Popular Baby Shower Themes For Girls

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Oh my, do you have an upcoming baby shower and have no idea what theme you want? Choosing a theme is a huge deal and many of your guests hang out to find out what your baby shower theme is going to be.

Popular Girl baby Shower Themes

Most will get the first glimpse when you send out the invitations (that is if you are keeping the theme right through from invitations to favors)

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I do have some favorite themes that I love and I will show you later but it also depends on if you know the sex of you baby.

So many people are finding out the babies gender so they can prepare everything from the baby shower to the nursery to all the clothes and blankets. If you are one of them and you know if you are having a girl then planning a baby shower is going to be that much easier.

There is a lot of time and effort that goes into planning and executing a wonderful baby shower but you most probably know that already, it takes a whole bunch of effort to get everything matching to make it all work and come together perfectly

With all that is going on in the world having a Virtual Baby Shower could be what you have to do, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop celebrating. You can still choose a theme and decorate, so all your family and friends can see on your zoom call.

Baby Shower Themes Too Adorable To Pass Up On


Unicorns are so popular with little girls so why not start your little baby girl off with a unicorn baby shower, Unicorn Printable Games that are fun will be a great ice breaker to get every one in party mode.

Pretty Unicorn Baby Shower party

Source: HipHooRae.com

Girl Safari Theme

Safari jungle themes are so popular with boys so the girls don’t miss out there are gorgeous girl safari themes

Girl Safari Themed Cake

Girl Safari Printable Baby Shower Games for you up coming baby shower so easy you just print them off and away you go.

Floral Tea Parties

Floral Tea Party Baby Shower how divine are they, having a flowery theme is such a girly thing and having big paper flowers hanging around or loads of greenery with pastel colors would be a perfect color combo.

Floral Tea Parties as a Baby Shower Theme

Gorgeous Pink

You can never go wrong with the color pink and to add another accent color and you have a divine girl themed baby shower; like pink and gold or pink and grey just to name a few cute color combos. Or even just different shades of pink.

Pretty in Pink Baby Shower

Pink Elephant

Pink Elephant theme is just adorable. it is probably a popular theme as getting all the decorations are easy as most shops have this theme. Baby Elephants really are so cute and looks so lovely when you decorate everything in this pretty theme. Don’t forget to get some printable games for you Baby Shower Party

So there you have it, loads of Girl party themes I hope I haven’t confused you any more. What it really comes down to the most is that you just need to choose a theme that makes you happy, one that screams out to you that is perfect for you! After all, the whole point of the day is to celebrate you and your little bundle of joy that is on the way.


Popular Girl Bay Shower Themes

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