Costumes Beginning with Z

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Are you in the midst of planning the coolest costume party for your family or maybe just looking for that perfect, quirky outfit for an upcoming event? Well, if your theme demands everything beginning with the letter “Z,” you’ve zipped right to the perfect spot! I’m here to sprinkle some of my magic and share a bunch of zesty, zany, and absolutely zazzy costume ideas that start with “Z.” So, let’s get started!

Costumes Starting with Letter Z


A boy dressed as a zookeeper

What’s more fun than dressing up as the person who takes care of all those wild animals? Grab a khaki vest, some binoculars, and don’t forget to add a few stuffed animal friends to complete the look.


A boy in a zombie costume

Shambling onto the scene straight from the depths of the undead, the zombie costume is always a classic choice. Get creative with torn clothing, pale makeup, fake blood, and maybe even some dangling limbs. Just be sure to perfect your zombie groan for maximum scare factor!


For those who love to bring a bit of the veggie garden into the party, a zesty zucchini costume could be just the thing. It’s not only unique but could also be a sneaky way to promote those greens! Green outfit, some painted-on stripes, and a stem hat, and you’re ready to go!

Zorro, the Dashing Hero

A boy in a Zorro costume

Unleash your inner swashbuckler with a Zorro costume. All you need is a black cape, a mask, a hat, and, of course, a trusty sword. With your dashing good looks and quick wit, you’ll have everyone swooning in no time.

Zen Master

Embrace tranquility and wisdom with a Zen master costume. Dress in loose-fitting robes, add a flowing beard (fake or real), and carry around a miniature bonsai tree or a meditation bowl. Spread good vibes wherever you go with your serene demeanor.


Ascend Mount Olympus in style with a Zeus costume. Transform into the king of the gods with a flowing white robe, a golden laurel wreath crown, and a lightning bolt prop. Command attention and awe as you unleash your divine presence upon mere mortals.


A boy in a zebra costume

Stripes are in, and what better way to show off your wild side than with a zebra costume? Don a black and white striped outfit, add some fuzzy ears and a tail, and paint your face to match. Get ready to gallop into the party and steal the show!

Zombie Cheerleader

Put a spooky spin on a classic character with a zombie cheerleader costume. Mix up a traditional cheerleading uniform with torn fabric, fake blood stains, and a menacing zombie makeup look. Get ready to lead the undead pep rally and cheer your way to frightful fun at your next Halloween Party.

Ziggy Stardust

Pay homage to the iconic rock star David Bowie with a Ziggy Stardust costume. Rock a flamboyant jumpsuit, platform boots, and don’t forget the signature lightning bolt face paint. You’ll be ready to hit the stage and rock out like a true glam rock legend.

Zoot Suit

Get ready to swing and jive with a zoot suit costume. This snazzy ensemble features oversized, high-waisted trousers, a long coat with padded shoulders, a fedora hat, and some slick shoes. You’ll be the epitome of cool as you strut your stuff on the dance floor.

Zero (from “The Nightmare Before Christmas”)

Embrace the spooky charm of Halloween Town with a Zero costume inspired by Tim Burton’s classic film. Craft a ghostly white dog outfit with a glowing pumpkin nose and floppy ears. Add a fun touch with a wire frame to make Zero’s shape truly come to life. You’ll be hauntingly adorable at any Halloween bash!

Zodiac Sign

Show off your celestial style by dressing as your zodiac sign. Whether you’re a fiery Aries, a dreamy Pisces, or a fierce Leo, embrace the characteristics of your astrological symbol with a costume that reflects its essence. Add starry accessories and celestial motifs to complete the cosmic look.

Zoo Animal

A toddler in a monkey costume

Bring the wild wonders of the animal kingdom to the party with a zoo animal costume. Whether you’re roaring as a lion, swinging as a monkey, or slithering as a snake, there’s a zoo animal costume to suit every creature lover. Get creative with furry fabrics, face paint, and playful accessories to embody your favorite animal.

Zelda (from “The Legend of Zelda”)

Embark on an epic quest as the legendary princess herself with a Zelda costume inspired by the iconic video game series. Dress in a regal gown adorned with jewels and intricate details, and top it off with a golden tiara and a sword and shield prop. With your courage and wisdom, you’ll save the kingdom from darkness and leave a trail of heroism in your wake.

Zombie Hunter

Gear up for the zombie apocalypse with a zombie hunter costume. Dress in rugged attire, complete with cargo pants, combat boots, and a tactical vest loaded with zombie-slaying gear. Arm yourself with a trusty foam sword or even a crossbow prop.

In the end, there are loads of cool costume ideas that start with the letter Z. Whether you like spooky stuff like “The Nightmare Before Christmas” or you’re into astrology with zodiac signs, there’s something for everyone. You can be a wild animal from the zoo or a tough zombie hunter. No matter what you choose, the key is to have fun and show off your style. So don’t be shy, pick your favorite costume, get dressed up, and let the good times roll!

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