Disco Party Names

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“Turn the Beat Around: The Ultimate Guide to Naming Your Disco Party!”

Let’s Boogie!

Ah, disco! Just the mere mention of the word sends shivers of excitement down your spine, doesn’t it? Imagine this: the glitter ball spinning, the dance floor beckoning, and the groovy beats of the 70s pulsing through the air. You’re ready to throw the ultimate disco party, but there’s just one thing missing, the perfect name that captures the essence of this electrifying extravaganza.

Fear not, my fellow disco enthusiasts! We’re about to embark on a funktastic journey through the realm of disco party names that will ensure your party is not just a gathering, but an unforgettable event!

Kids dancing in a party with neon decors and lights

The Heart of the Party: Choosing Your Disco Name

A great disco party name sets the tone for the night and promises endless fun and fabulousness. Here are some categories to spark your creativity:

  1. Classic Throwbacks: Think of the icons and the hits. “Stayin’ Alive Soiree” or “Boogie Wonderland Bash” can be perfect to invoke that classic disco vibe.
  2. Punny and Playful: If you love a good play on words, names like “Disco Inferno Delight” or “Funky Town Fest” could have your guests grinning before they even step through the door.
  3. Glam and Glitter: Embrace the sparkle! Names like “Glitter Ball Gala” or “Sequins and Soul Night” perfectly reflect the glamorous side of disco.
  4. Mystery and Intrigue: Add an element of surprise with names like “Secret Studio 54” or “Masked Boogie Night.” It’s all about creating that exclusive, mysterious vibe that makes your guests feel like they’re part of something special.
  5. Thematic Thrills: If your party has a specific theme, tailor the name to match. “70s Sci-Fi Disco” could work wonderfully if you’re merging disco with elements of science fiction.

Best Disco Party Names

Various people dancing under neon lights with disco party name overlay
  • Disco Divas Delight
  • Groove Galaxy
  • Boogie Bash Extravaganza
  • Glam Jam Festival
  • Night Fever Fête
  • Disco Dreamscape
  • Velvet Rope Rendezvous
  • Mirrorball Marathon
  • Platinum Groove Party
  • Starlight Studio 54
  • Saturday Night Spectacular
  • Disco Dazzle Dance-Off
  • Fever Pitch Party
  • Groove-a-Palooza
  • Sparkle Soirée
  • Retro Groove Gala
  • Disco Deluxe
  • Twilight Twirl
  • Flashback Fiesta
  • Cosmic Disco Carnival
  • Neon Nights Bash
  • Electric Slide Evening
  • Studio 54 Spirits
  • Midnight Boogie Bonanza
  • The Groovy Get-Down

Cool Disco Party Names

Disco ball and lights with disco party name overlay
  • Chill Vibes Disco
  • Frosty Flares Funk
  • Ice Cool Grooves
  • Neon Nites
  • Twilight Trance Dance
  • Velvet Underground Vibe
  • Electro Groove Gala
  • Blue Moon Boogie
  • Cosmic Chillout
  • Midnight Magic Moves
  • Glacial Grooves
  • Sapphire Spin Party
  • Zen Disco Zenith
  • Arctic Aura Affair
  • Smooth Grooves Soirée
  • Mint Condition Music
  • Liquid Lava Lamp Loungin’
  • Vibe Vault
  • Cool Cats Disco Club
  • Lunar Beat Lounge
  • Frost Groove Gala
  • Polar Pulse Party
  • Icy Ignite Bash
  • Glacier Groove Gathering
  • Polar Vortex Party

Unique Disco Party Names

  • Quantum Quaver
  • Nova Nightlife
  • Vortex Vinyl Ventures
  • Disco Dimension Dive
  • Retro Rhapsody Reboot
  • Solstice Spin
  • Eclipse Encounter
  • Cosmic Cadence Clash
  • Lunar Loop Fest
  • Orbit Odyssey
  • Celestial Syncopation
  • Galactic Groove Game
  • Nebula Night Out
  • Interstellar Spin-Off
  • Frequency Frontier
  • Aurora Audio Affair
  • Quasar Quake
  • Stardust Soirée
  • Orbital Oscillation
  • Disco Divergence
  • Celestial Chorus
  • Infinity Groove
  • Cosmic Crescendo
  • Vibe Voyage
  • Star Voyage Soiree
Silver disco balls and streamers scattered on the floor with disco party name overlay

Funny Disco Party Names

  • Hustle & Flop
  • Disco Inferno Trousers
  • Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Bash
  • Staying Alive Survival Party
  • Funky Chicken Feed
  • Glitter Glitch Gala
  • Wiggle Waggle Bash
  • Y.M.C.A. Young & Mischievous Crew’s Affair
  • Oops Upside Your Head Dance
  • Jive Turkey Fest
  • Disco Ball Drop
  • Funky Town Detour
  • Roller Disco Debacle
  • Slick Moves and Giggles
  • Panic at the Disco Party
  • Groovy Graveyard
  • Saturday Night Fever Dream
  • Dance Disaster
  • Razzle Dazzle Rumpus
  • Sequins and Silliness Soirée
  • Boogie Down Blunder
  • Bell-Bottom Bloopers
  • Funk Fault Line
  • Disc-no Mistakes Party
  • Jitterbug Jamboree

Cute Disco Party Names

  • Dinky Disco
  • Little Boogie Wonderland
  • Cuddly Disco
  • Purrfect Party Grooves
  • Sparkly Smiles Soiree
  • Twinkle Toes Disco
  • Giggles and Grooves
  • Lollipop Disco Delight
  • Snazzy Jazzy Disco
  • Bubblegum Boogie Bash
  • Heartthrob Disco
  • Cutie Pie Capers
  • Rainbow Rhythms
  • Disco Ducklings Dance
  • Pixie Dust Disco
  • Tiny Dancer Night
  • Sweet Beats Bash
  • Hug-a-Boogie Night
  • Glitter Kitty Gala
  • Bouncy Castle Boogie
  • Magic Moments Disco
  • Groovy Little Groovers
  • Cuddle Club Boogie
  • Whimsy Wiggle Party
  • Sprinkle Sparkle Soiree

Disco-Theme Party Names

  • Disco Under the Stars
  • Disco Decades
  • Time Travel Disco
  • Around the World in 80 Beats
  • Space Odyssey Disco
  • Retro Future Fest
  • Disco Jungle Boogie
  • City Lights Disco Night
  • Sunset Disco Serenade
  • Disco on the Beach
  • Disco at Dawn
  • Underwater Disco Dive
  • Disco in the Clouds
  • Neon Jungle Night
  • Disco Castle
  • Disco in the Desert
  • Winter Wonderland Disco
  • Tropical Disco Paradise
  • Disco Mountain Retreat
  • Back to the Disco
  • Pirate’s Cove Disco
  • Vampire’s Ball Disco Night
  • Circus Disco Spectacular
  • Medieval Disco Fair
  • Disco High Seas Adventure

Catchy Disco Party Names

  • Disco Delirium
  • Groove Getaway
  • Rhythm Rendezvous
  • Funk Fusion Fest
  • Pulse Party Palooza
  • Spin Spectacular
  • Beat Boutique
  • Night Groove Gala
  • Rave the Roof
  • Boogie Bonanza
  • Funk Flash
  • Vinyl Vibes
  • Glitter Groove
  • Starry Night Spin
  • Dancefloor Dynamo
  • Bass & Boogie
  • Disco Dose
  • Groove Gala
  • Moonwalk Marathon
  • Hustle Hub
  • Groove-a-licious Gala
  • Rhythm Revue
  • Groovy Gala
  • Disco Dazzler
  • Spin Soiree
2 men and 2 women wearing colorful wigs and feather boas, gold party streamers background, with disco party name overlay

Creative Disco Party Names

  • Starlight Synthesizer Soiree
  • Psychedelic Spin Spectacle
  • Lava Lamp Lounge
  • Groove Gridlock
  • Polychrome Pulse Party
  • Disco Tech
  • Rhythm Riot
  • Velvet Vinyl Vibe
  • Infinite Groove Infinity
  • Beatnik Boogie Bash
  • Frequency Festival
  • Prismatic Pulse
  • Sonic Boogie Odyssey
  • Retro Rhythm Revival
  • Holographic Hustle
  • Echoes of the Electric Slide
  • Opal Opus
  • Disco Dimensions
  • Aura of the 80s
  • Celestial Swing
  • Time Traveler’s Tunes
  • Disco Dynamo
  • Neon Nimbus Night
  • Galaxy Groove Gala
  • Soundwave Shindig
Neon glasses and neon lights with disco party name overlay

Let’s Dance the Night Away!

Now that you’re armed with a list of dynamite disco party names, what’s next? Choose your favorite, send out those glittery invitations, and prepare for a night of unforgettable fun. Remember, the best disco party is one where the music is loud, the fashion is bold, and the spirits are high. Whether you choose to groove with “Saturday Night Fever Fête” or chill at the “Chic & Shiny Shindig,” the perfect party name will ensure your disco night is a smashing success.

So, dust off those platform shoes, turn up the Bee Gees, and let’s get this disco party started! After all, in the world of disco, the nights are forever young and the memories are as vibrant as the dance moves. Let’s make this one for the history books or at least, the photo albums!

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