Virtual Party Ideas For Kids – When We Cannot Get Together

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Yes, times are different at the moment and the world is in a very weird place right now but you know what?

Birthdays still happen, Easter still happens so what do you do if you cannot have all your friends and family over?

virtual birthday party for kids

You have a Virtual Birthday Party.

I know with kids everything is about parties, cakes, presents and everyone making a fuss on their special day.

These times should not stop you from making their day just a special as every other birthday.

Are you feeling anxious and lost with ideas of what to do?

You cannot go out to get the decorations, present or party food. Well thank goodness we live in an online world and currently we can still order items online so while we can, get to it.


Make a guest list: you will need to check with friends and family what time suits them, as some parents might still be working from home or in essential service, do they all have good internet and a device with a camera to see each other. There are loads of programs you can use for this like ZOOM, whatsapp, skype, facetime just to name a few

Make a list of themes you might like: you really want to make this as fun as possible, so having a theme is a wonderful idea as everyone will really feel like they are at the party if they all dress up in costumes or funny outfits. It doesn’t have be a theme that people have to go out and buy something in particular it could be just a color theme, a funny hair theme or anything from your own dress up box.

Party Invitations: The best option at this time would be to send electronic invitations as you most probably will not be seeing your friends at school or daycare so sending them via email or other electronic ways. This doesn’t mean they have to be boring. You can get some really lovely ones online or if you are creative you could probably make them yourself.

Virtual InvitationsVirtual Invitations


Make a list of food: remember the guests actually at your house will be small, but having a lovely display of food for you guests to see virtually is a lovely idea. That sure will get them in the party spirit as well

Remember not to go over board as you will be the one eating it all, plus if loads of sugar in some of the treats then your child might be bouncing off the walls in a few hours and none of us want that.

Make a list a games: games like pass the parcel, musical chairs or pin the tail on the donkey are a few that the other guests could participate in if their families will help at their own homes.

Party Decorations: Decorations are what is going to make it feel like a real party so you want to get them sorted. I feel backdrops are going to be the best for a Virtual Birthday Party as that way all your guests will be able to see it and will make them feel like they are at a party as well

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Tutti Frutti BackdropTutti Frutti Backdrop


Pastel Balloon BackdropPastel Balloon Backdrop


Tips for Hosting a Virtual Party

Just like any party a virtual birthday party should be planned out, You need to prep and get yourself organized. Make sure you have a list handy to keep writing notes if you are like me and a list person.

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