Halloween Games For Kids

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Are you hosting a Halloween Party this year and looking for fun ways to entertain the kids?  The big excitement for most children will be dressing up and trick or treating.  But you will also need to plan other activities to keep the party going.  Halloween games for kids are a great way to get your children excited about the spooky season. There is no better time than now to start planning and preparing for Halloween, so you can be ready when it comes around!

Halloween Games for Kids

We have rounded up some fun and spooky Halloween themed party games and crafts to make this October 31 memorable. if you are still social distancing then a Virtual Halloween Party might be your only option.

Most of these games and crafts are easy to set up and don’t require a lot of pre planning. We hope that these fun activities will help inspire you in creating an unforgettable experience with your little ones.

Treasure Hunt

Who doesn’t love a good treasure hunt? You can create your own and hide clues around your house or you can purchase a premade Halloween Treasure Hunt such as these ones. Kids will love these and they will suit all different ages.

Find the worm

For each person put 6 gummy worms on a plate and completely cover with whipped cream. They can race to be the first to find and pick up their 6 worms using only their teeth.

Halloween fun find the worm party Game for kids

Black Forest Gummy Worms CandyBlack Forest Gummy Worms CandyBlack Forest Gummy Worms CandyProfessional Whipped Cream DispenserProfessional Whipped Cream DispenserProfessional Whipped Cream Dispenser


? Do you have tweens or teens and need some Halloween party ideas and games for older kids then check out these great ideas

Trick or Treat Scavenger Hunt

Make the trick or treating fun last longer by also completing a scavenger hunt while you are out around the neighborhood.

Halloween Scavenger hunt

Candy Relay

This game is best in teams. Using a large spoon, each person has to carry the candy from one container and tip it into the other container, then pass the spoon to the next team member.  They must try not to spill any on the way as the team with the most candy in their second container wins.

Halloween candy game

Also Candy Dice is a great game that the kids could play for hours once they have been out trick or treating as they will have loads of candy then

Original Classic Flavor Candy CornOriginal Classic Flavor Candy CornOriginal Classic Flavor Candy CornOozing Eyeballs Halloween CandyOozing Eyeballs Halloween CandyOozing Eyeballs Halloween CandyOrange Jelly Pumpkin Shaped CandyOrange Jelly Pumpkin Shaped CandyOrange Jelly Pumpkin Shaped Candy


Painted rocks

This is a fun craft for all ages. You can either have the kids paint their rocks or you can paint the rocks ahead of time to save on the mess and drying time.  They can then decorate their rocks by drawing on faces. Be sure to add their name to the underside so they can take their rocks home after the party

Halloween Rock Painting

Halloween Treat Bags

Decorate your own treat bag.  You will need a selection of colored paper bags, scissors, glue, markers, googly eyes. Perhaps create a few examples beforehand to give some inspiration.

Halloween Treat Bags

Rock Spiders

These adorable rock spiders are a great craft activity. Paint a selection of rocks black before the party so they are dry and ready to decorate. You will need colored pipe cleaners, googly eyes and paint markers.  We love these Posca paint markers as they give good coverage and dry quickly.

DIY Halloween Rock Spider

Uni-posca PC-5M Paint Marker Pen - Medium Point - Set of 15Uni-posca PC-5M Paint Marker Pen – Medium Point – Set of 15Uni-posca PC-5M Paint Marker Pen - Medium Point - Set of 15


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Pumpkin Carving

This one is pretty self-explanatory but there are lots of different ways to do it. You could use a pumpkin from the supermarket, buy a new one online or even carve out a whole bunch of pumpkins using cardboard templates.

Halloween Pumpkin Carving

Costume Parade

Get creative by making costumes yourself or buying cheap costume items from shops such as the $2 shop and Target. The best thing about doing this is that they don’t need to look perfect because it won’t matter once they’re dressed up. Just remember to keep things simple and avoid anything too scary.

?Printable Halloween Games are the easiest and best way to get last minute games to play at your Halloween Party

?Halloween Glow Sticks: Kids love glow sticks and what a re great idea to give out at your Halloween party as a favor these glow stick holders are fun and a lovely treat to give your party guests. Then if you all go trick or treating together you will be all matching with your glow sticks

Halloween parties are great fun and will help children learn important skills such as teamwork, problem solving and creativity. So get ready to have some serious laughs!

Halloween games for kids

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