How to throw a Virtual Christmas

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Not sure how you are going to have Christmas this year?

Wondering if you will get to see your loved ones.

Here a some great tips to help you plan a Virtual Christmas party for this crazy year we are still in.

Please don’t let this year stop you from spending the holidays with you family and friends.

If you are wondering how you are going to do it this year without putting anyone you love in danger then a Virtual Christmas would be the way to go.

As technology has got better and better and especially with Zoom and Facetime we can always get together virtually.

It is time to plan the perfect online holiday party so grab your list and check it twice. I really want you to organize the best online Christmas party so you need to get started now.


Virtual Cookie Decorating

All get together with your own ingredients and bake cookies together. If you have Grandmas famous cookie recipe then you could all do it and compare your cookies online later.

Then you can all decorate them together and of course eat them YUM. If you have some family members who may not be great bakers don’t worry you could sent them a cookie decorating kit.

You could also have a little competition going on and judge each others cookies.

Wooden board with homemade cookies

Making Christmas Dinner

Hanging out with family and friends is what Christmas is all about. This year you may not be able to do it in person but that doesn’t mean you cannot cook your Christmas diner with your friends and family? Yes you can do a zoom call or face time and all cook together. How amazing would that be and what a great memory it will create.

Virtual Secret Santa

MMM this sound like it might be hard to do online but if you are prepared and have sorted out gifts and sent them to each other then you could all open them online in your zoom call.

Virtual Secret Santa needs a budget so please make sure you organize this before you send gifts and I would hate for some people to be disappointed and others be over the moon. Unboxing is also a people pleaser thing and you could do it together as people love to see reactions of others when they open gifts.

Virtual Christmas Carols

Jingle bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way. If you house is anything like mine we have Christmas Carols playing from Mid November as my Daughter LOVES Christmas. She has a lovely voice as well so she sings at the top of her voice. Which we all love.

So why not get a collection of Christmas Carols on Shopify and then when having your Virtual Christmas you can all sing along together.

Holiday Traditions are a wonderful thing to have and this could be a new normal for some people especially if you are all far away from each other. This tradition maybe something to think about for other years if you cannot get together for some reason or another.

Virtual Ugly Christmas Sweater

How about all getting on your Ugly Christmas Sweaters and play some Party games and have a huge laugh at each other as we know that they are not very attractive but people love wearing them and buying them.

Virtual Holiday Party might be the new thing for all the holidays as things sure have changed in our lives this year. So you really just have to make the most of a bad situation.

Looking for some other Holiday party ideas such as New Years Eve then we should be able to help

Virtual Parties are really becoming so popular this year with ll that is going on have you see our Virtual Baby Shower Party Ideas or our Online Kids Party Ideas

I hope that these Virtual Christmas Party Ideas have been a big help and that you will be able to have an online party that is full of love and laughter

Virtual Christmas Party Essentials and ideas can be found at Esty or Amazon along with loads of other places. Make sure you check all the delivery details as shipping might be delayed. Getting downloadable printables might be the best thing to do as that way you can send them via email, messenger or other online ways without having to rely on the postal service

Play Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas Is You

All I Want for Christmas Is YouAll I Want for Christmas Is YouAll I Want for Christmas Is You


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