Mermaid Party Ideas

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Ariel from the little mermaid made mermaids even more popular than they were. So many little girls wanted to be Ariel, cute little costumes came out for little girls to swan around in and Little Mermaid parties became the top party to have.

I know my daughter loves Ariel and yes we have an Ariel costume in her dress up box.

Mermaid Party Ideas

Mermaid Cakes

The thought of making a Mermaid Cake maybe holding you back but it doesn’t have to be that hard, you can buy all the embellishments which will be as they say ‘the icing on the cake,’ these will add to the whole feel and make the cake look amazing. If you need some cake decorating tips then we have this post that will help you out.

Mermaid Cakes

Mermaid Bow Cookies

FROM: Moms & Munchkins

I really love these Mermaid Bow Cookies to get you started with your theme and although they look quite intricate they are not so hard to make if you have patience and look so lovely.

These Arial Inspired mermaid bow cookies are perfect for you own little Ariel if she is having a Mermaid or Under The Sea party. You could make these together if she is old enough, if not that totally fine she will be delighted with them.

Mermaid Bow Cookies


Easy Mermaid Cupcakes

FROM: The Soccer Mom Blog

I do love the colors of the icing and sprinkles with these cupcakes they certainly do appeal with the pinks, greens, purples and blues. You can actually get the sprinkles here as well as the Mermaid tail silicone molds

Gorgeous Mermaid Tail Cupcakes
Mermaid Party Table Ideas
Pretty Mermaid Theme Food Table

Mermaid Tail Marshmallows

FROM: Finding Zest

What a great idea these are and they would be perfect for an Under The Sea Baby Shower as they are quite delicate and adults would probably appreciate them so much more than the kids.

They are quite tricking to make you really do need loads of patience.

Cute Mermaid Tail Sweets

Having a Beach Themed Party or a Under the Sea Party then you could mix and match things from these Mermaid parties too.

Mermaid Donuts

FROM: The Simple Sweet Life

I know I know we have loads of sweets but ya know what when you are having a Mermaid Party you can never have too many sweets. So here we have some really cute Mermaid Tail Donuts.

Mermaid Tail Donuts

Magical Mermaid Lemonade

FROM: Jasper and Willow

Mocktails have become quite popular lately as kids see parents drinking their colorful cocktails and they also want them so the best thing for kids is to have a Mocktail and these Mermaid Lemonade Mocktails looks so colorful and delicious. You could make a big batch up and have it in a Glass Dispenser on the grazing table for kid to help themselves.

Magical Mermaid Lemondae Mocktail

Jasper and Willow also have this really cool Mermaid Bark that is so so so easy to make

Mermaid Freakshake

FROM: The Soccer Mom Blog

I must say when I first saw this FREAKSHAKE i was like no way a kid could drink that, I would even struggle to finish it but why not share it and what better place than at a Mermaid party

Mermaid Freakshake

Playdates To Parties has a great post on a Mermaid Themed Party filled with Budget Friendly Ideas

Mermaid Sparkling Slime

FROM: Crayons and Cravings

What do you do with the kids when you have a house full of them for a party? Why not make some sparkly Mermaid Slime for them to play with. I have a hunch it will fill in hours. You could maybe even give them a little bit in a small container to take home in their favor bags

Sparkly Mermaid Slime
Mermaid Party Ideas

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