Rainbow Party Ideas

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Rainbow Party Ideas that you will just love. Needing some fun and colorful ideas for a rainbow party we have loads of ideas here for you from decorations, cakes, treats and sweets.

Invitations, DIY favor bags, healthy rainbow snacks to sugary rainbow colored cakes. Pinatas, Balloon Garlands and more to make the best looking Rainbow party

Rainbow Cake

We really need to set the theme for the rainbow party with a gorgeous layered Rainbow cake. Making a layered cake is a little tricky and you will need some patience, but once you have made it and it looks awesome then you will be so proud of yourself – or you could buy one from your local cake shop.

Rainbow Layer Cake

Rainbow Cheesecake

This stunning multi colored cheesecake sure does catch the eye and with a simple yet delicious recipe this sure will be a winner with the kids as well as the adults. With very distinct colored layers it sure does look like a rainbow.

Stunning Rainbow Cheesecake

==>Find the full recipe to make this Rainbow Cheesecake

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Rainbow Popsicles

Summer party then these are a cool treat for your rainbow party, they are made from fresh fruit so that makes them very healthy and kids will love them.

Rainbow Popsicles
Rainbow Party Theme Decorating Ideas

Rainbow Cupcakes

If you want a super simple and really cute cupcake for the kids birthday party then these will tick all the boxes.

Rainbow Cupcakes

==>Find the full recipe to make these Rainbow Cupcakes

You might also like these easy Rainbow Cupcakes that once you decorate will look like a rainbow in the sky.

Easy Rainbow Cupcakes

==>Find the full recipe to make these Easy Rainbow Cakes

Skittles White Chocolate Fudge

Only 4 ingredients are need for this yummy, scrumptious rainbow fudge

Skittles Rainbow White Chocolate Fudge

==>Find the full recipe to make these Rainbow White Chocolate Fudge


Homemade Rainbow Donuts

These rainbow donuts look so delicious and I think my kids would be the first to put up their hands if I asked if they wanted then at there next party.

Rainbow Donuts

==>Find the full recipe to make these Rainbow Donuts here

Rainbow Plastic TableclothRainbow Plastic TableclothRainbow Plastic TableclothRainbow Cake TopperRainbow Cake TopperRainbow Cake TopperRainbow Felt BannerRainbow Felt BannerRainbow Felt Banner


Rainbow Pancakes

Who doesn’t like a pancake? Now checkout these gorgeous colorful rainbow pancakes how wonderful do they look. I am pretty confident they will be a hit at any kids party

Rainbow Pancakes

==>Find the full recipe to make these Rainbow Pancakes

Rainbow Backdrop

Making your own decorations and backdrop can be quite a mission and time consuming especially if you are not that way inclined, but if you don’t mind a challenge this fabulous Rainbow backdrop might be a project for you.

Rainbow Backdrop

==>Find the full tutorial to make this Rainbow Backdrop

Some other rainbow party supplies and treats include:

Rainbow Chip Blondies

Yummy these sure do get my mouth watering, with these incredible genius colored chocolate chips, then mixed into a blondie and there you have this gorgeous yummy delicious rainbow chip blondies.

Rainbow Chip Blondies

==>Find the full tutorial to make these Rainbow Chip Blondies

DIY Rainbow Favor Bags

All parties are popular for giving a favor bag out to your guests when they leave. Why not make your own rainbow bags as anything homemade is loved so much more.

Rainbow Favor Bag

==>Find the full tutorial to make these Rainbow Favor Bags

Rainbow Birthday Party SuppliesRainbow Birthday Party SuppliesRainbow Birthday Party SuppliesRainbow Stripes Paper Party PlatesRainbow Stripes Paper Party PlatesRainbow Stripes Paper Party PlatesRainbow Party Treat Favor BagsRainbow Party Treat Favor BagsRainbow Party Treat Favor Bags


Mini Fruity Pizzas

We all need something healthy at a party, and these look so yummy and colorful i bet they will go in an minute.

Mini Fruity Pizzas

==>Find the full recipe to make these Mini Fruit Pizzas

Instant Pot Rainbow Bundt Cake

With Instant Pots so popular at the moment and with everyone wanting to save time then this would be the perfect idea for a cake at any party. It only takes 10 mins and is fluffy and colorful.

Rainbow Instant Pot Cake

==>Find the full recipe to make these Instant Pot Rainbow Cakes

Rainbow Sprinkle Cookies

I am all for homemade and I love that the kids can help with these. If your kids are anything like mine they seem to just come in time to lick the bowl.

Easy cookie recipe that is made from cake batter just add some extra ingredients like rainbow sprinkles or you could use M & M’s which I love.

Rainbow Sprinkle Cookies

==>Find the full recipe to make these Rainbow Sprinkle Cookies

Rainbow Rice Krispie Treats

You will have many helpers to make these rainbow treats and they guests at the party will be draw to them as they are so cute and colorful, easy to make and look yummy.

Rainbow Rice Krispies

==>Find the full recipe to make these Rainbow Rice Krispie Treats

Funfetti Waffle Cake – Gluten Free

Oh my this looks so divine and guess what you don’t need to just keep this recipe for your rainbow party you could have this on a lazy sunday morning. These are gluten free which is a perfect idea to have at a party as there could be a child that has some allergies.

Funfetti Waffle cake

==>Find the full recipe to make these Gluten Free Funfetti Waffle Cakes

Roll a Rainbow Game

This fun kids activity is perfect for a Rainbow party or St. Patrick’s Day or any day when you want to add some rainbow fun! All you need is this fun printable, candy, and a dice. Kids will love rolling the colors of the rainbow and watching them magically appear on the paper.

Roll a Rainbow Game

==> Download the Roll a Rainbow Game Here

Hope you have found some colorful ideas here, remember it can have your own spin on things so if you want to go for the pastel rainbow colors that is totally up to you or if you love the bright rainbow colors then go for it. Your party, your rules!

Rainbow Birthday Party Ideas
Rainbow Party Ideas

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