Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas For Parties

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Christmas Sweaters were popular gifts back in the 80’s usually from your old Nana or Great Aunt Mary. It was a serious business for the old men and women who wore them, they thought they looked pretty cool but really they we so tacky that it made people laugh. But they quickly became something to laugh at when people started wearing them. Probably in the mid 90’s,


Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Invitations

Lets start with Invitations as if you are having a party this will be where you want to begin. Now don’t worry if you are on a low budget then you don’t need to fork out for invitations you could just do a facebook group or an event and put all the details on there. BUT if you are like me and want everyone to get into the theme of things then I love sending invitations out. You could also make some yourself in a design program and then email them out to everyone (cheaper option)

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Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Drink Ideas

Depends if you are having a kids party or an adult party whether there will be any alcohol at the party. I think having red or green drinks is a great idea as it gets the flow of the party all happening.

You can buy loads of different ugly sweater bottle covers or beer bottle covers and they are quite funny. If it is a kids party then you could possible buy some funny cups here or here and they should do the trick.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Food Ideas

Party food is something that i struggle with as I never know if I will have enough or have too much. When you have a themed party it is easy to either try and get foods in the theme colors or decorations like cupcake toppers and favor bags which tie in with the theme. Pinterest is always a wealth of knowledge for visual ideas that you can either make, follow or buy and it is usually my go to place to get me inspired.

These Ugly Christmas Sweater Cupcakes are sure to be a hit at your themed party.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Cupcakes

December is a festive month with loads of Parties and Work do’s on. Don’t forget the kids if they have a Birthday in December it is nice to make their party about them and not Christmas related

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Idea Games

Party games are a must have for every party as it breaks the ice, gets everyone in the party mood and usually is the funniest time at any party, these printables are a great idea for an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party and some of them, will have your guests roaring with laughter

Ugly Christmas Sweater party Decorations

Decorations are a must to get the whole theme happening so these decorations, backdrops and Photo Booth Props are a great starting point

Ugly Sweater Party DecorationsUgly Sweater Party DecorationsUgly Sweater Party DecorationsUgly Christmas Sweater Party Photo Booth PropsUgly Christmas Sweater Party Photo Booth PropsUgly Christmas Sweater Party Photo Booth PropsUgly Sweater Party BackdropUgly Sweater Party BackdropUgly Sweater Party Backdrop


Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Gift Ideas

If you are heading to an Ugly sweater party and you feel like getting the hostess a gift then here are some really awesome ideas. They certainly bring the whole theme of the party together. Or you might even want to buy your guests a present as a thank you for coming and these ideas will not disappoint.

Hot Chocolate Stations are a great idea to have when having a Party in December and your guests will love the idea of making up their own Hot Chocolates. You can even get Ugly Sweater Mugs which will match perfectly with your theme

Tacky Christmas Sweater Party Ideas

If you are having or invited to an Ugly Sweater party or some might call it a Tacky Christmas Sweater Party ( although I am not keen on that word) then I hope you have been filled with some really creative, cool ideas and your party goes off with a bang!

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Men's Fruit Cake Novelty Christmas SweaterMen’s Fruit Cake Novelty Christmas SweaterMen's Fruit Cake Novelty Christmas Sweater

Creative Ideas for Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Then people started flocking to thrift stores to fossick around to try and find them and the Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties was born. Office parties, adult parties and family events. Now these tacky Christmas Sweater Parties are a real thing and everyone tries to compete with each other to see who has the ugliest sweater on. You can even see people make their own and gee they are such a hoot, it makes me laugh writing this post as they are really bad but you know by now that I just love Christmas so for me holding an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party is my dream.

I have been looking into hosting an Ugly Sweater Christmas party and have found so many awesome ideas, for decorations, invitations and party game ideas that I reckon I might just do it. Would love to hear your funny stories if you have hosted a party.

Couple with Ugly Christmas Sweaters on and text Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Ideas

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