St Patrick’s Day Sweets

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St Patrick’s day is a great day to celebrate and why not top it off with some yummy green sweets. Eat them in moderation or if your eyes are bigger than your belly you might end up green yourself lol

Green desserts/sweets doesn’t sound so good does it? But on St Patrick’s day why not go green and get a little luck from the Irish, have a green drink and you may find your pot of gold.

I have shown you some ideas on having a St Patrick’s Day themed party I thought I would give you a few more ideas on some yummy desserts to have at your party as well.

St Patrick’s Day Green Parfait

I love how quick and easy these St. Patrick’s Day Pudding Parfaits are to make! Simply layer Lucky Charms cereal, pudding, and whipped cream to make this easy, festive, and delicious St. Patrick’s Day dessert. Kids will just love these they are such a hit at any party.

St Patricks Day Green Parfait with shamrocks

==> Find the recipe for these St Patrick’s Day Green Parfait Puddings


St Patrick’s Day Sweet Bark

This St Patrick’s Day bark is quick and easy to make, the kids will be able to help with this sweet and they can add as many or as little sprinkles and decorations as they like.

St Patricks Day homemade bark with green and gold coin chocolates as decorations on kitchen bench

Check out the recipe for this St Patrick’s Day Bark here

Easy to make St Patrick’s Day chocolate candy bark with shamrock sprinkles, how delicious does this look and the kids will honestly gobble it up.

Plate of St Patrick's Day chocolate candy bark with shamrock sprinkles

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St Patricks Oreo Truffles

With only a few ingredients these St Paddys Oreo Truffles are a quick and easy recipe to have at your St Patrick’s Day party and your guests will think you spend hours and hours making them.

Board with St Patrick's Day Oreo Truffles on it with green beads as decoration

Find the recipe for these St Patrick’s Day Oreo Truffles here

St Patrick’s Day Candy Board

Get ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with this party and candy board idea. This Charcuterie candy board is perfect for you St Patty’s Day Party

St Patrick's day Candy Board

==> Find the instructions for this St. Patrick’s Day candy board here

Shamrock Pretzel Pops

I have a feeling these will be the first thing the kids will want to make this St Patrick’s Day. Colorful, fun and yummy.

Shamrock Pretzel Pops

==>Find the recipe to make these Shamrock Pretzel Pops here

St Patrick’s Day Sugar Cookies

If you’re looking for a recipe for perfect sugar cookies this St. Patrick’s Day, then we’ve got you’ve covered! These delicious but easy St. Patrick’s Day sour cream sugar cookies with a cream cheese frosting are light and fluffy, and they are are perfect for cutting into fun shapes with cookie cutters!

St Patricks day sugar cookies

==> Find the recipe for these Shamrock Sugar Cookies here

Lucky Charm Pie

This easy Lucky Charms Pudding Pie is a magically delicious sweet treat for your favorite marshmallow fans. So easy but so delicious.

Lucky charm pudding pie

==> Find the recipe for the Lucky Charm Pudding Pie here

Easy Pot of Gold Pretzels

These are very cute and I have a feeling the kids are going to love them.

These Pot of Gold Pretzels are quick, easy, and so much fun to make. This recipe calls for four ingredients–that’s it. The most difficult part is unwrapping all the Rolo candies!

Pot of gold pretzel treats

==> Find the easy instructions to make these Pot of Gold Pretzels here

Hidden Treasure Green Cupcakes

St. Patrick’s Day Hidden Treasure Cupcakes, using Lucky Charms cereal and marshmallows, wait for the surprise when you bite into them.

Lucky Charm St Patrick's day cupcakes

==> Find the Recipe for these Hidden Treasure Cupcakes here

Pot of Gold Oreo Cookies with Rainbows

I love the look of these sweets and I am sure the kids will too. They are bright and fun and taste unbelievable. These treats are easy enough for kids to help make.

Pot of Gold Oreo biscuits with Rainbows

==>Find the recipe for these Pot of Gold Oreo Cookies with Rainbows here

Homemade Mint Chocolate Oreo

These homemade biscuits are perfectly thin and chewy, yet crisp, dark chocolate cookies hugging a sweet, and simple mint cream cheese filling, these cookies are sure to be a real hit with everyone at your party.

6 Homemade Mint Chocolate Oreo biscuits

==>Find the recipe for the Homemade Mint Chocolate Oreo Biscuits here

Mint Oreo Fudge

This is a perfect St Patrick’s Day sweet to serve at your party, subtle mint and gorgeous green color.

Bowl of Mint Oreo Fudge

==>Find the recipe for this Mint Oreo Fudge here

Shamrock Tarts

These little tarts will only take 20 mins and they look so cute and yummy

Shamrock Tarts

==> Find the recipe for these Shamrock Tarts here

Avocado and Chocolate Agar-Agar Dessert

I like having a slightly healthier dessert for those family and friends who like desserts but don’t want really sweet desserts. You can use up your ripe avocados to make this avocado and chocolate agar-agar dessert. The green and chocolate layers are very pretty they look so appealing (you can make it vegan-friendly)

Avocado and Chocolate Agar-Agar dessert on plates

==> Find the recipe for this Avocado and Chocolate Agar-Agar here

Pandan Ice Cream

This pandan ice cream has a wonderful herbaceous pandan flavour and an amazing green color that’s totally natural. You do not need a self Churning machine but if you have one that is an added bonus.

green Ice Cream

==>Find the recipe for this Green Pandan Ice Cream Here

*Please note the below recipes have alcohol in them

Irish Cake Balls

Wow these will be the sweet that your adult party guests will remember.

These sweet and delicious boozy cake balls are a combination of Guinness for moisture to the chocolate cake, and a Baileys and Jameson whipped buttercream frosting to add just the right sweet tang, the flavors are well blended without overpowering one another.

These sure are rich, moist, and dense bite-sized truffles covered in white chocolate.

Irish cake balls on a plate

==> Find the recipe for these Irish Cake Balls here

*These yummy Guinness and Irish ButterCream balls will need to put up high away from the kids (they have alcohol in them)

Guinness Cupcakes

What could be better for St. Patrick’s Day than Guinness cupcakes with Sweet Cream Chocolate Frosting? This dessert is festive and delicious! (For adults only)

6 Guinness Cupcake on a board

==>Find the recipe for these Guinness Cupcakes here

Enjoy your St Patrick’s day and I hope you have the luck of the Irish this year. Your pot of gold maybe at the end of the rainbow.

St Patrick's Day Pin Image with text overlay and 5 green cupcakes

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