Fun and Frugal Christmas Party Ideas

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The holiday season is fast approaching, and many people are starting to think about their Christmas celebrations. Spending a lot of time, money, and energy on your celebration can be overwhelming when you are trying to manage your finances during the rest of the year. But there are plenty of ways that you can have a Fun and frugal Christmas party without giving up any part of the joy!

Frugal Christmas Party

We will discuss how to save money on food for your party, what decorations work best for those who want something simple, and even some suggestions for where to find inexpensive gifts, if you want ideas for your party or if you are going to a party and need to take a gift.

Party Food

Now let us discuss ways to save money on food for your party. Buying bulk quantities of a certain item is always a good way to keep the cost down, but it might not work with Christmas foods that spoil quickly and need immediate cooking or refrigerating.

If you are having a Christmas party that is different from the family Christmas dinner then this can work in well. If you buy and make in bulk then you can use it for both occasions.

If you are hosting friends at home for dinner, think about making something like soup or chili, which can be frozen or refrigerated and then reheated at a later time. This way you will have plenty of leftovers for the days after your Christmas party, while also saving money on food because it is easy to make in bulk!

If you are hosting friends over for drinks, appetizers are always a great choice since they take little effort to prepare. One of the best things about appetizers is that they can be made ahead of time and stored for a day or two before your party.

This means less work on the eve of your party when everyone is getting ready! Another way to save money on food is to skip the expensive seafood course and instead focus on filling dishes, like a hearty stew or pot roast. This will keep your guests fuller and happier for longer while still giving them ample opportunity to enjoy all of their favorite holiday foods!

Festive sweets and desserts are always going to be a hit at any party, you can make some fun cupcakes which will not break the bank but will look amazing.

Christmas cupcakes


Frugal Christmas Decorations

Now let us talk about decorations that work best for those who want something simple. There are plenty of low-cost decorations that can be used to make your Christmas celebration feel festive without breaking the bank. For example, you could use pinecones or evergreen boughs for table centerpieces and wreaths on doors and windows. If these flowers are not available in your area, there are plenty of alternatives like magnolia leaves instead!

Another way to decorate your home for your Christmas party without spending too much money is to use things you already have around the house. An amazingly simple idea would be hanging stockings from a mantel, which could also double as decorations if they are decorated with ribbons and such!

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Frugal Christmas Gifts

Now let us talk about inexpensive Christmas gifts for the special people in your life. Here are some easy ways you can find affordable gifts:

  • Check out a local dollar store for inexpensive items like small candles, candy canes, or knickknacks.
  • Purchase discounted gift cards from grocery stores and restaurants to give as gifts
  • Gift homemade baked goods such as cookies in festive tins (you could buy the tins at a thrift shop!)
  • Shop for gifts at a resale shop or consignment store
  • Also, do not forget about the great deals that come around this time of year! Often there are special offers on products like toys and clothes. So, keep your eyes open as you are shopping during Black Friday and Cyber Monday to see if you can score some savings while still getting what you want!

Homemade Christmas Gifts

Homemade Christmas gifts are a great way to save money and personalize your present for the recipient. Who does not love receiving something that is homemade? Frugal-minded shoppers will be happy to know there are plenty of inexpensive DIY gift ideas!

Some good options include:

  • Handmade soaps in festive scents
  • DIY candles
  • Homemade vanilla extract and other seasonal spices to give as stocking stuffers. You will be happy to know that this can be done using dried fruit, cloves, cinnamon sticks and will not break the bank to make them.
Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

If you are looking for a gift that will last, it might be worth investing in some homemade bath salts or scrubs. Frugals will love the idea of using up their leftover essential oils and ingredients from other recipes to make something new!

There are plenty of inexpensive ways to create your own personalized Christmas gifts this year without breaking the bank. Frugals will be happy to know that homemade gifts are the perfect way to save money!

Party Games

What is party without games? Not much fun.

So many budget ideas for party games and many you can do yourself like make photos booth props from cardstock and wooden sticks, you can also buy them pretty cheap if you are not creative.

Christmas Party Photo Booth Props

Christmas treasure hunts are a great way to get the party started, getting all the party guests involved, you can buy these inexpensive printable Christmas Treasure Hunts for less than a coffee and play them with your guests. Loads of fun and kids, teens and adults will love them.

Christmas printable Treasure Hunt Games

We hope that we have been able to help you find some inspiration that you can have a frugal Christmas Party and still have a fabulous time.

Fun and Frugal Christmas Party Ideas

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