Tweens and Teens Party Ideas

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It can be hard planning a party for your tween or teen. They have outgrown the fairy and super hero themes but still want a fun and special party with their friends.

For this age group it is best to find games and activities which are quick to play and involve a competition of some sort.

Teenage Birthday Ideas, girl and 2 boys celebrating a teen birthday

Teen Treasure Hunt Party Games

They are never too old for a treasure hunt and this can be played either individually or in teams. The clues in these Teen Treasure Hunts are made up of fun riddles for teens to solve to find their next clue which make the game more challenging. The clues are a little tricky so your teens will need to really think to solve them.

Teen Treasure Hunt and Tween Treasure Hunt Clues and Riddles

Tween – Teen Photo Scavenger Hunt

How about a twist on the standard scavenger hunt with a photo or selfie scavenger hunt. Most teens love to pose for photos and always have their phone handy to snap a quick shot. First one to complete their sheet of selfies or photos wins the game.

Trending Teen Parties

Tik Tok Parties

Tik Tok Parties are great for tweens and teens with Tiktok being so popular. Your tween and or teen will most definitely want to have this hugely trending party. So many decorations you can buy to make this party on point, you can even get Tik Tok t-shirts. You will want to make a few Tik Toks that you can post online at this party.


Emoji Party

Emoji’s are used everyday by millions of people and I think the tweens and teens are the ones that use them more than anyone. What a really great idea to have an emoji party. You can dress up as your favorite emoji or wear T-shirts with an emoji on it.

81 Piece Emoji Birthday Party Supplies81 Piece Emoji Birthday Party Supplies81 Piece Emoji Birthday Party SuppliesEmoji Balloons Birthday Party - Set of 16Emoji Balloons Birthday Party – Set of 16Emoji Balloons Birthday Party - Set of 16Tween - Teen Emoji Birthday BannerTween – Teen Emoji Birthday BannerTween - Teen Emoji Birthday Banner


==> Teen Boy Printable Party Games

==> Teen Girl Printable Party Games

Outdoor Backyard Night Party

Or throw a night party as there is something exciting about your party in the dark. Get your teen to make a music playlist and set up a small speaker outside. Decorate your yard and have plenty of glowsticks on hand. You could set up a drinks station with different flavors of soda, little umbrellas and fancy glasses. Be sure to have plenty of snack food on hand.

Glow Sticks Party SuppliesGlow Sticks Party SuppliesGlow Sticks Party SuppliesParty Drink Little UmbrellasParty Drink Little UmbrellasParty Drink Little UmbrellasCurtain Lights for Party BackdropCurtain Lights for Party BackdropCurtain Lights for Party Backdrop


Outdoor Backyard party for teens

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Teens Who Love Glitter and Sparkles

For teens who love glitter and sparkles, try the popular pink and gold theme. Tie this theme together by using lots of glitter in your decorations. From the invitations to the cake make sure everything is sprinkled in glitter. This color theme also works well with a Spa Party. They can have fun painting nails, putting on facemasks, spin the nail polish game.

Color Powder Fight Party

Looking for something a bit different? A Color Fight Party would be perfect. This can be messy so much fun. For this colorful party be sure to add as much color to your decorations, invitations and cake as you can. This party theme is perfect for both boys and girls. While the colored powder is usually washable, ask you guest to come in old clothes and a white tee shirt.

Provide plastic glasses to help keep the colored powder from their eyes and let them go wild throwing color at each other.

Color Powder Fight Party

Easy Party Themes

Looking for an easy party theme? You can’t go wrong with a Candy Themed party. Decorating is easy as you can choose either a bright or pastel color scheme. Or personalize this by decorating in the colors of your teens favorite candy. Choose games to play which relate to candy such as Candy Dice Game or use Candy as prizes for games.

Sleepover Party

An all time favorite is the Slumber or Sleepover Party. There are lots of games and activities for a Slumber Party. These printable games will keep them busy. There could also be a mini pampering station with manicures, facemasks, hairstyling. Spin the Nail Polish Game. Or how about a movie night? Put on your teens favorite movie, have some blankets and pillows handy and don’t forget the popcorn. Pizza is an obvious choice for dinner but you could get the kids involved in making their own pizzas. Or set up an ice-cream station with plenty of toppings and they can make their own yummy creations. Another option is a chocolate fountain with cut up fruit and marshmallows.

Don’t forget the pancakes in the morning for breakfast.

Teen sleepover spa party

Summer Parties for Tweens

If you are lucky enough to be able to have a birthday party in Summer then a pool party or water party can be so much fun. Parties that involve keeping cool are so much fun and teens and tweens love them.

Summer Parties for tweens

Summer pool parties for tweens and teens are all about fun in the sun with friends. But what kind of games can you play to keep everyone entertained? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Water Balloon Toss: This classic game is always a hit, no matter what age group you’re playing with. All you need is a bunch of water balloons and some willing participants.

Musical Floats: This is a great game for getting everyone in the pool. You’ll need a few inflatable rafts or floats, and some music. Put the floats in the middle of the pool and start the music. When the music stops, everyone has to jump on a float. The last person without a float is out.

Marco Polo: This is a classic pool game that’s perfect for a party. One person is “it” and closes their eyes while everyone else swims around the pool. The goal is to try to tag other players without being caught by the person who is “it.”

Beat That! - Summer party gamesBeat That! – Summer party gamesBeat That! - Summer party gamesSummer Fruits Inflatable Swim TubeSummer Fruits Inflatable Swim TubeSummer Fruits Inflatable Swim Tube


? please be responsible around water, adult supervision is recommended

If you are planning a tween/teen birthday party then you might want to check out these gift ideas.

Teen Party Ideas, having a teenage birthday party then these ideas will definitely inspire you.
Tween Party Ideas

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