The Best Color Green Themed Party Ideas

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Are you planning a party and looking for a fun, unique theme? Why not go green? A green color themed party is perfect for any occasion – from birthdays to baby showers, and everything in between.

Green is a versatile and refreshing color that symbolizes growth, tranquility, and life. Planning a green-themed party doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Here are some ideas to help you go green and throw an unforgettable party!

Woman with bunch of green balloons

Why Choose a Color Theme for a Party?

A color theme is a great easy way to create a cohesive party atmosphere. It ties the food, decorations, favors and even the attire together. Plus, it makes it easy to come up with ideas for your event. With green as your chosen color theme, you can easily find decorations in different shades of green that reflect your vision and style.

Green isn’t just a color, it’s also a representation of nature, growth, and renewal. Think of a fresh spring meadow, or the leaves on a tree as they unfurl in the sun. Green is a calming hue, helping us connect with the world around us and inspiring us to be our best selves. It’s no wonder that green is often associated with luck – it’s like having a bit of nature’s magic on your side! These reasons make it a perfect choice for your party.

Green Themed Party Ideas

A green color themed party is perfect for almost any occasion. If you are throwing a children’s dinosaur party then a green theme works welI, or it is also perfect for a St Patrick’s Day Party.

The color green is very on trend right now, so you can easily find decorations and supplies for your green themed party. If you are looking for some ideas when hosting a green-themed party, there are lots of ideas out there. Here are some of the most popular:

Green Party Decorations

Start by creating an instagram worthy backdrop for your party. Cover the walls with green streamers, balloon garlands, and banners. Use green tablecloths, napkins, and plates to add more greenery to your party. A few potted plants can add a touch of nature to the occasion and an easy way to enhance the green theme


Start the party off right by sending out green-themed invitations. You can use green cardstock or paper to create your invitations, or you can find pre-made invitations with green designs.

Dress Code

You could encourage guests to dress up in green attire. It can be as simple as wearing a green shirt, shoes, or accessories. You can even turn it into a friendly competition, awarding the best dressed in green with a prize.

Food and Drinks

When it comes to food and drinks, the possibilities are endless. You can serve green-colored cocktails or mocktails, like a cucumber or mint mojito. For snacks, consider serving green veggies like snap peas, celery, or green peppers with a spinach or avocado dip.

Avocado Dip

Also things like green salads and green smoothies are quick and easy options. You can also add some green desserts, like lime sorbet, green apple pie, or mint chocolate chip cookies. Or just take your regular desserts and add green food coloring.

Green Smoothie

Games and Activities

Keep your guests entertained with some green-themed activities. You can set up a green-themed photo booth with green props, or organize a scavenger hunt with green clues. You can also have a crafting station where guests can make green-themed crafts, like succulent terrariums or leaf prints.

There are also some fun green themed printable party games. This All Things Green trivia game will keep everyone guessing.

All Things Green Printable Trivia Game

Or how about setting up a craft station and making this Aloe Vera lip scrub which would also double as a take home party favor.

Party Favors

Send your guests home with some green-themed party favors. You can give out small potted succulent plants, packets of herb seeds, or green candles. You can also make green-themed gift bags with green candy, green nail polish, or green jewelry.

Potted Succulent

Eco-Friendly Party

The color green is also associated with sustainability and eco-friendliness. Throwing a green-themed party is an excellent way to show your guests that being eco-conscious is achievable without sacrificing style and enjoyment.

It is also an excellent opportunity to educate your guests about environmental issues and raise awareness of the importance of living green. Here, we will share several ideas on how to make your party as environmentally friendly as possible.

Eco Friendly Party Supplies

Use Reusable Dishes and Utensils

One of the easiest ways to throw an eco-friendly party is to use reusable dishes and utensils instead of single-use plastic or paper ones. You can rent or borrow dishes and flatware from a friend, or you can use your own. This way, you can avoid the excessive waste that comes with disposable items.

Or if you are going to use disposable plates and cutlery then choose sustainable ones that are made with recycled materials. Don’t forget to set out compostable trash bags and designate receptacles for recycling too.

Decorate with Natural Materials

When it comes to decorating for a green-themed party, it’s best to go with natural materials like plants, flowers, and wooden accents. Instead of using disposable decorations that will end up in the trash, opt for eco-friendly options.

Use recycled paper or fabric streamers and banners in shades of green and skip the balloons and streamers, which can be tough to recycle. Create a centerpiece using potted plants and flowers or a bowl of green fruit which can be reused or planted in your garden after the party.

Use Eco-Friendly Lighting

Replace traditional lighting with eco-friendly lighting options that won’t harm the environment, such as solar-powered string lights. They provide a warm and cozy ambiance while consuming a minimal amount of electricity, reducing your carbon footprint.

Plan Zero-Waste Activities

When planning activities or games for your eco-friendly party, try and go for zero-waste options. Opt for activities that are not only fun but also sustainable, such as planting a succulent , making a birdhouse, or creating flower arrangements.

Party Favors

Instead of plastic party favors that will end up in the landfill, consider small eco-friendly options like seed packets, reusable water bottles, or tote bags made from recycled materials

So, whether it’s an engagement party, birthday party or any celebratory occasion, it’s time to embrace the power of green! Using a bit of imagination, you can easily incorporate green into your party decor, menu, dress code, games, and party favors. So, why not go green for your next party and make it a truly memorable experience?

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