Alternative Party Bag Ideas

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Party bags are a great way to thank your guests for attending your party but have you ever been to a kid’s birthday party where the goodie bags were filled with plastic trinkets your child never used? To reduce waste, it’s important to find eco-friendly ways to give out party favors.

Here are some great unique and cost effective ideas for sending kids home with something they will actually enjoy while still being kind to the environment. 


DIY Crafts as Favors 

One way to send children home with something special is by having them make their own crafts or souvenirs during the party. You can pre-assemble materials so that all the kids need to do is put it together. This could include t-shirts for tie dyeing, personalized pottery painting, or even making their own slime kits. Not only does this provide an activity for the kids during the party, but they’ll also have a unique favor that was created by their own hands. 

kid playing with pink glitter slime

Ice Cream Slime KitsIce Cream Slime KitsIce Cream Slime KitsDIY Tie Dye KitDIY Tie Dye KitDIY Tie Dye Kit


Digital Downloads

Digital downloads are another great way to provide fun and meaningful favors without producing any physical waste. Digital downloads can include anything from coloring pages featuring characters from popular movies or books, printable bookmarks or postcards.

If you want to take it one step further, you can create a digital photo album featuring photos taken throughout the course of the day. This not only makes for a much less cluttered house afterwards but also helps preserve memories in a more sustainable way.  

Edible Treats

If you’d rather give something edible than tangible items, consider packing some treats into your party bags instead. You could fill them with homemade cookies or cupcakes, gummy candies and chocolates in fun shapes and colors, or even popcorn mixed with different flavors! The possibilities are endless; just use your imagination!

Galaxy Cupcakes

Personalized Water Bottle

A personalized water bottle is the perfect party favor for any kid. Not only are they reusable, but it’s also something practical and useful for children to take home with them and use again in the future. You could personalize them with their name or a fun design that suits your theme.

DIY Water Bottle for Boys with StickersDIY Water Bottle for Boys with StickersDIY Water Bottle for Boys with StickersInsulated Kids Water BottleInsulated Kids Water BottleInsulated Kids Water BottleInsulated Water Bottle with StrawInsulated Water Bottle with StrawInsulated Water Bottle with Straw


Art Supplies

Art supplies are another great alternative to traditional party bags. Not only will the kids enjoy creating artwork for themselves, but it can also be an educational experience as well. Items such as colored pencils and paintbrushes, sketchpads, markers or clay make great additions to any kid’s party bag, especially if you have an art themed party.

Colored PencilsColored PencilsColored PencilsAir Dry Clay KitAir Dry Clay KitAir Dry Clay KitDrawing Paper PadDrawing Paper PadDrawing Paper Pad


A Mini Game

For a more interactive option, try filling giving your guests a small game. This could include anything from card games to travel size board games or even puzzles. Not only will this provide an activity for the children during the party, but it can also be something they take home and use again in the future.

Small Magnetic Board GamesSmall Magnetic Board GamesSmall Magnetic Board GamesKnock Knock On-The-Go GameKnock Knock On-The-Go GameKnock Knock On-The-Go Game


Playdough and cutters

You could give each child a pot of playdough and some cutters to shape the dough into fun creations. Playdough is great for children’s creativity, provides hours of fun and can be used again in the future. Either purchase small pots of play-doh or your can easily make your own.

play-doh pots and cutters

Pamper Items

If you’re hosting a tween or teen party, pamper items are always a hit. You could fill the bags with mini bottles of nail polish, lip balm, face masks, bath bombs or any other fun beauty item that your guests would enjoy.

Cookie Mix Jar

Instead of giving candy, how about making a cute cookie mix jar for your party favors. This can be easily assembled with a simple recipe and putting all the ingredients into a jar. Include instructions for baking the cookies and attach a ribbon or tag to decorate it. Your guests will love this sweet treat!

Cookie Jar Mix

Plant and Pot

Another great idea is to give a small pot of herbs or flowers, as well as planting instructions. This makes for an educational and sustainable party favor that the kids will love and can take home to nurture. Your guests can decorate their pot at the party and then take it home to plant the seeds.

Birdhouse and Birdseed

This is a great party activity that also doubles as a party favor. Guests can decorate their very own birdhouse that they can then take home. Fill up brown lunch bag with some birdseed so that they can feed the birds in their backyard. This is a great way to encourage children to be responsible for caring of nature and animals.

painted birdhouses

Mini Lego Set

Lego is always a favorite amongst kids of all ages. A mini Lego set makes for an excellent party favor and also encourages creative thinking. You can purchase Lego sets in bulk, or simply give each child a small bag of loose bricks to build their own creations.  This will help keep the kids occupied during the party and provide lasting entertainment, once the party is over.

Mini Animals Building Blocks SetsMini Animals Building Blocks SetsMini Animals Building Blocks SetsLEGO Minifigures SeriesLEGO Minifigures SeriesLEGO Minifigures SeriesMini Animals Building Blocks SetsMini Animals Building Blocks SetsMini Animals Building Blocks Sets



If you’re looking for a more practical, yet fun favor to give your guests, bookmarks are an ideal option. They can be personalized with each guest’s name or decorated with fun designs and embellishments. Not only are they useful in helping to keep track of their reading place, but the kids will love being able to choose their favorite bookmark.

Coupons and Discount Vouchers

Instead of giving physical gifts in party bags, why not offer coupons and discount vouchers instead? It could be anything from a coupon for free ice cream at the local shop to discounts on services like manicures at the salon. This is a great way to show appreciation without breaking the bank – plus it supports local businesses!

No matter what type of party favor you decide to give your guests, make sure it’s something they can use and enjoy long after the party is over. Remember that eco friendly alternatives don’t have to be boring.

With these ideas you can still send your guests away with something special without compromising on sustainability or spending too much time assembling individual packages. Whether you choose DIY crafts or edible treats, these alternatives are sure to delight both kids and adults alike! So next time you’re planning a celebration, consider using one of these party bag alternatives instead.

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