Thanksgiving Party – Entertain The Kids

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Looking For Ways To Keep the Kids Entertained at Your Thanksgiving Dinner Party?

Are you hosting a Thanksgiving party and wondering how to keep the kids happy and entertained during dinner?  Here are some great ideas.


Be Prepared

Preparation is the key when it comes to keeping kids entertained.  You could put together some activity bags and place them under each child’s chair.  Fill them with things such as crayons, coloring pages, stickers and paper. 

When the child gets restless they can choose something out of their bag to do.  Alternatively you could cover the kids table with butchers paper or kraft paper and leave some crayons and markers in a jar on the table. Encourage the kids to create a masterpiece if they are getting bored.

Entertain the kids at Thanksgiving with crafts

Have a Prize

Once all the kids are seated, tell them you have a prize for anyone who sits politely at the table until dessert. These prizes could be things like a deck of cards, a fun thanksgiving pen, fall printables, coloring in sheets

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Enlist the Help of the Teens

If you have a kids table, ask a couple of the teens to sit with the younger kids. You may like to offer an incentive to the teens such as some pocket money or a day off their chores. The younger kids will feel included by having the teens with them and it will also give the teens a job.

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Put Them in the Spotlight

Ask the kids to perform a short show before dinner. This could be a couple of magic tricks, singing a song or a short dance. The kids will love to perform in front of their families and friends. After this excitement they should be able to sit through the dinner

Kids entertaining the adults at Thanksgiving Party

Make Them Feel Special

You could get some of the older kids involved in some of the preparation of the meal. Alternatively they could even play waiter and bring out the bread or pour the drinks. If they help prepare the meal, be sure to acknowledge their efforts and tell your guests that you had a special helper.

Kids helping with Thanksgiving meal

Stretch – Get Them Moving

If you see some children fidgeting or having a hard time sitting still, you could allow them a mini break from the table for a stretch. Perhaps they could walk around the main table 2 times then back to their seat. This should be just enough of a break to allow them to continue sitting nicely at the table. Or send them on a quick run in the leaves, this will sure to burn off some energy.

Fall kids playing in leaves

Clean Up

Keep the kids busy after dinner by asking them to help clear the table.  Most kids love to pretend to be a waiter, so give them a job and tell them to use their best ‘waiter’ manners while they clear away the main meal dishes and prepare the table for dessert.

Kids doing dishes at Thanksgiving party


The kids will probably be finished dinner and dessert before the adults are ready to leave the table. Allow them to head into another room and play a few games while they wait for everyone to be ready.  This is where having teenagers to help supervise comes in very handy. Set up some card games like Go Fish, charades, Treasure Hunts, Scavenger Hunt or coloring sheets.

Kids playing cards at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to come together with family and friends, enjoy great food, and celebrate all that we are grateful for. For some families, this also includes finding ways to keep the kids entertained so that everyone can relax and enjoy the day. If you’re looking for ideas on how to keep the little ones occupied, check out our list of fun activities below. From classic games to creative crafts, there’s something here for everyone! How will you be keeping the kiddos entertained at your Thanksgiving celebration?

How to keep the kids entertain at Thanksgiving party

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