Balloon Garlands Questions and Answers

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Balloon Garlands are a great decoration for any party and until a few years ago they were not really a thing. Plus I think when I saw them i thought oh my goodness they look really hard to make and would probably cost a fortune to buy one. They have become very popular over the last few years and rightly so as they look amazing.

pretty pink and orange Balloon Garland with flowers

They really do jazz up a parties decor, there are so many different designs you can make with a balloon garland from arches, to pillars, to balloon garlands with flowers, you can have them hanging from the ceiling from the wall. You can even make them with hula hoops. Honestly once you start looking at different designs it will be hard to decide which one you want.

I just love them and they really are easy to make yourself and I tell you in a previous post that I have made them and sold them before even my daughter helped me make them.

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I just wanted to write this post to answer a few questions that I get asked a lot, I hope they help. I will have other post that will show you how to make them and how amazing they look but this is really just answering some questions. I hope it is helpful

How long do Balloon Garlands last?

You might be surprised to hear that some Balloon Garlands can last 3 weeks or even more, the reason for this is because you don’t over inflate them most of the balloons are only blown up to small sizes, yes size does vary and you do have a few that are big but the majority are not so they seem to last a lot longer. I would not suggest you make them 3 weeks in advance I would only make them a day or 2 before as yo want them to look there best for the big day…. once they start to deflate they don’t look great.

How many balloons for a Balloon Garland

This is a question like ‘how long is a piece of string?’ as the amount of Balloons you use depends on how big you want you balloon garland, is it an arch is it to cover a wall or certain area is it just a little one that goes above the grazing table. I just buy a few bags of different colored balloons, sometimes you will see them on sale or buy them from the dollar store, the cheap ones work just as well as the expensive ones so save you dollars.

How to make a Balloon Garland Arch

I have heard of people suggesting using helium for these balloon arches as they seem to stand better and the arch is perfect BUT Helium is expensive and we don’t want to spend our money on helium so I suggest you use a PVC pipe, stand which could be old umbrella stands, buckets with sand in or plaster of paris. You are best to add the balloons to the pipe as you go and get the look right then once you have it perfect then put the ends in the umbrella stands. I will give you step by step instructions on Balloon Garlands in another post.


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What you need to make a Balloon Garland

Ok so there are so many varying opinions on what you need to make a balloon garland and I can just tell you how I make them and then I suggest you give it a go and see if you can do it my way, This is not the only way buy we have found it to be pretty easy. I use fishing line to connect all the balloons together and you will be surprised that it does not pop them a that was my biggest fear at the beginning and I was being so delicate and gentle but I was surprised. the best way is to tie 2 balloons together then twist it around the fishing line and push it down then repeat. I will have an up coming post with a tutorial on how to do this so don’t worry.

  • Couple Bags of different colored balloons (try to stick as close to your theme colors as possible – metallic balloons look amazing thrown in as well
  • Fishing line or twine
  • Balloon Pump or air compressor -{as I don’t suggest you try to blow them all up yourself, we did once and i nearly passed out lol} You can buy specific electric balloon pumps which start around $17 give or take.
  • Double sided tape – To mount the Balloon Garland on a wall or sticky dots

see that list does not look intimidating does it and honestly it is really simple.

Balloon Garland Kits, worth the money?

I have seen quite a few Balloon Garland Kits available online, do I think the are worth the money most start around $75 for 2 meters.

No I don’t think so, you could buy a Balloon Garland already made, approx 1-1.5 meters for that price. I have priced them myself and if you can get a few bags of balloons for $2-$3 each which have 20 balloons in, or a 100 pack for under $10. Then fishing line which is around $7 for 500m or so, which then you can use it for so many balloon garlands. The pump or air compressor yes you have to buy if you do not have one but once you have it then no more spending money. So I would say if you are going to make your own balloon garland then I would not buy a kit.

I will be writing more posts on Balloon Garlands and giving you some tutorials as to me they are such a gorgeous way to express yourself and they really do look amazing when they are up and the party. I will also show you how to attach a balloon garland to a wall and so many other practical ideas so stay tuned.

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Pretty Balloon Garland with different size balloons and colors and some flowers
Balloon Garlands Questions and Answers you might have

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