Virtual Halloween Party

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So this year is turning out like no other. We have all had to adapt to the new norm and I think the majority are doing an amazing job.

With Halloween sneaking up on us and Covid-19 still very much around, we are all going to have to get creative about our Halloween Parties.

We all love Halloween, dressing up and scaring each other. As Halloween is not going to be the traditional Halloween we know of trick or treating we can still celebrate.

Virtual Halloween Party

What is a Virtual Halloween Party

So you will have friends and family asking you What is a virtual Halloween Party, it is a party for Halloween but with no-one going to your house. it is a party online. Everyone will be at their own homes and they will all be connected online so you feel like you are having a party together.

So as this year we have to adapt in so many different ways to get around the pandemic. We are getting use to the idea of zoom calls, google hangout, Facebook Rooms.

Pulling it all together can be a little daunting but honestly it is not so hard now that people are getting use to the idea and have mastered ZOOM!

You probably need to get a little bit organized and have everything in place a week before the actual party.

Hosting and Planning

Don’t be scared in planning a Halloween Party Online, it is so important now more than ever that you keep social and that you celebrate the upcoming festivities.

Planning your Virtual Halloween Party will take your mind off the events of the world at the moment. You have to celebrate this amazing time of year and don’t let set backs stop you.

Try to have the best online Halloween Party, dress up, decorate and have treats.

Choosing a time will be the hardest part as I am sure loads of people will be having virtual parties this year so try to get it on the 31st October maybe tricky. Give plenty of notice so everyone can plan.


Virtual Halloween Party Invitations

The great thing about these days is you can get some really fancy invitations from places like Etsy that are downloadable straight away and then you can edit them and send them online, so it is all pretty fast at getting invitations sorted and sent.

==> Online Halloween Party Invitations

Halloween Party Decorations

You really want this to feel like a real party so decorations are a must as is food. You don’t need to go over board but having a little table set up with yummy treats will look lovely. Although with Halloween we usually go overboard don’t we?

Balloon Garlands I feel are the easiest way to make the backdrop of your zoom call look the best and you can get some really amazing ones.

Halloween Balloons Garland KitHalloween Balloons Garland KitHalloween Balloons Garland KitHalloween Balloons Arch Garland for HalloweenHalloween Balloons Arch Garland for HalloweenHalloween Balloons Arch Garland for HalloweenHalloween Balloon Garland Arch KitHalloween Balloon Garland Arch KitHalloween Balloon Garland Arch Kit


Online Halloween Games

Preparing the games is easy you can email everyone a set and they can print them off themselves.

==> Halloween Fun Games and Activities

Party Games are always loads of fun and everyone seems to have a good laugh. Online you can get so many different printables that you will be able to download and print off.

What Needed -Tech wise

So to host an online party everyone needs to have some sort of device which has a camera, so laptop, PC, Mac, Ipad, tablet or even your Iphone.

They will also need internet and the ability to connect through an app like Facebook, Whatsapp, Facetime, Zoom or Skype. Being the host it would be great if you could hook up your device to the TV so you had a huge screen to see everyone on. This would require a HDMI cable or chromcast but I am pretty sure someone you know will be able to assist you and your guest with getting it all set up.

Even having a test run with some un-techie people a day or 2 before might be a great idea.

Make your won Halloween food for your virtual party show it off with pride, Halloween Party Drinks, Spooky eye cupcakes or Halloween Marshmallow Pops are all perfect or this.

So I hope this has helped you to organize your very own Virtual Halloween Party and remember to have the best fun. Snap loads of photos on your zoom call for memories.

Virtual Halloween party Ideas, Mother and two children dressed in Halloween Costumes at home
Virtual Halloween party Ideas Mother, Father  and daughter dressed in Halloween Costumes at home

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