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Popular Baby Shower Themes For Boys

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Do you have an upcoming baby shower and have no idea what theme you want? Gee who thought choosing a theme would be so hard and time consuming, as it is a huge deal and many of your guests hang out to find out what your baby shower theme is going to be.

Popular Boy Baby Shower Themes

Most will get the first glimpse when you send out the invitations (that is if you are keeping the theme right through from invitations to favors)

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I do have a few favorite themes that I love and I will share with you, but it also depends on if you know the sex of you baby. As you are here I suspect you know you are having a boy so here we have some really cute themes.

So many people are finding out the babies gender so they can prepare everything from the baby shower to the nursery to all the clothes and blankets. If you are one of them and you know if you are having a boy then planning a baby shower is going to be that much easier.

There is a lot of time and effort that goes into planning and executing a wonderful baby shower but you most probably know that already, it takes a whole bunch of effort to get everything matching to make it all work and come together perfectly

Boy Baby Shower Themes Just Too Cute To Pass Up On

Safari Theme

Jungle/Safari theme is very very popular for a Boy Baby Shower, you can get so many cute things, like cakes, printable games to play, decorations, balloons and so much more- Safari {Jungle} Themed Printable Games are always a great idea

Safari themed cake


So cute having a airplane party, plane cake red and blue decorations food and favors. Aviation Airplane theme so you can fly away on a baby shower adventure.

Aviation Airplane Party Theme


All aboard! Pull up the anchor and sail away. What a cute idea for a theme, lots of blue red and white sailors, boats, anchors and wheels. So many great ideas to decorate with when you choose a Nautical theme.

Nautical Baby Shower Printable Games so easy to make they day so much fun

Nautical baby Shower

BEE Happy

Bumble bee party ideas for your upcoming baby shower with bumble bee cake, decorations, party food and favors. The yellow and black are quite dramatic with a splash of green WOW what an effect. Backdrops and Balloons will make the theme even more outstanding

Bumble bee baby shower cake and decorations

Under the Sea

Make a splash with your Under the Sea Baby Shower, so cute with little octopuses, crabs, star fish seaweed and everything under the sea. I do love the colors you can use with this theme of blues, pinks, purple, teal and yellows

Under the sea octopus and cupcakes

There you have it, a few really nice Boy party themes I hope I haven’t confused you any more. What it really comes down to the most is that you just need to choose a theme that makes you happy, have a good think about the ones that stand out to you the most then you will know which will be perfect for you! After all, the whole point of the day is to celebrate your and your little bundle of joy that is on the way.


Airplane party table with cake
Popular Baby Shower Themes for boys

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