Thanksgiving Invitations Wording

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Are you gearing up to host the most memorable Thanksgiving dinner ever but find yourself scratching your head over how to craft that perfect invitation? Fear not! Whether you’re planning a laid-back feast with your closest friends or a grand family gathering that rivals the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, I’ve got you covered with some fun, festive, and utterly fabulous invitation wording ideas.

Thanksgiving Invitation Ideas

For the Family Affair

Gather around, family!
This Thanksgiving, let’s fill our home with laughter, love, and loads of mashed potatoes. Join us on [Date] at [Time] as we give thanks for blessings big and small. Come hungry, leave happy (and maybe a tad bit stuffed)!”

Thanksgiving feast with turkey

Friendsgiving Fête

Friends + Thanksgiving = Friendsgiving!
Who says you can’t choose your family? This [Date], we’re gathering our chosen family at [Time] for a feast that’s all about gratitude (and perhaps a friendly game of touch football). Bring your favorite dish, your appetite, and your best stories to [Location]. Let’s make memories!”

Elegant Evening

A Toast to Gratitude and Gourmet Delights
You’re cordially invited to an elegant Thanksgiving dinner at the [Last Name] residence. Join us on [Date] at [Time] for an evening of sophistication, splendid cuisine, and sincere thanks. RSVP by [RSVP Date] for an unforgettable night.”

Potluck Party

Let’s Dish Up Some Fun!
This Thanksgiving, it’s all about sharing: food, stories, and laughter. Join us for a potluck dinner on [Date] at [Time]. Bring a dish that speaks to your heart, and let’s enjoy a buffet of blessings together. RSVP with your chosen dish by [RSVP Date]. See you at [Location]!”

Kid-Friendly Feast

Turkeys and Tantrums Welcome!
This year, we’re making Thanksgiving a family affair to remember, with fun for all ages. Join us on [Date] at [Time] for a kid-friendly feast that will have even the adults asking for seconds. From turkey-themed crafts to mini pumpkin pies, it’s going to be a blast!”

Virtual Vibes

Gratitude Goes Digital!
No matter where you are this Thanksgiving, let’s come together in spirit and on screen. Join our Virtual Thanksgiving Dinner on [Date] at [Time]. Prepare your favorite dish and log in to share a meal, stories, and laughter. Link to follow!”

Tips for Writing the Perfect Thanksgiving Invitation

Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude, gobbling up delicious food, and gathering with friends and family. Crafting the perfect invitation for this special occasion isn’t just about the details; it’s about creating excitement and embracing the spirit of the holiday. Here are some tips to help you write an invitation that’s as irresistible as grandma’s pumpkin pie:

1. Start with a Warm Greeting

Kick things off with a friendly and warm opening. A touch of personalization can make your guests feel special and eagerly anticipated. Try something like, “Dear [Name], We’re so grateful to have you in our lives,” to set the tone.

2. Make it Thematic

Thanksgiving is rich with themes of harvest, gratitude, and togetherness. Weave these elements into your invitation through words and imagery. Use phrases like “gather together,” “share our gratitude,” and “celebrate the bounty of the season” to evoke the holiday’s spirit.

3. Include All the Essential Details

Don’t let your creativity overshadow the importance of the details. Be sure to include the date, time, location, and any specifics about the event, such as dress code or what to bring. If you’re hosting a potluck, for instance, let guests know if they should bring a dish to share.

4. Mention Special Activities or Themes

If you’re planning something unique, like a gratitude circle, a Friendsgiving potluck, or a football viewing party, mention it! This gives your guests a taste of what to expect and can increase their excitement.

5. Request RSVPs

Invitation with RSVP

Knowing how many guests to expect is crucial for planning. Politely request an RSVP by a certain date and provide easy ways for your guests to respond, whether it’s via phone, email, or a response card.

6. Add a Personal Touch

Personal anecdotes, a quote about thankfulness, or a brief mention of what you’re particularly grateful for this year can add a heartfelt touch to your invitation. It reminds guests of the true meaning of Thanksgiving and sets the stage for a sincere and festive gathering.

7. Keep It Light and Inviting

Your invitation should reflect the joy and warmth of the occasion. Even if you’re going for elegance, a touch of humor or light-heartedness can make your invitation feel welcoming and fun.

8. Proofread Before Sending

Before you send out your invitations, double-check for any typos or missing information.

9. Consider Your Delivery Method

Think about how you’ll send your invitations. A mailed card can feel special and traditional, while an email or digital invitation might be more practical and environmentally friendly. Choose what best suits the tone of your event and your guests.

10. Express Your Excitement

End your invitation on a high note, expressing your eagerness to celebrate together. Phrases like “Can’t wait to celebrate with you!” or “Looking forward to giving thanks together” can leave your guests feeling excited and valued.

Writing the perfect Thanksgiving invitation is about blending tradition with your personal touch. It’s an opportunity to kick off the holiday season with anticipation. So, pour a little love into your words, and get ready to host a Thanksgiving gathering that’ll be remembered for years to come.

Thanksgiving Phrases to Include in your Invitation

Including simple yet heartwarming phrases can add a personal touch to your Thanksgiving invitations. Here are several phrases that can easily be incorporated into any invitation, making your guests feel truly welcomed and excited for the celebration:

Leaves on a table background with Thanksgiving invitation wording overlay
  1. “Join us for a feast of gratitude and good eats!”
  2. “Let’s give thanks and eat pie together!”
  3. “Gather with us for a Thanksgiving filled with laughter and good cheer.”
  4. “Turkey, pie, and friends like you – the perfect recipe for Thanksgiving.”
  5. “Come hungry, leave happy! Be our guest this Thanksgiving.”
  6. “Thankful, grateful, and delighted to invite you to our table.”
  7. “Let’s toast to blessings and feast on our favorite dishes together!”
  8. Counting our blessings and hoping you’re one of them this Thanksgiving.”
  9. “A day of thanks. A table of friends and family. Join us!”
  10. “Our favorite turkey day tradition? Having you with us!”
  11. “Bring your appetite and a heart full of gratitude.”
  12. “Feasting, fun, and family – let’s celebrate together!”
  13. “It’s turkey time! Let’s gobble up a fantastic Thanksgiving together.”
  14. “Join us for a slice of joy and a plateful of thanksgiving.”
  15. “Your presence is our greatest blessing this Thanksgiving.”

Feel free to mix and match these phrases or tweak them to perfectly match the tone and style of your Thanksgiving celebration. They’re sure to bring a smile to your guests’ faces and make your invitations feel even more inviting and special.

Office Thanksgiving Invitation Wording

Getting into the festive spirit with an office Thanksgiving celebration sounds like a fabulous idea! Here’s how you can spread that Thanksgiving cheer with some inviting words that’ll have your colleagues marking their calendars in no time:

  1. The Traditional Turkey Call: “Gobble Gobble! Let’s give thanks together! Join us for a Thanksgiving feast at [Office/Location Name] on [Date & Time]. Bring your appetites and a dish to share, if you wish. Let’s make this a potluck to remember!”
  2. The Gratitude Gathering: “It’s time to count our blessings and share in the spirit of gratitude. We invite you to our Office Thanksgiving Gathering on [Date & Time] at [Location]. Come for the food, stay for the company. Let’s be thankful together!”
  3. The Fun & Festive Invite: “Feast mode: ON! You’re cordially invited to join our Thanksgiving office party on [Date & Time] at [Location]. There will be turkey, pies, and everything nice. Don’t miss out on the fun and food!”
  4. The Heartfelt Invite: “This Thanksgiving, let’s come together as our office family. Please join us for a special meal on [Date & Time] at [Location]. It’s a time for gratitude, great food, and even better company. We’d love to see you there!”
  5. The Casual Potluck Call: “Hey team! Who’s ready for some turkey and tales? We’re planning an office potluck for Thanksgiving and you’re invited! It’s happening on [Date & Time] at [Location]. Bring your favorite dish and your holiday cheer!”
  6. The Creative & Quirky: “Turkey Alert! Our office Thanksgiving party is just around the corner. Mark your calendars for [Date & Time] and join us at [Location] for a feast that’s too good to miss. Bring your favorite side or dessert, and let’s make some memories!”
  7. The Simple & Sweet: “Let’s give thanks together! Join us for a Thanksgiving celebration at the office on [Date & Time]. Good food, great friends, and a lot of fun await. Can’t wait to see you there!”
Autumn leaf background with Thanksgiving invitation wording overlay

Remember, the key is to make it feel warm and welcoming. Sprinkle in some details about the event (like if it’s a potluck, if there’ll be games or activities, or if they should bring anything) to get everyone excited.

Bring a Dish To Share Wording

Thanksgiving is the time of Potluck! There’s something truly special about a table brimming with different dishes. If you’re looking to invite your guests to contribute to the feast by bringing a dish, here’s a fun and inviting way to include that request in your invitation:

Dear [Guest’s Name],

As the leaves turn golden and the air grows crisp, it’s time once again to get together and gobble up some goodness. This Thanksgiving, we’re embracing the spirit of togetherness and tradition with a twist: a potluck feast!

You’re warmly invited to our Thanksgiving gathering!
Date: [Insert Date Here]
Time: [Insert Time Here]
Location: [Insert Location Here]

This year, we’re adding a sprinkle of extra love to our celebration by asking each of our guests to bring a dish to share. Whether it’s a family heirloom recipe, a twist on a classic, or something uniquely you, your contribution will make our table even more special.

What to Bring?
We’d love for you to bring a dish that means something to you or simply something you love to cook or eat. It could be an appetizer, a side, a main dish, a dessert, or even a special drink. If you’re unsure what to bring or need some inspiration, feel free to reach out!

RSVP by [RSVP Date]
Please let us know if you can make it and what dish you’re thinking of bringing. This way, we can make sure we have a beautifully balanced feast with a bit of everything for everyone.

We can’t wait to share this day of thanks, delicious bites, and heartwarming stories with you. Together, let’s create a feast that’s as diverse and delightful as our wonderful circle of friends and family.

With all the warmth of pumpkin spice,

[Your Name(s)]

We’ve shared a bunch of fun and friendly ways to invite your friends and family over for Thanksgiving. Whether you’re planning a big family meal, a chill Friendsgiving, or a mix-and-match potluck, the right words can make everyone excited to come.

At the end of the day, Thanksgiving is all about saying thanks, eating yummy food, and making memories that stick around. So, pick your favorite invite idea, give it your own spin, and get ready to bring everyone together. Happy Thanksgiving!

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