Costumes That Start With E

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Are you ready to spice up your next costume party with a unique and creative outfit? Look no further! In this blog post, we’ll explore the world of costumes that start with the letter “E.” From famous characters to historical figures, animals to objects, the letter “E” offers a plethora of exciting options for your next dress-up event.

Also with the excitement of Halloween just around the corner, and it is time to start thinking about the perfect costume. There are many options when it comes to choosing a costume for Halloween, but why not choose a costume that starts with the letter E? So, let’s dive in and explore some fantastic costume ideas that start with “E.”

Elvis fancy dress


Eye-catching Costumes That Start with E

Egyptian Queen/King:

Get ready to transport yourself to the land of pharaohs and pyramids with an Egyptian costume. For women, an elegant and chic Cleopatra costume with a white gown, gold jewelry and a headpiece is perfect for a royal look. For men, an Egyptian pharaoh outfit with a black tunic, gold adornments, and a headdress will make you stand out. Top off your ensemble with a bold smoky eye and dark lipstick for an extra touch of drama.


Get into the holiday spirit with an elf costume! Dress in a green tunic, wear striped leggings, and put on pointed elf shoes. Add a red or green hat with a bell, and don’t forget to paint your cheeks rosy for a cute and festive look. You can even carry a sack of presents or a candy cane to complete the ensemble.

Elf Costumes


Emojis have become an integral part of modern communication, and dressing up as your favorite emoji can be a fun and trendy costume idea. Choose from a variety of emojis, such as the smiling face with heart eyes, the laughing face with tears of joy, or the winking face with a tongue sticking out. Create a costume with matching clothing and accessories, or make a DIY emoji mask for a unique and expressive look.

Smiley Heart Emoji CostumeSmiley Heart Emoji CostumeSmiley Heart Emoji CostumePoop Emoji HatPoop Emoji HatPoop Emoji HatSunglasses Emoji Mask for KidsSunglasses Emoji Mask for KidsSunglasses Emoji Mask for Kids



Transform yourself into an Eskimo by using fur or faux fur (preferred) for a warm and comfortable costume. You can purchase an Eskimo costume or make one from scratch. A coat and hood over leggings and boots and furry mittens are all you need to complete the look. To enhance the authenticity, paint a little detail on your cheeks to mimic a blush due to cold weather.


Getting people to laugh with your costume is an attention-grabber. Dressing up as something as simple as a sunny-side-up egg can be funny, relatable, and different. A yellow shirt with a white circle on your belly and a yellow beanie or hat will make you look like a breakfast platter. Pair up with bacon, toast, or other breakfast foods for a fun group costume.

Sunny-Side Egg CostumeSunny-Side Egg CostumeSunny-Side Egg CostumeEggs adult sized costumesEggs adult sized costumesEggs adult sized costumes


Easter Bunny:

Perfect for springtime or Easter-themed events, an Easter Bunny costume is a cute and playful choice. Wear a fluffy white rabbit costume with a pink or blue belly, add floppy ears, and carry a basket filled with colorful eggs or carrots. Don’t forget to hop around and spread some Easter cheer!


One of the most majestic animals on Earth, the elephant makes for an adorable and eye-catching costume. You can dress up as a cute baby elephant or go for a more realistic adult elephant look. Add a trunk, large ears, and a tail to complete the ensemble. Bonus points if you can do the elephant walk!

Baby in Elephant costume

Elvis Presley:

Pay homage to the King of Rock and Roll with an Elvis Presley costume. Put on a jumpsuit, style your hair in Elvis’s iconic pompadour, and add some oversized sunglasses. Don’t forget to practice your hip swivels and lip curl for the full Elvis experience!

Deluxe Aloha Elvis Adult Sized CostumesDeluxe Aloha Elvis Adult Sized CostumesDeluxe Aloha Elvis Adult Sized CostumesCostumes Vegas Rock Star JumpsuitCostumes Vegas Rock Star JumpsuitCostumes Vegas Rock Star Jumpsuit


Elsa from Frozen:

If you’re a fan of the popular Disney movie Frozen, why not dress up as Elsa, the Snow Queen? Wear a long, icy-blue gown with sparkles, style your hair in Elsa’s iconic braid, and add a tiara for a touch of royalty. Don’t forget to channel your inner Elsa and sing “Let It Go” at the party!

Elsa Dress Costume Luxury SequinElsa Dress Costume Luxury SequinElsa Dress Costume Luxury SequinGirls Frozen Elsa Princess Dress CostumeGirls Frozen Elsa Princess Dress CostumeGirls Frozen Elsa Princess Dress CostumeElsa Dress Up Costume for GirlsElsa Dress Up Costume for GirlsElsa Dress Up Costume for Girls


Ellie from Up:

If you’re a Disney Pixar fan, consider dressing up as Ellie from the beloved movie Up. Wear a light blue dress with a white collar, and tie a bow around your waist. Style your hair in a high bun with a yellow ribbon, and add some glasses and a walking stick as props. Don’t forget to bring along a grape soda pin to pay homage to Ellie’s love story with Carl!

Edward Scissorhands:

For a darker and more gothic look, consider dressing up as Edward Scissorhands, the iconic character from Tim Burton’s movie. Wear all black clothing, add some belts and buckles for a rugged look, and attach fake scissors to your fingers using gloves. Apply pale makeup and tousle your hair to complete Edward Scissorhands’ unique appearance.


Pay tribute to one of the most brilliant minds in history with an Albert Einstein costume. Wear a rumpled suit with a bow tie, add a wild white wig or style your own hair to look messy, and carry a chalkboard or a book to represent Einstein’s love for learning and science. Don’t forget to draw some mathematical equations or scientific formulas on your prop for an authentic touch.

Evil Queen:

If you’re a fan of fairytaes and fantasy, consider becoming the Evil Queen from Snow White. Dress in a long black gown with a sweeping cape, wear a crown or tiara, and carry a crystal ball to represent your powers of divination. Add some dramatic makeup with dark smoky eyes and red lips for an even more menacing look.


Looking for a quirky and unexpected costume idea? Dress up as everyone’s favorite Latin American snack, the empanada! Create a tunic or a cardboard cutout in the shape of an empanada, with different colored fabric or paper to represent the filling. Add some felt or foam for the crust edges, and wear it over your regular clothing. Carry around a sign that says “Empanada” for a hilarious and unique costume that’s sure to get some laughs.

FurryMascot Empanada Waver Mascot CostumeFurryMascot Empanada Waver Mascot CostumeFurryMascot Empanada Waver Mascot Costume


Eleven from Stranger Things:

If you’re a fan of the popular TV show Stranger Things, dressing up as Eleven, the telekinetic girl with superpowers, can be a fantastic choice. Wear a pink collared dress with a blue jacket, and style your hair in Eleven’s signature buzzcut. Add a box of Eggo waffles as a prop, and you’re ready to join the Upside Down adventures!


Take a more abstract approach and dress up as planet Earth! Wear a blue or green dress or bodysuit to represent the Earth’s surface, and paint continents or oceans on it using fabric paint. Add some cloud-like accessories, and carry around a globe or a sign that says “Save the Earth” to raise awareness about environmental issues.

Evil Dead:

For horror movie fans, channel your inner Ash Williams from the cult classic film Evil Dead. Wear a red flannel shirt, blue jeans, and combat boots, and carry around a chainsaw prop for an epic and gory costume. Add some fake blood and scratches for an extra spooky touch.

Ewok from Star Wars:

If you’re a Star Wars enthusiast, dressing up as an Ewok, the cute and furry creatures from the forest moon of Endor, can be an adorable and recognizable choice. Wear a brown hooded cloak, and create furry ears using fabric or faux fur. Add some brown leggings and boots, and carry a spear or a bow and arrow as a prop.

Costumes that start with “E” offer a wide range of fun, creative, and unique options for your next costume party or event. elegance of an Egyptian queen or king, the playfulness of an elf, or the humor of dressing up as an egg, these costumes provide a range of choices for you to express your personality and creativity. So, get your creative juices flowing, put on your costume-making hat, and have a blast embodying your chosen “E” costume at your next dress-up affair!

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