Must Know Baby Shower Tips, Rules And Etiquette (For Hosts and Guests)

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Baby Shower Tips, Rules, and Etiquette for Hosts and Guests

Baby showers are a time for sharing joy and excitement about a new arrival coming to the family. However, you might have heard about all the different rules that contradict each other. 

Here is your ultimate guide on all the baby shower rules, etiquette, and a few tips for both guests and hosts to have the best baby shower for your mom-to-be. 

Pregnant lady at her Baby Shower with Friends

Baby Shower Rules and Etiquette

There are many rules and things to consider not only for hosts but also for guests. These will help you to have a great time during the baby shower and pamper the mom-to-be as much as possible. 


Are you considering hosting a baby shower for your friend or family member? Here are a few things you need to know. 

Who Should Host a Baby Shower?

Traditionally, extended family, friends, and co-workers should be the ones to host a baby shower. Don’t expect the mom-to-be or anyone in her close family to host. However, in modern days that has changed some. Now anyone can host a baby shower if they want! 

Who Should Pay for the Baby Shower? 

Usually, the host will pay for the baby shower. To help with the costs, friends can join together to co-host and split the cost if they want to. 

Should You Give Party Favors To Guests?

It is not generally expected that you give out party favors, but you can if you want to. Figure out your budget, and if there is room, grab a few little things to share with your guests. 

Should You Throw a Baby Shower for the Second or Third Baby? 

You usually only had a baby shower for your first child in the past. However, nowadays, you can have a shower for every single baby you have! 

If you don’t need any more baby items, you can always get together and have a diaper fund party or meet and greet after the baby is born. 

Should You Have a Baby Shower for an Adopted Baby? 

Of course! Adopted children and their parents deserve a baby shower just the same. Adopted parents will still need plenty of baby items and support in raising their new baby. 

Don’t Surprise the Mom-To-Be

While some people love surprise baby showers, it is best to speak with the mom-to-be. If she never hears about a baby shower for herself, she might get stressed and try to plan her own. If anything, at least tell her something is in the works, and let the rest be a surprise. 

Invite Anyone 

Be sure to invite as many people as the mom-to-be wants. It is also polite to invite those out of state. Even if they cannot come, they will at least feel loved and be grateful that you thought about them. 

Send Invitation in Advance 

Try to send an invitation at least 4-6 weeks before the event. You can send an e-invitation, but be sure to send at least something! 

Include the Baby Registry on the Invite

Don’t forget to put the baby registry information on the invitation. That way, guests will have the option to buy something they know the mom needs and it will help avoid duplicate gifts. 

It is also important to put a note on the baby registry that goes something along these lines: “Please include the gift receipt in case we get duplicate gifts or need to exchange.” 

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Allow Mom-To-Be to Choose the Date

You wouldn’t want to be in the middle of a baby shower, have the mom’s water break, and be rushed out to give birth. So, let the mom-to-be pick when she wants her baby shower. 

Usually, the second trimester is the best time as the mom will have more energy. You’ll also be able to see her cute baby bump, and they will know the gender by then, too, unless they choose to wait. 

28-35 weeks is generally a great time frame, but it is always best to ask the mom beforehand. 

Ask Mom-To-Be About Drinks and Food

There are certain foods pregnant women need to avoid, such as raw shellfish, deli meat, and soft cheeses, to name a few, and of course, alcohol.

Some moms don’t mind serving alcohol to their guests even though they cannot drink it themselves, while others prefer to have food and drinks they can enjoy. Be sure to ask the mom and follow through with her wishes. 

Find a Big Enough Space

You don’t want to host in a small room with 100 people; that would be highly uncomfortable. Choose a location that will fit everyone comfortably and is within your budget. 

Open Gifts However Mom-To-Be Prefers

Some women prefer to open gifts privately, usually with their spouses. While it is considered a tradition for most moms to open their gifts in front of the guests, it does not have to stay that way. 

Ask the mom-to-be to see what she is comfortable with. It is better to have her comfortable during her special celebration. 

Make it Short

Hosts need to follow one big baby shower etiquette: make sure the baby shower doesn’t drag on too long. It needs to be convenient for both the guests and the pregnant mom. 2-3 hours is plenty of time for games, mingling, and gifts. 


There are a few etiquette rules for guests to follow to ensure that they take care of the mom-to-be during the celebration. 

Mom to be at her Baby Shower with guests showing gifts


The host needs to plan and prepare, so always RSVP if you plan to go or cannot make it. It is one of the baby shower rules that you must follow. Give the host plenty of time to prepare for the baby shower and RSVP as soon as possible. 

Don’t Bring Your Kids

Only bring your kids if the invitation says it is allowed. Otherwise, there won’t be any babysitters present and may put the mom-to-be and host in a panic when you arrive. If you cannot find a babysitter to watch your kids, always ask the host before bringing them along. 

Be Careful What You Say

This is a special time for the mom-to-be, so keep things light and casual. It is not a time for advice, gossip, or parenting questions. Support the mom and be extra cautious before saying anything. Make it as enjoyable as possible! 

Don’t Rub Her Belly 

Most pregnant women do not like their bellies rubbed. Even though a baby shower is to show love for the baby, skip the belly rubbing. It will mean so much to the mom-to-be! 

Bring a Gift 

If you plan to come to the baby shower, it is proper etiquette to bring a gift. If you are on a strict budget, even a simple card with your words of encouragement is more than enough, but try not to show up empty-handed. 

Try to purchase from the gift registry. If things are too expensive, try to give some money to the diaper fund. As a last resort, you can buy something off the list, but it will mean more to get her what she wants versus what you think she needs. 

If they don’t know the gender of the baby, there are still plenty of neutral gifts that will work great. Some moms may have more specific requirements. Be sure to know what the mom wants and do your best to give her just that. 


Even though this is a time for enjoying the arrival of your little one, there are a few things to keep in mind as the mom-to-be. 

Should I Have More Than One Baby Shower? 

It is absolutely okay to have more than one baby shower for the same baby. Some prefer to do a separate one with their co-workers and one with their family. 

Give a Personal Thank You Card

While a generic “thank you” card is easier, sending a personalized card a week or two after the baby shower is much more meaningful. 

One baby shower tip is to ask someone to write down what each person bought you if you open them during the shower. Then you know exactly who to thank for each item without trying to remember yourself! 

Do You Give a Gift to the Host of Your Baby Shower? 

It is always nice to give a special thanks to your host for your baby shower. A sweet card expressing your gratitude and something simple like a relaxing bath kit or a gift card are great gifts for the host. 

Baby shower rules and etiquette can change all the time and will mainly be dependent on the mom-to-be. As every mom wants and needs different things, each baby shower will be unique and special in its own way. Following these rules will help you celebrate and spoil the new baby and their parents. 

Pregnant Lady hosting her Baby Shower, holding her bely in a pink dress

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