaur! Just use an empty cardboard box as your base and cover it with papier-mâché. Once it dries, paint it however you like and fill it with candy. Then let the kids take turns whacking it until all the goodies come raining down!

Girls Dinosaur PinataGirls Dinosaur PinataGirls Dinosaur PinataPink Dinosaur PinataPink Dinosaur PinataPink Dinosaur PinataDinosaur Pink PinataDinosaur Pink PinataDinosaur Pink Pinata


With these tips, you’re sure to throw a birthday party that will have everyone roaring with excitement! Your little girl is sure to have a blast, and she’ll be talking about her special day for years to come.

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