Celebrating Easter With Teenagers

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Kids just grow up so fast. One minute they are in Kindergarten then before you know it they are teenagers.  Most teenagers love any excuse for a party and Easter is no exception.

When planning an Easter party I like to stick with family traditions but add in a little fun twist.

2 teenagers with bunny ears


In our family we love a good Easter Egg hunt.  The little kids are happy to find stickers, chocolate, jellybeans and small toys inside their hidden plastic eggs but this is not enough to keep the teens interested and excited.  Some great ideas to fill the teenagers eggs are, mini lipgloss, Easter candy, gift cards, a keychain and of course small amounts of money. This will create some Easter fun for teens so they don’t feel like all the fun is for the little kids

We like to color code the eggs for each child, that way you don’t end up with one child finding lots of eggs and others missing out.  It also helps you identify which eggs to hide in harder to find places for the older kids and teens and what to put inside each egg.

To keep the game exciting, we also include a special golden egg. The teenagers love searching for this egg as they know it contains a good cash prize.  There is only one golden egg in the hunt and it is up for grabs by anyone.  The egg will be hidden very well and whoever finds the egg, gets to keep the prize money tucked away inside.

As an alternative, you can put a treasure hunt clue inside each egg which will eventually lead to their Easter baskets. Simply pop each clue inside the plastic egg and write a number on the outside.

What about a Night time Easter Egg Hunt? Who can resist some glow in the dark fun?  This is easy to put together using either glowsticks or glow in the dark paint.

The quickest way is to bend a glow stick inside the plastic egg but if you have time you can paint the eggs with glow in the dark paint then hide around your yard. Turn off the lights and let the teens go wild searching for the eggs.

Easter craft activities for teenagers are a really good idea to have for just in case, they get bored, the weather turns and you cannot get outside or even if you just feel you want to do something a little different.

Decorating for Easter

Get your teens involved in decorating the house for Easter.  Let them decide on either the theme or color scheme or you could give them some options to choose from. By allowing them input into the party planning, they will be more likely to help out and look forward to the party.

Balloon garlands are easy to make and give that wow factor. Teens will love making these and showing them off on social media and they are perfect for your Easter party.

Pastel Easter Balloon Garland KitPastel Easter Balloon Garland KitPastel Easter Balloon Garland KitEaster Day Party Balloons GarlandEaster Day Party Balloons GarlandEaster Day Party Balloons GarlandHappy Easter Balloon GarlandHappy Easter Balloon GarlandHappy Easter Balloon Garland


Easter Food

Even teenagers will love these cute Easter themed party food ideas, these gooey fudgy Mini Egg Brownies will certainly be a huge hit with the teens. Also these cute Bunny Butt Cookies will get the teens baking again. Want something a little savory then this Chick Cheese Ball will make a great appetizer.

Easter Bunny Butt Cookies

Easter Bunny Butt Cookie with chocolate speckled eggs next to the cookie

Find the recipe for these cute Easter Bunny Butt Cookies here

Gooey Mini Egg Brownies

Gooey Easter Brownies with gooey eggs on top and around the brownie on the plate

Find the recipe for these Gooey Mini Egg Brownies here

Cadbury Easter Candy Coated Mini EggsCadbury Easter Candy Coated Mini EggsCadbury Easter Candy Coated Mini EggsCadbury Easter Candy Coated Mini EggsCadbury Easter Candy Coated Mini EggsCadbury Easter Candy Coated Mini EggsCadbury Mini Solid Chocolate Easter EggsCadbury Mini Solid Chocolate Easter EggsCadbury Mini Solid Chocolate Easter Eggs


Mini Easter Egg Cupcakes

With teens quick and simple is usually the best way to go as they want things now, so these easy Mini Easter Egg cupcakes can be make really quickly, which then means they can eat them quickly, win win!

Find the recipe for these Mini Easter Egg Cupcakes here

Easter Chick Cheese Ball Recipe

Cheese ball made into a little yellow chick with crackers on the side

Find the recipe for this Easter Chick Cheese Ball here

Easter Basket Alternatives

Your teen might feel they are too old for an Easter Basket but don’t let that put you off making them one! There are many alternative ideas to a traditional Easter Basket.  Here are some of our favorite ideas;

  • A backpack filled with a some Easter candy, a tee shirt, Easter themed pens and notebook
  • Tackle box filled with Easter candy and fishing supplies
  • Gift basket with personalized mug, Easter candy and hot chocolate packets
  • Gift Box with Eye Mask, Bunny Slippers and Lip Balm
  • Make a movie night box with popcorn and a blanket and of course Easter candy
  • A makeup bag with lip balm, hair ties, small mirror, mini nail polish

Fun Easter Games for Teens

Besides Treasure Hunts you can get loads of Easter games for all ages, I do love checking out Etsy Easter games as there are so many different ones and the teenagers will be able to just download, print them out and then play them at Easter.

We hope your teen has a wonderful Easter and they can come up with some fun activities and events to make Easter special to them.

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