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Watermelon Garden Party Ideas

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With Summer in full swing, and parties heating up. What nicer way to have a summer party than having a watermelon party. For a first Birthday, Baby shower, 5th birthday or sweet 16th.

Watermelon decorations in the garden, balloons, drinks, flag banners


Watermelon Invitations

Invitations will be the start of the Watermelon Garden Party and we can create these easily with a little watercolor design and plain white paper, simple is better. Honestly making a simple invitation will take no time at all and you will be very happy with yourself when you have finished. But wait you cannot draw or have no idea how to make an invitation yourself then don’t despair here are some you can buy and that is sorted.

Watermelon Party InvitationsWatermelon Party InvitationsWatermelon Party InvitationsEditable Watermelon InvitaionEditable Watermelon InvitaionEditable Watermelon InvitaionWatermelon Baby Shower InvitationsWatermelon Baby Shower InvitationsWatermelon Baby Shower Invitations


Birthday boy on garden with watermelon on his lap and he is wearing a red bow tie
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Watermelon Balloon Garland

Watermelon Decorations

Decorations are the next thing to get sorted as this will be the main point of the watermelon party besides the cake of course but having amazing decorations around the garden will make the garden party feel like a real summer watermelon party.

Balloons and banners are so easy to put up and these watermelon ones do look awesome. Also don’t forget the table you will need plates, napkins, cutlery, straws and photo booth props.

Watermelon Custom name BannerWatermelon Custom name BannerWatermelon Custom name BannerWatermelon Summer Party BalloonsWatermelon Summer Party BalloonsWatermelon Summer Party BalloonsPrintable Watermelon Pennant BannerPrintable Watermelon Pennant BannerPrintable Watermelon Pennant Banner


Watermelon Party StrawsWatermelon Party StrawsWatermelon Party StrawsPrintable Watermelon Photo Booth PropsPrintable Watermelon Photo Booth PropsPrintable Watermelon Photo Booth PropsWatermelon Party KitWatermelon Party KitWatermelon Party Kit


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Watermelon Centerpiece

Wow what better way to say summer parties are here than this gorgeous centerpiece.

It features so many unique, handmade items! The handcrafted watermelon themed doll has the perfect matching dress for the occasion! Look at her cute button! She is sitting atop a realistic watermelon and enjoying her summer treats. A watermelon themed fake bake cupcake and a watermelon slice are both hand crafted, as well as the “hello summer wooden blocks”.

Special details have been added such as the little ants trying to get in on the action. Height 19 inches width 15 inches

Cute Watermelon CenterpieceCute Watermelon CenterpieceCute Watermelon Centerpiece


Watermelon Pinata

I am pretty sure most kids love Pinatas, who doesn’t with all that candy in them, and what fun you have when you have to swing at them blindfolded to try and break them lots of laughs are to be had.

Large Number 2 Watermelon PinataLarge Number 2 Watermelon PinataLarge Number 2 Watermelon PinataWatermelon Slice PinataWatermelon Slice PinataWatermelon Slice PinataWatermelon Slice PinataWatermelon Slice PinataWatermelon Slice Pinata


Watermelon Cake and Cupcakes

Having an awesome cake is one of the highlights of any party and it looks amazing and tastes even better.

Cakes can be something you make yourself but if you are not that way inclined then getting one made professionally can be done. There are many cake toppers you can but that will add to the cake and personalize it a little bit.

One in a Melon First Birthday TopperOne in a Melon First Birthday TopperOne in a Melon First Birthday TopperWatermelon Cupcake ToppersWatermelon Cupcake ToppersWatermelon Cupcake Toppers


Watermelon Sugar Cupcakes are just adorable and so easy to make, adding a little watermelon flavored Jell-O to the cake mix and frosting just adds that subtle hint of fresh watermelon. This Recipe for watermelon cupcakes is easy to follow and your guests will love them

Recipe for Watermelon Cupcakes

Having a Watermelon Garden Party will be so much fun and I hope you can create some wonderful memories, don’t forget to take loads of photos and I would love to see you party photos so feel free to share them.

Just a Side Note: If you haven’t thought about it and you have a cricut or are thinking about getting one then there are so many party things you can do with your cricut machine, honestly the ideas are endless once you start thinking about what it does. If you are crafty like me and have a Cricut Explore Air 2 then there is a whole lot of things you can make yourself. It really is endless of what you can do with it and is someone who has so many amazing videos and courses to help with anything and I mean anything on the Cricut maker

little girl eating watermelon in the garden

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