Cooking Party

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Are you looking for something a bit different for your child’s next birthday party?  Kids Cooking parties are becoming more and more popular so why not throw one this year. Whether simple or extravagant, this party theme will be a hit.  Both boys and girls will love to be a chef for the day and all kids love eating what they have created.

Kids Cooking party


When planning a cooking party, try to keep the cooking activities to 3-4 as everything will take much longer than you anticipate. Keep in mind the age of your party guests and choose activities they will be able to manage mostly on their own.  Depending on how many people at your party, you may need to enlist a few people to help you on the day.

Start the party off with giving your guests their own apron to decorate. Using fabric markers they can let their imagination run wild. These fabric markers are great as the colors are vibrant on white fabric and they dry quickly.

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Ask everyone to wash their hands, pop on their aprons and chefs hats and you can get started with the first activity.  I like to get the pizzas made first as it will give me time to get them all cooked while the kids are doing the next activity.  If there are a lot of kids at the party you will need to allow time to cook the pizzas in two batches as they may not all fit in your oven at once.

Making Pizza

Give each child a small ball of dough that they can roll out. Alternatively you can pre-roll the pizza bases and hand these out.  Have bowls of pizza sauce and a range of toppings such as cheese, peperoni, onion ready. 

Kids Pizza Making Party

Decorating Cupcakes

Bake your cupcakes and make up the frosting either in the morning or the night before the party.  Set out plenty of decorations such as candy and sprinkles and let the kids imaginations go wild. You could provide a cardboard cupcake box so they can take their masterpiece home.  As an alternative you could give out cookies to be decorated or even cake pops.

Cupcake making at a party

You need cupcake supplies, you get some gorgeous sprinkles, cupcake wrappers, icing and baking utensils, baking pans and all you baking needs at you local store or find some on Amazon.

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Icing Cookies

Cookies are a great idea for the little kids as you can pre make the cookies using all sorts of shaped cutters, then place out the icing, sprinkles, candy and any other items you think will make the cookie making fun. Then the kids can just go for it and decorate them any way they want to.

Cookie icing

Fruit or salad Kebabs

Kids love making their own kebabs. You can choose to make either fruit or salad kebabs as either will be popular. For the fruit kebabs, set out bowls of cut up fruit such as watermelon, bananas, strawberries and pineapple. Items for the salad option could be cubed cheese, peppers, cherry tomatoes, diced cold meat. Provide popsicle sticks or skewers and let the kids make and eat their own creations.

Fruit Kebabs

Marshmallow Tower Game

For this fun game you will need some mini marshmallows and dried spaghetti pasta. The aim of this game is to build the highest tower using just the marshmallows and spaghetti. The person with the tallest tower wins. You can make this harder by saying that the tower must stay upright for at least 10 seconds.

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Blindfolded Chef

For this game, while blindfolded each person has to scoop up mini marshallows from one bowl and tip into a second bowl using just a wooden spoon.  The person with the most marshmallows in their second bowl within 1 minute is the winner. This sounds easy but the marshmallows are very light and you are not allowed to feel in the bowl with your hands.

Having a cooking and baking party is something kids will really enjoy please be prepared for a little mess.!

Kids Cooking Party

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