January Party Themes

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January isn’t just about New Year’s resolutions and getting back to routine; it’s also a great month to keep the festive spirit alive with some fun party ideas. From celebrating national days to throwing a party just because, there’s no shortage of reasons to gather your friends and family for a good time. Here are some fabulously fun January party themes to start your year off right!

January Party Themes: Kick Off the New Year with a Bang!

1. National Spaghetti Day Party (January 4th)

People making pasta from scratch

Who doesn’t love spaghetti? Host a pasta-themed party where spaghetti takes center stage. Encourage guests to bring their favorite pasta dishes, or have a pasta-making station. Don’t forget to include some fun Italian music to complete the theme!

2. Houseplant Appreciation Day (January 10th)

After the holiday decorations are put away, the house might look a little bare. Why not spruce it up with some green? Invite friends over for a plant swap. Everyone brings a houseplant, and everyone leaves with a new leafy friend. Set up a “plant care” station with tips on keeping those greens thriving!

3. National Hat Day (January 15th)

Grab your favorite hat and get ready for some fun! Whether it’s a fancy fedora or a cozy beanie, let your hat be the inspiration for your attire. Set up a photo booth with silly hats and props for guests to enjoy. You can even have a contest for the most outrageous hat!

4. Winter Wonderland Party

Even if it’s chilly outside, you can create a magical winter wonderland indoors. Think snowflakes, sparkling lights, and icy blues and whites. Serve up some hot chocolate and s’mores for warmth and sweetness. If you’re feeling adventurous, how about a mini ice sculpting session or a DIY snow globe crafting corner?

5. Polar Bear Plunge Party

For the truly brave, a Polar Bear Plunge party could be an exhilarating way to celebrate January. Organize a trip to a local beach or lake, take the plunge, then hurry back home for warm towels, hot drinks, and cozy conversations by the fire.

6. Hot Cocoa and Pajamas Party

A hot cocoa spread on a table which includes cookies, marshmallows, candies, etc.

There’s something wonderfully comforting about sipping hot cocoa in your PJ’s. Invite friends and family over for a relaxed evening dressed in their favorite pajamas. Have a variety of toppings for the cocoa, marshmallows, whipped cream, sprinkles, and cinnamon sticks. It’s the perfect way to enjoy a cozy night in.

7. National Puzzle Day (January 29th)

Celebrate National Puzzle Day by hosting a puzzle party. Puzzles of all types, jigsaw, crossword, Sudoku, can be part of the fun. It’s a great way to challenge the mind and engage in some friendly competition. Offer small prizes for the first ones to complete their puzzles.

8. Back to the ’80s Dance Party

Let’s rewind time and dance our way back to the ’80s. Encourage guests to dress in ’80s fashion, play hits from the decade, and decorate with neon colors and disco balls. It’s a fantastic way to bring some retro fun and lots of laughs to your January.

9. National Popcorn Day Movie Marathon (January 19th)

3 different kinds of popcorn

Celebrate National Popcorn Day with a movie marathon. Pick a movie series or a theme like “Best of the 90s” and have an array of popcorn flavors, caramel, cheese, buttery classic, and even some spicy options. Throw in some cozy blankets and pillows, and you’re all set for a relaxing day with friends and family.

10. Soup Swap

As the cold weather persists, a Soup Swap party is perfect for January. Invite guests to bring a pot of their homemade soup. Everyone can sample different soups and even swap recipes. Provide some crusty bread and a salad bar for a complete meal.

11. DIY Hot Toddy Night

Warm up with a DIY Hot Toddy night. Set up a station with ingredients for different hot toddies, whiskey, rum, honey, lemon, cinnamon, and cloves. Guests can mix their own concoctions. It’s a warm, spirited way to spend an evening.

12. Vintage Tea Party

For a touch of elegance, host a vintage tea party. Decorate with lace tablecloths and fine china. Serve a variety of teas, finger sandwiches, scones, and pastries. It’s a delightful way to catch up with friends or celebrate a birthday or achievement.

13. New Hobby Night

Encourage your friends to start the year with a new hobby. Host a party where each guest introduces a hobby they love. It could be knitting, origami, digital photography, or even magic tricks. Provide some basic materials and let everyone have a go at something new.

14. National Cheese Lover’s Day (January 20th)

For all the cheese enthusiasts out there, National Cheese Lover’s Day is a perfect reason to indulge. Create a spread of various cheeses from around the world, along with crackers, nuts, and fruit. Wine pairing makes it even more special!

15. Breakfast for Dinner Party

Flip the script with a breakfast-for-dinner party. Serve pancakes, waffles, eggs, bacon, and breakfast cocktails like mimosas and Bloody Marys. It’s a fun twist that will have everyone excited, because who doesn’t love breakfast at any time of the day?

16. Craft Beer and Board Games Night

Combine craft beers with classic board games for a laid-back evening. Guests can bring their favorite board games and beers to share. This is a great way to try new beers and revisit some beloved games.

17. National Pie Day Celebration (January 23rd)

Pies don’t just have to be sweet; they can be savory too. Celebrate National Pie Day by having a pie-making party or a pie potluck. Apple, cherry, pumpkin, chicken pot pie, or shepherd’s pie, the possibilities are endless!

18. Retro Roller Skating Party

4 people roller skating

Rent out a roller skating rink or find a suitable space for a retro roller skating party. Encourage colorful outfits and play some classic hits to keep everyone rolling. It’s a great workout and a surefire way to get everyone laughing and enjoying themselves.

No matter which theme you pick, the real joy comes from bringing people together and creating memories. So go ahead, send out those invites and make January a month to remember!

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