Trampoline Sleepover Fun Ideas

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Looking for an exciting and unique way to spend a sleepover with your friends? Look no further than the trampoline! A trampoline sleepover is perfect for all ages, and provides hours of entertainment. In this blog post, we will discuss everything you need to know about hosting a trampoline sleepover party. We will cover everything from food ideas to games to keep you entertained all night long!

Tweens and Teens on Trampoline

Can you have a sleepover on a Trampoline?

While most people think of trampolines as a fun summertime activity, they can actually be enjoyed year-round. In fact, some people even like to have sleepovers on their trampolines! While this may sound like a recipe for disaster, there are actually several reasons why sleeping on a trampoline can be quite enjoyable. For one thing, the bouncing motion can help to lull you to sleep.

Additionally, the fresh air and open space can provide a welcome change of pace from a stuffy bedroom. Of course, there are a few things to keep in mind if you decide to have a trampoline sleepover.

Make sure to set up the trampoline in a safe location away from any obstacles, and be sure to invite friends who are good listeners and won’t bounce around too much! With a little preparation, a trampoline sleepover can be a fun and unique way to spend a night under the stars.

So, what are you waiting for? Invite your friends over and get ready to jump into some fun!

Start off by getting some lights and music for the trampoline so it looks like a disco and you can boogy-jump all night long.


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Trampoline with fairy lights

One of the best things about a trampoline sleepover is that there is no shortage of activities to keep everyone entertained. If you need some inspiration, here are a few ideas:

  • have races see who can do the most flips in a row
  • have a tumbling competition see who can do the best flips and tricks
  • have a big pillow fight
  • play tag or other games in the dark using glow sticks
  • make a giant fort out of blankets and pillows and have a dance party inside it
  • tell ghost stories around the trampoline (bonus points if you can make them scary!)

No matter what activities you choose, everyone is sure to have a blast! And, when it’s time to wind down for the night, you can simply jump on the trampoline for a few minutes to tire yourselves out before bed. Trust us, your guests will be talking about this sleepover for months to come!

Tweens and Teens would be the best age for trampoline sleepover party as they can easily stay up all night, and would not be scared of any ghost stories. If you have younger kids, you could still do the trampoline sleepover but may want to stick to telling less scary ghost stories and end the party a little earlier. Regardless of the ages of your guests, a trampoline sleepover is sure to be a hit!

Foods to serve at your trampoline sleepover party:

Decorations for a Trampoline Sleepover party:

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With a trampoline sleepover you could sleep on the trampoline under the stars if weather permits or you could set up a giant fort inside and sleep in there! Get creative and have fun with it!

Or you could build a fort under the trampoline with tarps, blankets, and pillows and spend the night in there!

Kids Trampoline Sleepover under the trampoline with tarps and fairy lights

Need more ideas for things to do at your trampoline sleepover party? Here are a few games that are sure to keep everyone entertained:

No matter what you choose to do at your trampoline sleepover party, everyone is sure to have a blast!

Now that you have some ideas for your trampoline sleepover party, Invite your friends over and start jumping into some fun today! We promise, you won’t be disappointed. And, if you’re looking for more ideas of things to do at your party, be sure to check out this site for Trampoline Games for more inspiration! Happy jumping!

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