Fun Slumber Party Ideas

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Do you remember when you were young and you got invited to a friends slumber party? Remember you would organize the perfect slumber party during the week with everyone having a say on what to do like stay up all night, paint nails eat lollies and watch a movie.

Two Girls Jumping in delight at a slumber party

Oh I loved those days you would all get mattresses on the floor in the lounge and giggle all night. Sneaking lollies in to bed and flashing the torch on the wall and making puppet shapes and laughing so hard it hurt. Oh to be young again.

So now your daughter is planning a fun slumber party and you want it to be just perfect.

I think slumber parties have changed a lot over the last 10-15 years as now there is more pressure on the party girl to impress her friends with gorgeous TeePees and plush blankets and pillows or spa treatments like no other. Yes times have sure changed. But don’t worry we can recreate these gorgeous slumber parties easily and the kids will have so much fun.

Food for the slumber party is important as you don’t want them eating sugary foods all night, as they will be awake and bouncing off the walls. So make sure you have some healthy options, trust me you want them to sleep at some stage.


Here is a list of fun things to do at a slumber party:

    • Make Cookies
    • Pillow Fight
    • Face Masks
    • Dance
    • Sing{Karaoke}
    • Hide and seek
    • Truth or Dare
    • Boy Talk
    • Photo Shoot
    • Prank Calls
    • Make Friendship Bracelets
    • Taking Selfies
    • Doing nails
    • Makeovers
    • Foot Bath
    • Watch Movies
    • Make Slime
    • Make Homemade Pizzas
    • Play Board Games
    • Build a Fort
    • Talk in accents
    • Play card games
    • Eat Snacks
    • Play Twister
    • Make Funny Videos
    • Watch youtube

So organizing the perfect slumber party for your teen, tween or little one is not too hard you just need to sit down and write a list of all the things you want to do over the course of the party. You could even print it on some cute paper and tick it off as you go.

As you can see by the above list there are heaps of Slumber Party Games that you can play and will be so much fun you will laugh lots.

Some other cool games are MASH which stands for Mansion, Apartment, Shack and House, Spin the bottle Nail Polish bottle game, this one looks really cool as you end up painting your nails if it lands on a nail polish so you will probably end up with different colored nails.

Fun things to bring to a sleepover party

So before you go to the slumber party check the invitation as it will probably tell you what you need to take, maybe you will need a pillow, blanket, swimmers or anything else. You will pack your usual things like hairbrush, toothbrush, change of clothes.

If it is slumber party then you will probably not need much else as the host will provide all the snacks, food and other things related to the them say like spa treatments or rainbow cupcake making.

Slumber Party Bed Ideas

If you are having a slumber party you really need to have room for the guests to sleep I suggest only 5-10 girls staying over, as any more than that can be Chaos lol lots of screaming girls.

Teepee Tent for Kids Party or Play TentTeepee Tent for Kids Party or Play TentTeepee Tent for Kids Party or Play TentTeepee Tent for Kids Party or Play TentTeepee Tent for Kids Party or Play TentTeepee Tent for Kids Party or Play TentTeepee Tent for Kids Party or Play TentTeepee Tent for Kids Party or Play TentTeepee Tent for Kids Party or Play Tent

Lately I have seen so many gorgeous TeePee Parties that look oh my goodness just so gorgeous and it will make the girls feel so special, If you have the room in your lounge room to put up 5- 10 Teepees then that is fantastic and you can either hire a company to put all the TeePees up and decorate it for you.

Pink and Blue TeePee Party Ideas

There are some really gorgeous ones and prices vary you could just get a basic package and then decorate yourself with Balloon Garlands or some simple party decorations

Another option if you don’t want to hire Teepees or buy 5-10 yourself as that really isn’t practical, it to clear a space and throw heaps of mattresses on the lounge floor, then cover with some pretty sheets and throw pillow and blankets. The kids will love it!

If you have a mosquito net then hang that from the ceiling as it adds a really lovely ambiance and you really can go to town with balloons, streamers and crepe paper pom poms, garlands and fairy lights.

As you can see having a fun slumber Party starts with great preparation and if your daughter is anything like mine she will organize her party 12 months in advance, as soon as one party is over she is thinking about the next one. I love how kids get so excited about birthdays and how they make it feel so magical.

So 1st off make sure you have a plan of what you want it to look like, checkout pinterest for some really gorgeous ideas to get you started.

Then start planning, don’t forget what the weather will be like at that time of year as that is crucial for the theme.

Also think about the food, do you want to make it easy and just have cold finger food or do you want to go to so much effort and cook everything yourself or do you want to order pizza?

It doesn’t matter which way you go but just plan ahead so there will be no hiccups.

You could also make some Photo Booth Props add an old big picture frame get some hats, and glasses and boas and set up the camera and ring light and your kids party will add an extra level of excitement.

Pajama Party Backdrop 5x5ftPajama Party Backdrop 5x5ftPajama Party Backdrop 5x5ftLeopard Sleeping Eye-maskLeopard Sleeping Eye-maskLeopard Sleeping Eye-maskSleepover Party  Activity Game for KidsSleepover Party Activity Game for KidsSleepover Party  Activity Game for Kids

The kids can also make there own Party Favors as you will have a lot of time to entertain them so why not get them involved, you could buy eye sleeping masks and they can decorate them or buy some cute bed socks, they could make some cupcakes or ice some donuts, or using a mason jar add some yummy lollies. Just use you imagination.

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Fun Slumber Party Ideas
Slumber Party two girls jumping with joy throwing pillows in the air

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