How To Throw A Fun Allergy-Free Party

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Tip for throwing an awesome allergy friendly kids party

Throwing a kids party can be hard work and now with so many having intolerance to foods and drinks also food allergies you have to be very careful and it is so common these days.

So how do you throw and allergy friendly party?

Kids Birthday Party Lady carrying the cake out to party table

If your child does not have any allergies then you are lucky, but also you probably don’t really think about the day to day effort it takes.

If you are going to host a kids party and some of the parents have advised you their child is allergic to certain foods and drink then you really are going to have to make the effort to plan the food.

That way all the kids can have a wonderful time without any of them having a reaction to the foods you put out.


Fresh is Best

The most common food allergies are to: milk, peanuts, eggs, fish, wheat, sesame, shellfish, soy and some tree nuts (like almonds, cashews and walnuts)
Hopefully the parents will advised you in advance so you will know, and then you can plan the menu without the kids feeling different or left out.

Girl and boy in white eating apples

Fruit in most circumstances is the best to include at a party as it is fresh, you know exactly what is in it.

So fruit kebabs are a party winner for most kids, you just need a variety of fruits and a skewer stick then add layers of different fruits. (hopefully the parents will have already advised you if their child is allergic to strawberries or citrus fruits)

Maybe try a fruit salad; either put all different fruits in a bowl and mix or layer them out on a platter and watch the rainbow of color appear.

Platter of fruit on skewers

This will be very appealing to kids and watch it disappear before your eyes.
Fruits like watermelon and rock-melon can be cut into perfect slices with the skin left on and kids will devour them so quickly just you watch.

Gluten Free Party Snacks

Having a list of gluten free Party snacks will be your best friend for your child’s allergy friendly party, so why not start with some chewy gluten free chocolate cookies or some gluten free powered sugar doughnuts. Flour-less cake or flour-less cookies are also so yummy.

I remember making flour-less almond cake for my kids party years ago and it was so delicious. 

If you want more savory try some buffalo wings you can make them less spicy, or some dip with carrots and celery are always a hit.

You will be surprised at how many kids love carrots when they are cut up in long strands and celery is cut up in small chunks.

Popcorn is an all time favorite at any party and I don’t think you can go wrong with popcorn, (corn is a whole-grain food, and all types of corn are gluten free) I do feel the plain old butter & salt popcorn is best, not the colored popcorn as it is not so healthy.

Some more tips for having an allergy friendly kids party are to be very careful with mixing any foods that some kids may have allergies too. make sure you get all the parents to advise you as early as possible so you can prepare everything.

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Tip for throwing an awesome allergy friendly kids party

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